How to Win Free Supplements from Dr Jones: Black Friday Sale!

Win Free Supplements: A Chance to Boost Your Pet’s Health

Are you looking for a chance to win a supplement for your pet, absolutely free? In this article, I’ll guide you through our range of supplements, explain how they can benefit your dog or cat, and delve into our exciting Black Friday sale. Stick with me till the end, and I’ll reveal how you can win some of these supplements for your beloved pet. As a passionate advocate for natural pet health and wellness, I’m thrilled to share these insights with you. Remember, subscribing to Veterinary Secrets is your gateway to a wealth of pet care knowledge.

Supporting Holistic Pet Care Worldwide

Firstly, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for being a subscriber, follower, and supporter. Your engagement has significantly contributed to our mission of providing holistic dog and cat care information to pet parents globally. One way you can continue to support this mission is by taking advantage of our Black Friday sale, where every item in our store is available at a 25% discount. This sale is an excellent opportunity for you to support your pet’s health while also supporting our mission.

A Range of Supplements Tailored for Your Pet’s Needs

Let’s explore our supplement range, designed to cater to various aspects of your pet’s health. Our original supplement, Dr. Jones’s Ultimate Canine Health Formula, has been a staple for supporting canine joint health. For our feline friends, we introduced Dr. Jones’s Ultimate Feline Health Formula, highly favored by cats and beneficial for their musculoskeletal and urinary tract systems. We didn’t stop there; understanding the need for advanced care, we developed Ultimate Canine Advanced Plus with additional nutrients like 95% curcumin, known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.



Addressing Specific Health Concerns with Targeted Supplements

Recognizing the diverse health needs of pets, we expanded our range to include supplements like Dr. Jones’s Ultimate Omega-3 Formula, beneficial for conditions like allergies and arthritis, and Dr. Jones’s CBD Cannam, offering relief for pets in pain. For those focusing on natural anti-inflammatory solutions, Dr. Jones’s High Absorption 95% Curcumin is backed by extensive research. We also cater to pets with skin disorders or viral concerns with Dr. Jones’s Bioactive Kostin, a whole plant extract with proven efficacy.

Innovative Solutions for Common Pet Issues

We’ve recently launched Dr. Jones’s Complete Canine Calming Juice, incorporating calming ingredients like theanine, melatonin, and valerian, receiving positive feedback from pet owners. For digestive health, Dr. Jones’s Complete Digestive Care S-Jeans, an enzyme supplement with probiotics, is designed for dogs with ongoing digestive issues. And let’s not forget about preventative care; our alcohol-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free ear cleaner and toxin-free 5 in 1 Pet Wash ensure your pet stays clean and healthy.

How to Win Free Supplements and Enjoy the Black Friday Sale

Excited about trying these supplements? Here’s how you can win them for free: ensure you’re subscribed, leave a comment on this video sharing why you appreciate our supplements and how they’ve helped your pet. Mention whether you have a dog or cat and specify which supplement you’d like to win. We’re giving away 10 supplements, chosen at random, and the winners will be announced on Friday, December 1st. Don’t forget to check out our Black Friday sale, where all products are 25% off. You can find all the necessary links, including the store link and discount code, in the description box below.

Thank you for your continued support and for being part of our journey to enhance pet health and wellness. This is Dr. Andrew Jones, wishing you and your pets health and happiness.

Dr Andrew Jones’ ‘Veterinary Secrets’ Will Help Keep Your Pet Healthy, and Extend Your Pet’s Life

16 thoughts on “How to Win Free Supplements from Dr Jones: Black Friday Sale!”

  1. Thank you Very Much For all the Amazing Information You Provide On Line
    We have 3 Puppies age 9 weeks
    2 males one female they are Chihuahua mix with Chopsoe and Pekingese. Adorable dogs we indoor Pat training. I learned from you to cook, healthy, organic possible homemade food i’m learning every day by listening to your amazing programs. Thank you again.

  2. I refer to your videos when ever we have issues. Thankyou for your content. We own to sisters who are small dogs..approx 16 lbs and they both are on raw diets after having negative reactions to kibble. Their folical testing shows they have quite a few food intolerances so we would be interested in your digestive blend.

  3. Just found your videos, we live in Michigan and our dog has had a cough and sneezing for at least 3 weeks. He has an auto immune disease and can’t have shots so will have to try something different. Taking him to vet again to see what we can do. Considering some of your home remedies.

    1. If after 14 days of antibiotics the coughing has not improved, then likely this is not a bacterial infection ( ie Bordetella). My next 2 big differentails would first be Tracheal collapse, in which the airway collapses in on itself. This can be treated symtomatically with weight loss, removing a collar, and cough suppressants. My other possibility would be heart disease, in which a bigger heart puts pressure on the airways. What you need is to have 2 X-rays taken. This can confirm exactly what is causing the cough.
      This could be a number of things.
      Most likely you are dealing with a condition called reverse sneeze.
      The nostrils get irritated by something, and your dog sneezes. This can go on for an extended period of time.
      In some cases allergies are to blame, and you can begin by changing foods to a less allergenic one.
      In other cases, I have seen a small nasal parasite cause this. Your veterinarian can dispense a safe topical medication to treat it, called Revolution.
      There are more serious conditions, such as tooth root abscesses, so it is a good idea to have it checked out by your vet.

  4. Hi Dr. Jones, I had been using The Ultimate Canine Formula for Dogs with my dog BudaPi. I lost him Oct ‘2021 and I haven’t been the same. PI saw how he flourished using your product. I now have two yorkie boys who I will also be using The Ultimate Canine Formula for dogs. Why? Because it WORKS!!! God bless U!

    1. We greatly appreciate the support and your continued use of our supplement. Thank you for being with us all this time.

  5. Hi Dr. Jones. thank you for all you do for us! I’ve been using your supplements for years for our cats and our dogs. We’ve used the ultimate canine and canine plus for our Huskies, the ultimate feline for the cats and the omega capsules as well as the canibid oil for all. I have many reasons for using them for my pets, but most recently I have a cat who has has skin issues. She is more than 13 years old now, but when i started giving her the ultimate feline health formula years ago they actually cleared up. She loved it and would just eat it plain in a dish. I have been out of the formula for since July and now she is having issues again, so I am ordering more today. So the most important one I need is the ultimate feline health formula for the cats. Thank you again for all you do! Wendy

    1. We are delighted to know that your beloved pet is experiencing the numerous benefits provided by our top-quality supplements. Your support and trust in our products mean the world to us and motivate us to continue delivering exceptional pet care solutions that promote their overall well-being and happiness. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in enhancing the health and vitality of your furry companion.

  6. Five cats and one that visits from a neighboring farm (one of its human parents was run over by a tractor). Any supplements in the recipe for cat food. Thank you.

  7. I have tried several recipes for homemade dog food and yours is by far the best. Thank you so much Dr Jones!!

  8. I have a newly diagnosed cat with diabetes, and would love to try your Ultimate Feline supplement to help her out. She’s been on insulin for a few months and little progress has been made. She is underweight, so there is little wiggle room for changes to her diet; I have her on Glycobalance, wet and dry. Thank you for your videos; they are a good resource.

  9. Dr. Jones. I really enjoy your YouTube videos. Thank you for all the great information you provide pet owners, most in particular, the natural remedies you suggest. This is something I strongly believe in. I have a question. I saw a video of yours in which you provide solutions for dogs that will not allow you to brush their teeth. I have an eight year old chihuahua that has tartar on her teeth and some bad breath. In the video I saw you suggested Honey Bees propolis as a possible solution. I can’t spray or rub something in her mouth because she will become aggressive as a nervous reaction. Is it safe to spray propolis in her water? Would it be safe to put one pump of the propolis spray each time I change her water and would that do the trick for helping to kill off bacteria in her mouth? Please advise. I appreciate your help.

    1. Bee Propolis: Rich in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, bee propolis is excellent for infected gums and oral ulcers. (To treat dogs’ gums, one drop per pound of body weight is recommended.)

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