Is Trifexis Safe for Dogs?

A subscriber wrote in describing a serious reaction after there dog was given Trifexis. Dr Jones reports on current serious side effects of Trifexis as reported to the FDA’s Adverse Drug Event Reporting System.

FDA Adverse Drug Event Reporting System:

Owners blame 700 dog deaths on Trifexis:

5 thoughts on “Is Trifexis Safe for Dogs?”

  1. What do you recommend to use then if not Trifextis? I have a 9-10 lb almost 12yr old spayed female Poochin and a 5 lb 10 month old neutered male Chorkie.

  2. Hello Dr. Andrew, i have two points, firstly I wonder if you could kindly work to make your supplements available in UAE or the Middle East generally as the shipping is too costly and take a pretty long time. Put them on Amazon if possibly
    Secondly, my dog is 10 Golden retriever and he is a healthy happy dog on home cooked food diet, I would be grateful if you could give me advice of what supplements I should include in his diet as there are a lot of options out there.
    Thanks for everything we all love you here in Dubai.

    1. Hi Dahlia, at this time Dr. Jones’ supplements are only available for shipping from the US or Canada.

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