My mom asked about her cat

Hello to you and yours this sunny Tuesday morning.

I am back from a week away on vacation – and it was nice to have a break.

I got a short visit in with my younger brother, along with spending some time with my mother.

Unfortunately she has some dementia setting in, but overall the visit was good. It’s hard to see a parent getting old, especially in an extended care home with some seriously ill people.

It does make me appreciate my health, my family, and make a point to live a little more in the present, kind of like my dogs and cats 🙂

My mom did ask one thing more than a few times:

“How is Gussie?”

Gussie was her cat and last lived with her 8 years ago prior to her going into a home. Gussie was then living with my father, until his death a few months ago, and she now lives with me.

And HOW is Gussie?

Well great!

She gets a tonne more attention, is far MORE active, and has lost weight.

My mom was MORE than happy to hear that.

It is a testament of the power and impression of our pets – my mom can’t remember many names, has events confused, but is CLEAR in remembering her cat.

And I was happy to tell her that Gussie is doing well.


P.S. Gussie didn’t just magically transform from an overweight, poor hair coated, inactive cat to her new slim and sleek shape.

I started her on my new Cat Supplement, and it has done wonders for her.

She was also fairly stiff with Arthritis, and I have seen some marked improvement- she now hops up on the counter, and seldom limps.

The supplement is now on sale for a 50% OFF trial here:

And the change isn’t just in Gussie. My dad’s dog Jessie, is now my dog. He definitely had pain from Arthritis, and my Dog Supplement has done wonders for him. The biggest change is that he in more comfortable, and is happier.

My Dog Supplement is also on Sale for a 50% OFF trial:

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

24 thoughts on “My mom asked about her cat”

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  2. Dear Dr Andrew

    Congrats on your bithday, may you continue with your great work and I enjoy every single e-mail/newsletter. I am really learning a lot about pets and understanding mine – 1 labrador, 1 x maltese, 1 cat, 1 African Grey Parrot (yes I am also subscribed to Chet Womach’s news letters!!)and 5 rabbits. I love them ALL to bits!

    Your birthday: 27 August
    Age: Difficult one, 43 years

  3. Hi Dr. Jones,

    Hope you have a great Birthdday. I believe you stated last year that it was you big birthday so you should be 41 on August 28th. Hope it’s a good one!

    Barbara & (dog) Kara 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday – on August 28 you will be 44 years old – born in 1966. Hope I’m correct, have a rescued puppy with lots of heath issues, had to have digestive system recontruction surgery, she still can’t keep food down. Hope we win, your information will be helpful. Happy Birthday, Teresa, Oreo and Peek-a-Boo

  5. Happy,Healthy Birthday wishes to you Dr. Jones.
    Forty-four is a time to explore
    All the things that your friends love you for
    And you surely will thrive
    With your spirit and drive
    And a birthday is just one day more! 🙂
    My Birthday Guess is 44! August 28! Have a great birthday and year ahead. Cindy :o)

  6. Hi Dr. Jones! I’m guessing you’ll be celebrating your 44th Birthday on August 28! Tomorrow!
    Crossing my fingers for a great day for you…and a correct guess!

  7. Happy Birthday for tomorrow August 28th you will be 44, all the fours droopy drawers as we say in the UK.

  8. As My Birthday is the 27 August perhaps it’s yours too,so happy birthday
    Cheers, Don, and the boys, Gizmo and Mr Chin

  9. Dear Doctor Andrew.
    Love your website, I think your 44Years young and your birthday is August 29, Happy birthday, and keep up the good work.
    Anne Foster

  10. Hi Dr,
    Thanks for all the wonderful work you share with us. Ive tried your complete dog supplement and must say it was very good. Sadly, when converting to our local rupee its way beyound my affordability to continue with it regularly!!!
    I love the Homeopathic treatment you constantly talk about cos we’ve been giving it to our babies for years with much relief!!
    would honestly love to own your course, so I will make my best guess. failing which I hope that id be able to Buy it at 75% off atleast!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Thank you soooo much for all you shre with us.
    You”ll be 45 on Aug 28th

    I sure hope Im correct!!!

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