It was worse than I thought (Win Free Supplements)

Dr Jones gives you an update on his injury, shows you 3 great topical anti-inflammatories, and then shows you how to win FREE SUPPLEMENTS!

3 thoughts on “It was worse than I thought (Win Free Supplements)”

  1. Hi!
    Here in NJ, at Communities Altering the Strays (CATS), we have learned so much from you on how to help our rescued cats (mostly senior cats/our lifers) to be healthier and live longer lives. Because some of our cats were rescued from deplorable situations and fed only dry food (and sometimes JUST cat treats), we tend to have more than one diabetic cat. Our challenge is to provide affordable, low carb food for the diabetic cats because they live with several other cats. We can’t afford to feed all of the cats the best low carb foods so we keep the sugar kids separate during feeding times and let the cats mingle afterwards.

    Our suggestion would be to do a video on diabetic cats, how to do testing, giving insulin shots and how to manage insulin dosages depending on glucose numbers. We know the normal range is 80-120 so we are told. Our cats are on Lantus which has come down in price (thank God)and we use the AlphaTrak II meter..

    The reason that we think this video would be helpful is because so many people give up their diabetic cats, or euthanize, because of the confusion, fear of testing and giving insulin, and pricey special foods and treats.

    We appreciate your kindness, honesty, and veterinary knowledge so that pet owners and rescuer shelters can provide the best care possible. Thank you. Kathie Tonnessen, Founder

  2. Dr. J ones

    Here’s to your good diligence in caring for your own self now. and remember a patient must be patien-t for it can take a bit of time for good healing to occur…

    I would like to see a good insightful video on how to treat jealousy and other mental problems dogs and cats might have…Mental health can be as important to them as to us humans….and affect relationships and thus their health….MySha Sha dog thinks quite well and is aware…of alot….as
    well as being an angelic creature and lovee….and she responds to love, from all…but sharing her love with a mom and dad image is sometimes alot for her and for us as we are also the ones vying for her warmth!! Yet she also gets jealous of us if we hug in front of her…

    Peculiar and silly, I suppose, but it is a problem sometimes as it can be with humans who are close to one another…as we both love her dearly…So what do you think…a little less physical a a problem, but a concern that can affect health…and well being…

  3. Dear Dr. Andrew Jones,
    I appreciate you sharing your years of knowledge and tips helping people like me to become a bit more educated. I have a friend who has a Female Shitzu who I have bonded with and care a great deal for who just recently (within the last year) started to have seizures. they are infrequent and I have not ever witnessed one personally but Ella is now on phenobarbitol and the vet has essentially disregarded everything that I initially suggested which started with taking the flea collar off of her and then I wanted to see if there was a way to slowly detox her liver as well as her blood and flushing /clearing out her digestive system or whatever the equivalent would be to a human who wanted to do a totsl detox and cleanse, so that any toxins accumulated in her system over the years ( she is 12 ) could be eliminated and then see how she is feeling and at that point be as proactive as you could be before starting her on the barbituates. Ella has now developed a nagging little cough which is infrequent but I Am guessing it may be because her almost inaudible heart murmur may be getting worse, but of course no Co q 10 can be given because the vet doesn’t know how it will react to the seizure medicine. perhaps somewhere down the road you could do a series of videos showing how one would go about looking for the environmental toxins but more importantly before dogs get to old showing how you could gently and carefully and as safely as possible put your pet through a detox program. I Am not sure if any of what I am saying makes any sense but I Am thinking you will get the idea I Am aiming to share with you. Feel better and thank you again,

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