My kitten is not moving- CPR?

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Re: My kitten is not moving- CPR?


Puppies and kittens like to chew.

When I was a child, I once had a kitten that had a severe shock from chewing the Christmas Tree lights –

The kitten knocked himself out for a few seconds only to jump up again and climb the tree.

More recently I was awoken in the middle of the night by a new kitten owner- her kitten had chewed through her lamp cord and was not moving.

I was able to walk her through the basics of CPR – by good fortune the kitten still had a heart beat.

The owner was able to give rescue breaths, and the kitten began to breath on his own?

Could You do this in the event of an emergency?

Time is of the essence – an emergency is NOT the time to learn CPR.

Here is my Electrical Shock Spiel..

SIGNS. You may find your dog or cat rubbing at his mouth from an electrical burn. In more serious cases, electricity can cause the heart to stop, causing cardiac arrest.

CAUSES. This usually happens in puppies and kittens which like to chew. Electrical cords just happen to be one of the many things they chew on. My own dog, Lewis, chewed through a lamp cord, which fortunately only gave him a minor mouth burn.


UNPLUG NOW! The first thing is to remove the power source. The electrical current can cause your pet’s muscles to contract, making it difficult for them to let go.
You must first shut off the power, before you touch your pet.
You could get shocked if you try to grab them first.

ASSESS YOUR PET. Is your pet alert? Is he breathing? Does he have a pulse?

The CPR basics come into play now.


If your pet’s heart has stopped, then you’ve got to begin CPR.

Hold the mouth closed, and put your lips over their nose.

Give 2 rescue breaths to see if the chest rises.

When the chest rises, you have determined that the airway is open, so you can check for a heart beat. Place your ear over the left side of the chest behind the armpit. If the heart has stopped, then you need to begin cardiac massage.

For small dogs and cats, cup your hand over the chest behind the elbows, and squeeze your thumb and forefingers together. You should push the chest at least ?? inch inwards.

For larger dogs, put one hand over the heart ( on the left side of the chest behind the elbow). Place the other hand on top of this and use both to thrust firmly down compressing the chest.

Compress the heart 5 times then give 1 rescue breath.
CALL YOUR VET. See your veterinarian ASAP. Electrical injuries can cause damage to the heart and lungs. This must be checked by your veterinarian.

CALM AND QUIET. Some electrical injuries can cause damage to the lungs, resulting in fluid accumulation ( pulmonary edema). Keep your pet quiet by dimming the lights, talking in a calm, reassuring voice, and getting to the veterinarian ASAP.

SOOTHE A SORE MOUTH. If your pet appears bright and alert, but has a sore mouth, then fortunately they have had only minor injuries. Ice and cold water can soothe the electrical burns.
Aloe Vera is also very effective at giving some topical pain relief and helping to heal the burns. You can apply it topically twice daily.


Jeff the kitten recovered Great!

If your are ever in the situation requiring emergency care, Do You Andrew know how to respond?

Go through my Free Ebook on Pet CPR

Practice what I Teach.

Practice Again.

You will hopefully never need to use it, BUT it happens to somebody and their pet.

In the words of the Boy Scouts..Be Prepared.
It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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  1. I need help, my cat had babies 2 days ago and today she accidentally squished two while feeding them and one of them still hasn’t died. It’s been sort of real loose but it moves, is there anything I could do to save it??? I need help right away

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