Is Your Veterinarian a Bully?

Many pet owners are feeling pushed into treatments, diagnostics and even surgery for their pets they don’t really want. Here’s what you can do about it

2 thoughts on “Is Your Veterinarian a Bully?”

  1. I haven’t heard you talk about Leptospirosis strains. There is a big push to vaccinate dogs against strains 2 and 4 in UK. We have a lot of vets here who are keen to dismiss reactions reported especially to Leptospirosis 4 strain. Some are more polite than others towards the owners

  2. Oh boy don’t get me started! In the SF Bay area Calif veterinarians are charging $1000. Plus for a simple teeth ├žleani g and that includes the “highly paid” not, vet tech.for monitoring the anesthesia. They sell treatment packages.
    We have a wonderful local nonprofit that helps arrange medical care for homeless people.pets PawFund
    You are a true friend to all us not rich

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