Dr Jones’ Son Has Infectious Disease


What a crazy weekend.. My son Liam has been sick with flu like symptoms for the last 2 weeks.

He had been away at a ski race, so I assumed a cold/flu virus..


On Wed AM he wakes up with this unusual ski rash/ swelling of his fingers and toes.

I wondered about an allergic reaction, so I treated him with an antihistamine. The skin lesions didn’t change much, but I chalked it up to unexplained food reaction.

Then late Friday night, sudden severe headache, fever, neck pain, joint pain, and the rash progressing..

I rushed off to emerg wondering about meningitis. The emerg doc ruled that out, but was especially puzzled about the skin lesions. Blood tests came back normal.

Then Saturday he had the fever again, and I read about a news story about a Measles outbreak in the Vancouver area.

He happened to be there for 4 days 2 weeks ago as part of the BC Winter Games.

Measles usually presents as cold/cough/runny nose, then a rash starting on the head, spreading to the rest of the body..

There is though an Atypical Measles which can happen to partially vaccinated kids ( I think he was only given the 18month MMR vaccine)

In the atypical disease, there is usually a rash which first shows on the palms/feet, accompanied by headache fever.. He had ALL of those symptoms- along with the 7-14 day incubation period post exposure.

On the 2nd visit to emergency I told them about my diagnosis..they weren’t too convinced, but after a discussion with the BC Center for Disease Control, they then called it Measles.- meaning no school, public contact until he is no longer infectious.

Here is a picture of one skin lesion…ouch!


Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. I struggle with the vaccine issue- and it is possible he wouldn’t have this if ‘fully’ vaccinated. BUT there are also the real risks associated with vaccines. Clearly we also nee to look at alternatives. There are many HOLISTIC options for preventing disease, as opposed to using vaccines.

In my latest Inner Circle Video, I covered the homeopathic way of preventing disease, homeoprophylaxis.

Interestingly, there are some large scale studies using it which showed some impressive results.

You can get a copy of the video here:


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