Is Joe Tippens Still Cancer Free?

… Joe Tippens popularized the use of Panacur for Cancer. It has been 5 years since he was able to beat cancer, but is he still cancer free? This is the cancer protocol that he used, and how it can be used with your dog or cat.

5 thoughts on “Is Joe Tippens Still Cancer Free?”

  1. My chi has mammary tumors. Been giving pancur c for months. She has enlarged heart, thus no chemo. Vet won’t prescribe ivermectin.

    1. Do you have a tack n feed store close: go get horse paste there . Look up dose online. It’s incredibly safe so nearly impossible to overdose. Nothing too lose. I cured my ctcl cutaneous T cell lymphoma in late stage scary syndrome using 2 to one ratio thc too cbd . I gram per night . Of oil made from flower tops only . Had serious spending elisions on arms . Everything stopped within 3 weeks. Now just fading scarring it’s so oil or phoenix tears it’s been 12 years cancer free . Mine was blood cancer too

  2. Can also go to High quality, less than $2 per tab. No rx required. Sponsored by some philanthropic healthcare folks.

    1. My lady friend suffered that unusual eye cancer. She had prescribed surgery & radiation. Years later breast cancer. She would not attempt this treatment fearful of nausea. She had nausea at the last weeks of her life anyway. She is w/Savior Jesus Christ because of salvation: 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. Not religions. Faith alone in Christ alone.

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