Marketing and Big Dollars in Prescription Drugs

A big Hi to you and your pets on this Tuesday Morning.

Keeping your pet healthy

Many conflicting opinions…. there are MANY people telling you many things.

Vaccinate…or Not.

Feed this….or NOT.

Give this oh so safe drug….???

Marketing and Big Dollars

The Pharmaceutical Industry is approaching a TRILLION DOLLAR industry worldwide – much bigger than the economies of several countries.

Meaning you can get influenced in MANY ways.

Via overt advertising… videos and stories of HAPPY people and pets because they are on a anti-inflammatory drug. These companies have HUGE advertising budgets. And they KNOW how to Influence people.

Big Pharma and Government policy. One of the HIGHEST paid team of lobbyists at Capitol Hill in Washington are lobbying on behalf of the Drug Industry. This literally influences and shapes Government policy.

Then via your health care provider- they can influenced by the drug ‘rep’ and how they are ‘educated’ on the pharmaceuticals. When I first started in Veterinary practice, I was treated to more than a few meals and beers by my oh so friendly drug representative… it’s then natural to prescribe their drug of choice.

Then there is the institutions that educate your Heath Care Providers – many receive funding from some of the Pharmaceutical Companies.

Our mindset – we now WANT instant results and gratification… and there is a pill for this.

All in all, can you see how you or your pet are likely to be on a variety of conventional medications?

So what can YOU do?

Be an INVOLVED Patient and Pet Owner.

ASK a TON of Questions.

About side effects

About Alternatives

About Safer Options or if the drug is even needed.

Take matters into your OWN hands…

… and PREVENT Disease in the first place.

Specifically with a supplement.

WHY is a Supplement Needed?

There are far too many sick and chronically ill pets – diabetes… liver disease… cancer… allergies… arthritis… autoimmune disease…

HOW do I know?

I see these sick pets on a DAILY basis. And unfortunately I am seeing some very ill pets at younger and younger ages.

Many experts have called it a ‘Pet Health Crisis’.


There are MANY reasons, BUT the single most IMPORTANT cause is… POOR QUALITY NUTRITION.

ALL nutrition can NOT come in a bag (in spite of those glossy marketing brochures).

It’s NOT possible.

Would you eat the same processed/extruded/nutrient devoid/toxin filled food every day and then NOT expect to get sick?

So WHAT can YOU do to keep your dog healthy and prevent disease?

IMPROVE you dog’s nutrition every day.

SUPPLEMENT your dog’s food.

Give them a QUALITY Dog Health Supplement.

Here’s where you can grab your Bottle NOW:



I 100% stand behind what is in my supplement. I have specially formulated it to include ALL of the essential vitamins and minerals most often lacking in commercial dog food.

On top of that there are literally HUNDREDS of testimonials from satisfied clients like you.

You can see them here:


P.S. Here is what you should be looking for in a Quality supplement:

1. In choosing a natural supplement, ensure that NONE of these are on the label: wheat, soy, dairy, sugar, artificial ingredients, additives or fillers.

2. The ingredients should be derived from Natural Sources. Some of the more common natural ingredients include vitamins, minerals, flax, fish oil, amino acids – plus both naturally derived animal and plant related components. This includes ingredients such as herbs, mushrooms, colostrum, Glucosamine, and digestive enzymes.

3.Ensure that the supplement is NATURALLY preserved. Vitamin E and being ‘air tight’ is the preservative of choice. AVOID BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin.

4.Natural flavor and color – if the supplement is chemically flavored or colored DON’T use it.

My Ultimate Canine Health Formula is NATURAL.

Here is a List of the NATURAL Ingredients:

Complete Vitamin Blend
Complete Mineral Blend

* Glucosamine HCl
* Chondroitin Sulfate
* MSM (methylsulfonyl methane)

* Fructooligosaccharides
* Lactobacillus acidophilus
* Bifidobacterium bifidum

* Flaxseed oil (Omega Fatty Acids)

* l-lysine
* l-methionine
* l-arginine

* Bovine colostrum
* Inositol hexaphosphate
* Aloe vera
* Maiitake

Here’s the full list of ingredients:

Here’s where you can grab your Bottle NOW:

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

2 thoughts on “Marketing and Big Dollars in Prescription Drugs”

  1. i totally agree with you,whales and all wild animals don’t belong in tanks or zoo’s,they were never meant to be locked up like that from the beginning.even the trainer from Flipper was on a talk show saying how bad he felt when Flipper died in his arms.he said people think dolphins smile isn’t a smile at all that’s just the way they were made.Her’s going on talk shows and trying to educate people all wild sea creatures and zoo animals do not belong to be locked up. it’s all about the money making,and man kinds greed.when are people going to start listening ,we don’t need to have these poor creatures locked up in ting tanks for our pleasure rather,we can see them in the ocean’s and in the wild where they belong. or animal sanctuaries.god meant for them to live out there lives naturally not locked up,they are just like humans,they have families and stick together for life.but man just thinks about how much money they can make,and don’t care one bit about the poor creatures.let’s try and stop this insanity now,and educate people this isn’t right. just think if you were to put a human in a tank or a zoo to preform,what would eventually happen,we would kill or try to break free.that’s all i have to say about al the animals in tanks and the one’s in circuses to,it’s all about money and mankind’s greed.

  2. I must tell you Thank You for developing your Ultimate Canine Health Formula! I bred and raise Yorkshire Terriers and if you’ve ever had a Yorkie, you know how pickey they can be!! Especially with food. One day they love it, the next day they look at you as if to say “You want me to eat THAT!!!” Your formula has been fed to my dogs daily for over a month now, and they still will eat it stratight out of my hand if I offer it to them that way. I have a 10 year old female, that has become much more inclined to play. Two 8 year olds tht have started playing in their normal brother/sister manner. And I could go on. So Thank You for improving their lives and making them much happier and healthier!!

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