[Ep 17] Living With a Deaf Dog, Head Tilt Answers

In this episode Dr Jones discusses How he has learned to train and live with his deaf dog, Lewis- and showing how you can too. He reveals what you need to know about head tilt (vestibular disease) in dogs, and what natural remedies work. Lastly a discussion on why we need to ban the hunting of Grizzly Bears in BC.

1 thought on “[Ep 17] Living With a Deaf Dog, Head Tilt Answers”

  1. I volunteer at a rescue where there is a young (1-2 yrs.) mostly pitbull female who is deaf. She is a fawn brindle, including her ears -the only white is around her muzzle running up between her eyes & on her chest. She definitely has a head tilt, has had this since I’ve known her, at least 3 months now. She seemed a bit clumsy at first. Vet confirmed deafness & thought her right hind leg may have an issue, likely developmental. I have been getting her out for playtime in a large yard about twice a week for at least 1/2 hour.(Wish I could do more!) Her attitude is great, she likes to climb on things out there- like the chairs and seems to have enough balance to cope with things when they wobble. She enjoys running around with the Jolly ball swinging it by the rope which requires some coordination, nothing seems to faze her, but maybe she has more heart than “grace”, and just powers her way through things…and still the head tilt. Do you think this is something that should be pursued further with a Vet? (which I would have to pay for as rescue is always short on funds)

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