Have you had any pets die from food?

From: Dr Andrew Jones
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Re: Have you had any pets die from food?


I was asked by a reader if I had any clients affected by the pet food

My first answer was no- I didn’t remember any unusual cases of kidney failure
related to food.

But last night I remembered a client’s cat that was euthanized about 2 weeks ago.

For client/patient confidentiality, I won’t mention names.

This was an older, indoor cat ( 13years) who developed a sudden onset of
lethargy, increased drinking and increased urination.

I performed blood work. It showed elevated levels of urea, creatinine, phosphorus,
and the Urine was very diluted with a urine specific gravity of 1.005.

Those are all classic signs of acute kidney failure.

We immediately started the cat on IV Fluids, along with a phosphorus binder,
but in 24 hours the signs progressed, and he was vomiting with ulcers
in his mouth.

I talked to the owners about acute kidney failure. They wondered about him eating a
toxic plant ( he was a strictly indoor cat). I thought that he may have had early signs
that they didn’t pick up. THe owners insisted that he was fine.

He was being fed Presidents Choice Cuts and Gravy- that is one of the recalled pet

I did not suspect the cat food as a source of a kidney toxin.

Likely there are many similar cases of these in which veterinarians have diagnosed
acute kidney failure, but NOT linked it to food.

I will be contacting these owners about the possibility of their cat dying as a
result of contaminated cat food.


P.S. Scientists now think that the most likely source of contamination is in
a “filler” wheat gluten.

It’s a cheap source of protein that should NOT be in Cat Food.

Cats are obligate carnivores- they DO NOT need carbohydrates.

This just reonforces my belief in you as a pet owner taking charge of
your pet’s health care.

It means looking at the way you feed your pet DIFFERENTLY.

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Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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2 thoughts on “Have you had any pets die from food?”

  1. rradiated Food will Kill your Pet

    03/21/07 05:20 PM

    My dog Lucky is on the Wellness plan at Banfield Pet Hospital. He receives two blood screenings a year. After the most recent procedure, I received a call from the Veterinarian and he advised me that he needed to speak with me himself.( The assistant usually calls and let’s me know I can pick him up) When I arrived there he gave me the bad news that Lucky is in the early stages of Kidney failure. I’ve been heartbroken ever since. The doctor said it’s only a matter of time and there’s nothing that can be done to stop the process. I was shocked to say the least and started wondering how a dog that’s only five years old could develop such a disease. I started investigating the food and snacks that I was giving him. On the back label of the Chicken Jerky Strips, it read “Irradiated food, Not for Human Consumption” The red flag went up immediately. If somethings not safe for me to eat, then what is in the food that dog’s can somehow tolerate? After reading a multitude of articles on-line that have over 400 scientific studies linking irradiated foods to kidney failure, testicular cancer and a host of other diseases in animals, I wrote to the large retailer where I had been buying them and pleaded with them to stop selling the poisonous food. The Fda ignored most of the studies and chose just four handpicked studies to approve introduction of irradiated food into the United States, most of which come from China. Most interesting is how the process takes place. They use spent nuclear rods to irradiate the food, so in essence you are feeding your dog nuclear waste when you feed them these snacks. Please tell everyone you know to refrain from buying food that has been irradiated. The following article is straight from the Food and Drug Administration’s website. http://WWW.FDA.GOV The Problems of Irradiated Foods
    Foods that have heen exposed to ioniz-
    ing radiation have second-rate nutri-
    tion and ???Å“counterheit freshness. Even
    at low doses, some irradiated foods
    lose 20% of vitamins such as A C, E,
    and B complex. Because irradiation
    breaks down the food?????s cell walls, ac-
    celerated vitamin losses occur during
    storage–up to 80%. Ironically, irradia-
    tion both creates harmful free radicals
    and destroys the antioxidant vitamins
    necessary to fight them! When electron
    beams are used, trace amounts of ra-
    dioactivity may be created. Ionizing radiation knocks electrons out
    of atoms and creates free radicals.
    These free radicals react with food
    components, creating new radiolytic
    products, some of which are toxic
    (benzene, formaldehyde, lipid perox-
    ides) and some of which may he
    unique to irradiated foods. No one
    knows the long term impact of eating
    unknown quantities of these damaged
    foods. Studies on animals fed irmdi-
    ated foods have shown increased tu-
    mors, reproductive failures and kidney failures. Irradiation doesn?????t kill all bacteria;
    those that survive are radiation-
    resistant. Eventually these bacteria
    will require higher doses of radiation.
    Irradiation doesn?????t ,kill the bacterium
    that causes botulism, or viruses. It can?????t
    be used on dairy products, a major
    source of food poisoning. Irradiation is not the only option for
    providing clean food. Cleaning up
    filthy slaughter houses, slowing down
    preprocessing lines, increasing the num-
    her of federal meat inspectors; and en-
    couraging local agriculture wilI lead to long-term
    food safety solutions without the risks or irradiation.

  2. My cat ate Special Kitty. Had IV therapy and SC therapy and renal values improved to about normal (blood tests done just today) but is now not eating. Blood platelets low. Should she possibly get Leucovorin? You say not to give Folic Acid but doesn’t she need that too? She seems hungry but then turns her nose up at everything. I’m getting desperate. Please answer if possible. My vet is great but this is obviously new.

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