Isn’t the ‘yearly’ shot good?

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Isn’t the ‘yearly’ shot good?


Hello fellow dog and cat owners.

One of the reasons that clients faithfully come in every
year to their veterinarians is to get their ‘shots’

Better known as vaccines.

The veterinary community has conditioned pet owners to do this
on a yearly basis-

It creates a regular source of income for vets, and the more
time you visit the vet, the more mon**ey they make.

As well, many veterinarians believe that yearly vaccines are important
to preventing disease.

Clients want to feel that they are doing something good for their pet,
so they consent to the ‘shot’.

If there was an injection that could give you a year of good health,
wouldn’t you be interested?

BUT, these yearly injections don’t bring good health.

And in fact they can cause a whole host of HEALTH PROBLEMS.

Things like cancer, auto-immune disease, allergies, allergic reactions…

There are many OTHER things that you as a knowledgable, concerned
pet owner should be doing to keep your dog and cat healthy.

Like minimizing vaccines.

Only getting what is NECESSARY as INFREQUENTLY as possible.

Diet is key.

Certain supplements.


Natural holistic remedies.

Avoiding serious conventional medication SIDE EFFECTS.

If you are wanting to DISCOVER the real keys to pet
health, then I suggest that you get on my upcoming online
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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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