Limping Cat? Try this Holistic Antibiotic and Natural Pain Killer

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My cat Murray suddenly started limping- this is what I did at home to help him, and what you can do as well!

To start, do an exam to see where it’s most sore. Gently and slowly move the joints back and forth, and your pet will let you know where the pain is!

Secondly, take their temperature. If your pet has an infection from a possible puncture wound, they will most likely have a fever.

If you determine that your pet has a fever, clip the fur around the affected area. I gave Murray some CBD oil to calm his nerves, and help with pain relief. (link below for your trial bottle!)

3mg/10lbs is the average daily dosage, but I gave Murray more as he was in a lot of pain, which is totally safe! Add it to the tip of your finger, and rub on their gums.

Next, to assist with the bacteria building upĀ  – Colloidal Silver, which is an antibacterial. Standard oral dosage is 1 drop/10lbs 2 times daily.

After 48 hours, Murray should improve. If not, I would be taking him to the vet clinic for antibiotics.

My CBD Oil –

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