Garlic Is Bad For Dogs

When you Google search ‘is garlic bad for dogs’, you will see many pages of veterinarian sites and articles telling you that garlic is toxic for dogs. But is it really?

I’ve recommended garlic for years – it’s a great antibacterial, it can help boost the immune system, and is an antifungal.

It can help with ear infections and yeast infections, and can even lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

These negative conclusions come from a study that gave dogs an extreme amount of garlic, resulting in bad reactions.

They gave the dogs 5 mg/kg of weight, through a tube down to their stomach. If I gave this amount to 20-lb Tula, I would be giving her 50mg, 1 time daily for 7 days. I’d be giving roughly 13 cloves of varied sized garlic daily for a week, an excessive amount! If I took that amount for myself I’d be looking at over 100 cloves of garlic in one day! Do not attempt this.

Garlic can have wonderful benefits – I would recommend using an aged garlic supplement, or a small portion of garlic cloves – roughly 1 per day depending on your pet’s size.

3 thoughts on “Garlic Is Bad For Dogs”

  1. I want to thank you for all this info on garlic for dogs. Sophie has allergies and I have tried it all to help her.I cook her lamb,turkey,brown rice,carrots, veggies.
    Her ears are inflamed,she bites herself a lot.I use itch shampoo,ear drops, skin &coat hemp chew,immune support,itch support you name it I tried it.

    I’m on to sweet potato and salmon with veggies & small crushed garlic.
    Wish me luck.

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