“Dr. Andrew Jones: Selling “Secrets” and Lies finally has a price”

I recently googled my name and came up with this:

“Dr. Andrew Jones: Selling “Secrets” and Lies finally has a price”

It comes up on a blog called skeptvet, run by a supposed very anonymous veterinarian…

Here is some of what is said:

I once referred briefly to Dr. Andrew Jones in a previous post as an example of one of the warning signs of quackery, the claim of secret knowledge that mainstream science and medicine doesn’t want you to have. Of course, his marketing activities include lots of other characteristic features of alternative medicine propaganda, including unfounded accusations about the harm done by conventional medicine and unproven or outright false claims about the safety and efficacy of alternative methods. In many ways, he is a fine example of many warning signs of quackery.

It turns out, the veterinary medical licensing authorities in Canada, where Dr. Jones lives, have more backbone than most of those in the U.S., and for years they have been warning Dr. Jones that unfairly denigrating his colleagues and making false claims is unprofessional and incompatible with the standards licensed veterinarians are expected to uphold. He repeatedly claimed he would abide by the marketing and advertising guidelines all other veterinarians are subject to in his jurisdiction, and repeated broke those commitments. Finally, the British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association (BCVMA) imposed significant fines, and Dr. Jones has chosen to give up his license so he can market his veterinary self-help products without interference.

Unfortunately, it is likely he will continue to profit from spreading lies and misinformation about the veterinary profession, and from offering dangerous advice and unproven or false treatments. He will have to walk a fine line since without a license he cannot legally practice veterinary medicine, but of course the benefits of a free society are great enough that he must be allowed to spout his nonsense as long as he does not cross the line into liable, slander, or the practice of medicine. Sadly, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he ends up in the U.S. where regulatory authorities have proven far less willing to challenge such snake oil salesman taking advantage of pet owners and profiting from fear and ignorance.


It appears that Dr Skeptvet, if this person really is a veterinarian, has a strong dislike of me.

We are all entitled to our opinions, but when they become public on the internet, I feel that the author should be public.

So this is an entire blog dedicated to bashing and discrediting alternative veterinary medicine, yet the author is anonymous.


I could have started my Internet business anonymously, and never had to deal with all of the ‘challenges’…in fact I would likely then still be practicing.

But that goes against all I believe in…

You have always known who I am, what I do, and even where I live

I have been very transparent and truthful.

Do you have to agree with me?


Do you have to buy anything from me?


But do I at least have ‘the balls’ to put myself out there?


Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. Ultimately it comes down to results..not what is said on the internet, but whether or not some of what I discuss actually helps dogs and cats.

My book, Veterinary Secrets Revealed literally has over 1000 testimonials from ‘real’ dog and cat owners.

See just some of them here:



See the picture of the Dr with the lovely dog…

that’s really me.

My other worldy advice is to give credence to information on the internet that is written/produced by someone who is willing to be public about who they are.

And one other last word of advice.

Ask questions- regardless of the source.

Even of your local veterinarian.

Then YOU decide.

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational
purposes only and is not intended to replace the
advice of your own veterinarian. Dr Andrew Jones
resigned from the College of Veterinarians of
B.C. effective December 1 2010, meaning he
cannot answer specific questions about your
pet’s medical issues or make specific medical
recommendations for your pet.

82 thoughts on ““Dr. Andrew Jones: Selling “Secrets” and Lies finally has a price””

  1. This so called vet is bashing you bc people are turning to alternatives and he will lose his money making ways. Far before I read your work I would always look for alternatives since my dogs always got sick from these harsh meds the vets gave. Thank god for vets like you that care and come out with ways to help us. Let him bash all he wants. I wish there were more caring people out there like you.
    Thanks again.

  2. Hi Andrew,you are definitely bothering the haters but I’m not even taking that “bashing” seriously.
    First,like you said,this guy is anonymous and he is just trying to discredit you without proper arguments.

  3. I will continue to listen and read all of your emails you send out. I have been a silent reader of your emails for a while now and I have taken your advice on many things with my dogs. I want to ask you a few questions on the side, but I don’t quite know how to do that. I have had to spend so much money on vet bills in the past 2 years for various things going on with my dogs and I now have an issue with my beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, but I want to get your advice on how to handle it. I’m not thrilled about vets but I trust you implicitly. You are definitely a doctor of good practices, no matter if you have a license or not. You care about your animals, I’ve watched your videos, and you know what you’re talking about.

  4. Keep what you are doing Dr Jones. I am a big fan of natural and alternative meds. All your remedies are working wonders on my dog.Thanks

  5. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this site is like quackwatch, run by a doctor by the name of Stephen Barrett, which has among it’s financial backers, the AMA and some pharmaceutical companies.

    Some alternative associations fought back and he his site was temporarily shut down.

    My suggestion is to figure out who this veterinarian is and who are the site’s backers. It may not be as bad as quackwatch where the site was funded by the national agency but maybe similiar in that the backers have a financial interest in keeping pets sick.

    This is the Internet after all where anything, true or false, can be published with impunity.

  6. Wow! He says you are “taking advantage of pet owners and profiting from fear and ignorance”. That’s exactly what I think most conventional veterinarians are doing. We think we should believe everything they say, because they are the “experts” or “professionals”. But how many thousands, if not more, pets have been lost because of conventional medicine, yearly vaccinations and stubborn ignorance about alternative less invasive methods? I think Mr. anonymous “vet” could put his bashing to better use elsewhere.

  7. You know, I’m getting damn tired of Vets,dentists,doctors and many others telling their patients,clients that they should buy products they say is best for them or their pets. Most of what they sell isn’t as good and cost more than what can be purchased from a pet store or over the counter. We are being lied to in the name of profit and kick backs. Dr. Jones as far as I’m concerned is trying to get away from the drug companies hold on the public!

    Dr. Jones, keep on telling the truth and helping people learn about alternative medicine.

    Brent Wilde

  8. You run into “JERKS” every where you go.
    Seems to me you ran into one more in your life to add to your list.
    This idiot must not have much to do, or the jam to say who he is.
    That makes him a weak minded, useless piece of dog poop!
    I would not be worried about a person of this caliber …
    Take Care
    Post something nice on his site to make him look like a bigger idiot. (But, Be Nice)


  9. Hey Doc,

    Take heart in knowing that my vet recommends natural cures before meds, if at all possible, if not we use meds, but start with the least offensive and work up to no alternatives. but stronger meds.

    I love my Vet and my pets are not afraid of his office or services. As a educated consumer, it is my right to choose what is best for my pets and family.

    Big Pharma is the problem, and have a large hand in lobbying U.S. legislation, and most likely Canada too. Human Doctors tend to treat the symptoms, not cure your ailment, there’s no money in curing what ails you. I imagen some vets treat their clients in the same manner.

    As a life long animal lover I have met many vets and only trusted 3 of them. I have never met you, but I would have loved to have you as my pets Doctor! If only our pets could tell us verbally what they think of their Doctor, there would probably be a few less Vets and we could keep Big Pharma money out of the legistaors pockets, we would all be healthier, pets included.


  10. What a spineless excuse for a human being. This person thinks people will believe these lies about you.
    I’m am truly sorry for the outright lying that is being put on the internet.
    I for one believe in who you are as a person and secondly how you treat animals is nothing but exceptional. It’s too bad your home doesn’t give you the respect you deserve and have earned.

  11. I don’t care what anyone says about dr. jones, all I know is that I had 8 more extra months with my beloved cat amy that I would not have had with the conventional way. I was at the end of my robe when I found Dr. Jones, the Vet that I took Amy to was going to charge me $7900.00 with no gauranteer that Amy will pull through. I did not go through with the surgery, but used dr.jones advise from the veternarian secret and try to make amy as comfortable as I can. I’m glad I did that. Now my other older cat Amber who has problem since I found her 14 years ago, all her life she has been giving steriod by her vet. To be perfectly honest, she was having more problems with that than helping her. I took her off it 4 years ago,and went with dr. jones home remedi, though she is still having problem, but doing much better than she was with the homone. As I said before, I don’t care what anyone says about dr. jones, as far as I’m concern, I am thanksful that he is around.

  12. You know- every individual that challenged the establishment through history has been ousted by the establishment.. Ironically , some yrs later the same establishment will be talking about the information you share as if they came up with the truths and discoveries… and taking credit for it.. Dr Merkola is in the same boat, as well as Dr Weil, and so many others( for humans).
    I suppose it is your karma to conscientious provider. You can not be any other- which I am grateful for. There are very few – you being an exception- is willing to put up with stupidity of the old and clearly disfunctional system.
    I pray you remain healthy and continue your work.This is very important.
    I am fortunate I have a vet that is open to the integrative health for my cats( as well as supplements), but it took me a while to find that, and it costs more- but I am willing to put up with that , as long as the vet is willing to work with me..
    I wish you much luck and peace of mind…
    As you know, the attacks come out of fear and ignorance- nothing more..

  13. This sceptivet sounds suspiciously like another site run by an individual calling themselves ‘scepticat’ or ‘sceptikat’- a highly volatile dictatorial site run by a wannabe megalomaniac. A truly disturbed person with a anger management issue venting via their little site to their own personal herd of sycophants. I would dismiss them like a fly on your arm. Just troubled souls with no purpose.
    Best wishes to you – you do a good job and work with a good kind heart.

  14. What a coward! If someone does not have the integrity to affix their name to an article, then it carries absolutely no weight.

    Stand up and be counted!


  15. The same occurs in the medical profession. A similar website known as QuackWatch attempts to debunk alternative treatments for people as quackery. It turns out the man running the site has ties to the AMA, FDA and FTC and has been exposed as nothing more than a non-practicing psychiatrist who is well paid by the above. The corporates will do anything to protect their interests. Veterinary medicine has strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry and they will protect their interests in the same unscrupulous manner as the medical community. Ultimately in the end it’s up to the public to make informed decisions and Dr. Jones provides information for us to do just that.

    P.S. A few years back he had to have surgery to remove a large lipoma and the vet couldn’t believe how quickly he was healing. He told me that my dog has a very strong immune system. My now 8 year old dog still runs and plays like a pup, all thanks to the Ultimate Canine Supplement he’s been getting daily for several years. It’s all the evidence I need.

  16. Good for you Tao for tracking down who the “Skeptvet” is. When one strongly believes in something, they should have the courage to stand up and speak out as themselves, not hiding behind a vail. Dr. Jones has courageously gone up against conventional vet medicine because he knows for certain that holistic veternarian medicine works through research and practice. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner with a PHD in Holistic Nutrition and I take a totally natural approach to health issues whenever possible while staying within the bounds of the legal system, as Dr. Jones does. The difference between us and “Dr. Skeptvet” is we are not afraid to stand up for what we know to be best for ourselves and our loved ones. No doubt Dr. Jones does what I do when something has gone beyond the scope of holistic medicine and recomments a licensed health practitioner / vet. There are a lot of Holistic Vets in the United States that teach as you do and they are well respected for it.

    Thank you for your courage Dr. Jones, and I will be purchasing your book today. I’ve been putting it off because I already know and do much of what you teach for my own dog. So, thanks to Dr. Skeptvet…aka…Dr. McKenzie…you have just made another sale.

    Oh, and kuddo’s to you Dr. Jones for finding a way to continue helping animals when you could no longer practice as a licensed vet. Keep up the good work.

  17. I can not believe the Slander against Dr Jones , I trust him 100 p cent , and several things hehas advised to treat my little 16 yr oldCat , and itching Skin on 5 yr Dog have worked very well , Please ignore all the utter rubbish this coward says.
    Jean Matthews

  18. There’s one huge word for most medical problems. It’s called BIG PHARMA! Money talks, not good medical practice. The kick-backs that all Doctors of Medicine for humans and animals get from Big Pharma is amazing. Doesn’t matter to most docs what the side effects to these harmful chemicals can do to their patients. Big Pharma is ruling the medical practices enormously! They are figting tooth and nail to keep alternative meds at bay. No money into their deep pockets, until maybe now. They are trying to put “natural” substances into a “prescription only” right now in the U.S…UNBELIEVABLE! Big Pharma..Big Pharma…will hurt many people’s and animal’s health!!!

  19. I cannot believe what this idiot has put up on the internet and I would do my best to shut him down. I have longed uesed alternative remedies and my own vet uses them herself and is in complete agreement with me using them. She closed her practice some years ago and kept me as one of her clients so any operations that I need I have to go elsewhere however she has always told me to question everything and research everything. If she wishes to use something on one of my dogs she will always tell me to research and see what I think before she uses the relevant drug. I guess that I am one of the lucky ones, but I have learnt a hard lesson over the years and I can vets more about Bulldogs then they know.

  20. I believe that when someone goes to the trouble of trying to “expose” another and make “accusations” it is most likely because they feel threatened in some way. I have found a great deal of helpful information from the emails and materials received from Dr. Andrew Jones. Secrets, perhaps, but when considered more like common sense and valuable knowledge. Lies, I seriously doubt it. Regardless I am grateful for his presence, as is one of my pets who might not still be with me were it not for something I learned through the emails of Dr. Andrew Jones. Thank you.

  21. I must just say that I have written to this vet to see what he has to say for himself. It will be interesting to see if he bothers to reply.

  22. The cat is out of the bag not only are people
    more aware of what is going on not only with
    vets but doctors , lawyers , bankers this is a
    time when people have to use common sense and
    learn more about what affects not only them
    and their families put our beloved and loyal pets.
    I am fortunate that I have a excellent vet and
    she has never so far adviced surgery or long
    time medicine use, however my kitties are more
    like my babies and all my kitties have lived a
    long time the oldest 21yr, 18 yr 14 yr and one
    a year and she had leukemia at birth from a pet
    store that was inbreeding and all the kittens
    were sick and the shop was close as the other
    people who bought the kitties had to put them
    down. I did not I had another cat and my vet
    told me exactly what to do not to infect the
    other cat and I read about it and researched
    it and got information from people who also
    believe in alternative medicine. She lived
    a extremly spoiled and loving life for a year
    and a 1/2 then she became so week I had to
    put her down. I have taken Dr Jones avice
    many times and I find the information gives
    me much peace of mind. Bless these men that
    are letting the public know what is going on
    When taking your animal to vet open your mouth
    medicle people do not like it when you ask question ASK! Their service to you is their income and they can’t afford to lose it!

  23. I took a brief look at the website of the Vet who is “trashing” you. Seems he is probably finding your products and natural approach to treatments slowing down the sales of his “chemical laden” ones. I noticed he sells food and flea treatments on line. He doesn’t have to agree with everything you do, but what he has done is in poor taste.
    S. Canada

  24. Just because someone says something doesn’t make it true, no matter how many times they say it. Sadly but true, anyone can say whatever they want on the internet. If questioned they would scream “Free Speech!” Some people will believe anything especially if it is rude & tacky. People that are level headed, want the best for our cats & dogs, etc. can make up our own minds no matter what the “Dr. Skeptvets” say. I have a Vet that started seeing the alternatives as possibilities after he saved a precious kitty would had been paralyzed by another Vet giving her vaccinations. I would always discuss it with Dr. Mike, then he knew what I was doing. Suzi walked again, lived to be 18, 8 years after her injury. If Dr. Andrew should ever come to the USA it would be a great day!

  25. I have been helping my dogs with natural remedies and methods for 5 years before I learned of your existence. In 2008, I have even put up a website for other dogowners here in Europe, to share what I had learned. It was sometimes difficult to heal my dogs because I am not a vet … but it definitely works. I was so happy to find this site and when I purchased your book I found you teach all the things that I knew and also many new ones, and it is great to have all this backed up by somebody in the know. I do not care if you are a practicing vet or not, to give up your licence was the ethical thing to do because now you can continue to educate pet owners about the TRUTH.

    As for the slandering website, I would not pay much attention to it, it seems to be a similar thing as QuackWatch (in the field of human conventional medicine), run by a sleazy lowlife called Stephen Barrett who presents himself as a doctor – but is not – and who is paid by Big Pharma to write all kinds of lies about natural medicine.

    You see, there is no better proof that natural remedies work. If they did not, the whole issue of natural healing would have collapse by itself long ago and such website would not be necessary. They are only necessary if natural medicine works.

  26. Anonymous’s anger and allegations say a lot about him, but tell me very little about Dr. Jones. I have found that people become the worst when their ego is challenged (Dr Jones’ success) and their pocketbook is hurt (alternative medicine is frequently effective.) Keep up the great work, Dr Jones.

  27. You wouldn’t believe how many people have come up to me in parks over the years and asked how my dogs’ coats are so nice. My reply is always that I home cook all of their food, and they get no treats (except for things like carrots, fruit and nuts), and more recently, that I have them on Dr. Jones’ supplement along with extra vitamin C and supplements. However, every single vet I have ever told that I cook for my dogs warns me that they cannot possibly be getting adequate nutrition (that is even after I mention the supplement) and that I should put them on a commercial dog food. For that and several other reasons, I don’t trust many conventional veterinarians. However, I do trust you, Dr. Jones, and I wouldn’t worry about Dr. Skeptvet, who is obviously the real quack.

  28. If a human is intelligent enough to choose alternative and more healthy methods of treating themselves, why not their 4 legged friends. I agree with the fact that this bozo needs to have the courage of his convictions and publish his or her identity. Why should we put any credance in what he or she has to write when it could be only the opinion or some journalist with an ax to grind. I appreciate your advice and guidance. Thanks to your on line seminar on food, I have changed my dogs food to Buffalo Blue and his bad gas is virtually gone and his stools are much healthier looking. Thanks for all you do.

  29. Don’t worry about those creeps Dr. Jones. Your fans know better and will defend you.

    I’ve had lots of untrue and malicious things said about me, simply because of my political stance and dissatisfaction with our current US administration.

    Take a lesson from the ducks and let it roll off your back.

  30. After we lost our 5 yr old dog to diabetes, kidney failure and possible tainted dog food I went on the internet searching for help before getting another dog. As an RN I knew that steroids could cause diabetes in humans, but my vet never warned me that giving multiple injections of steriods to my precious dog everytime she had a skin inflammation due to fleas in Texas that a dog also could become diabetic. We lost her 9 months after diagnosis.
    I search many websites seeking information on dog care, dog nutrition, canine diabetes, etc. As a nurse, I was very careful and through as I did my research, I know that modern medicine is very needed, but as one who grew up on a farm I also know that nutrition and way our foods are grown and processed have changed. Dr Jones Website stated the same information that other holistic vets stated on their websites, but Dr Jones’s teaching is more understandable, explains pros and cons of both medical and holistic treatments, and always directs you to your local vet for care. We found a reliable breeder and got a mini-schnauzer puppy a few months after our dog passed, using Dr Jones advice on dog food, we chose to make our own dog food, and started her on Dr jone’s vitamin supplement same day we brought her home. She is 4 1/2 years old, healthy and full of life. We searched till we found a local vet willing to work with us, we follow Dr Jones vaccination suggestions and our vet is still amazed that we make our dogs food and how healthy she is. As a nurse, I was taught that I am to be an advocate for my patients, I always taught my patients to talk to their doctor about their concerns but to also educate theirselves about their medicines, disease and treatments. Our pets cannot do that for themselves, so we pet-parents must do that for them. In the 5 years that I have been reading and listening to Dr Jones teaching I have found him to be genuine, compassionate and definitely cares about animals. Do your own research, your pets life and health depends on it. (Thank you Dr Jones for being willing to put your name and career on the line to help our family pets! God Bless!)

  31. These other vets needs to get a life and do a search on alternative meds for animals. These vets and doctors are killing our animals and humans with all of the medicine. I get blood work done on my dogs every six months to see what is going on with their bodies and then I go from there. Andrew keep up the good work, I know for a fact that holistic alternative works.

  32. I am really not surprised by that vet writing so many nasty things about you. For years I have listened to many vets about feeding dry dog and cat food only because it is good for their teeth, etc, only helps the very tip of each tooth, the fact that a certain cat food you get from a vet helps cats not gain weight and helps with diabetes, wrong, it made my cats gain weight, so I switched to no dry food, only good wet food and Wellness. The vets I know all have different opinions about food, vaccinations, etc. Well, my dog now gets her shots in two locations so she does not get a huge “lump” and my diabetic kitty is down from 14 units of insulin to 4 per day without the dry food. The problem is in the U.S. many doctors are not believers of holistic or healthy approaches to dog and cat treatment and some of their medications for pain are terrible and gave two of my animals awful reactions, so that I had to stop it. Keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine for most, but some will always have the old beliefs and not change their minds about treatment and different approaches.

  33. dr. jones; I am in agreement with all of the comments made, and pay no mind to scum bags like these people. I also wish you were a practising vet here in wv.i have lost a lot of my babies because of the medicines they were given, but like a lot of clients they assumed their vet knew what they were doing, well guess again and i refuse to get my children these injections. its the law in wv, you have to get your cats rabies shots every year. not me and their not going to make me do it either they can just put me in jail for breaking the law. i also love your e-mails and think you are a great vet. take care and keep up the good work dr. jones. (I AM A LOYAL FAN OF YOURS)&god bless you lee brewer

  34. I have been living in America for all of two months but in that short time, the vehemency with which I have witnessed people lash out at things which they do not understand or wish to understand, has been truly shocking.
    The world is changing and the establishment is no longer the unquestioned hub of all things. That makes them scared.
    If you’re a conventional vet who has no knowledge of and no experience in alternative ..anything, then the last thing you want is for your patients and their owners to be shown those alternatives. Their wellbeing is not paramount, if it were, there would be no issue.

  35. Dear Dr. Jones:

    I just wish their were more vets like you out there. Fortunately for me I have one, who also practices alternative medicine and she gave my dear little Yorkie 5 years that he wouldn’t have had. He suffered from extreme allergies since he was a puppy and I did what the conventional vets suggested and got him his annual shots which my vet and I believe only made his allergies worse. At the age of 7 he ended up getting a bad case of pancreatitis which almost killed him. I believe it was from the medicine he was given for his allergies (Vanectyl P). As my regular vet at the time was no longer able to treat him I thought I was going to have to put him down. Thankfully I was introduced to a vet that does both the conventional and alternative and with time and patience we were able to get his allergies under control using homeopothy and Chinese herbs and he had a quality life for another five years.

    I say ignore these vets who do not believe there is any other way to treat animals except by pharmaceuticals. These drugs are dangerous to say the least. I rarely if ever have heard of an animal or human for that matter dying because of herbs, vitamins, or alternative methods of therapy.

    Keep up the good work Dr. Jones. And I hope more vets come to their senses and decide to follow in your footsteps. It takes a brave person to walk away from his practice for what he believes in instead of being bullied into doing something he knows is both dangerous and determental to an animals health and well being.



  36. Hi Dr Andrew,
    Ignore what these other people are saying. They are just jealous that you are honest and truthful to pet owners and letting it be known that there are other options out there, not just prescription meds. I’m running a cat rescue in CT, I’m really thankful for your knowledge and help, my vet bills are unbelievable, but with your feline supplement and home remedies have helped me a lot. Keep doing what your doing. I love reading the emails you send out and I find them very helpful.

  37. My vet is a really good vet and has worked with us to help give the best care possible to our animals for the last 18 years. He understands that we are active in our pets health care and that we will always seek and try alternative methods of healing and treating illnesses and maintaining good health and he supports us in this endeavor. This is similar to how our family doctor understands that we will also seek alternative naturopathic methods of treatment and health maintenance for ourselves and works with us – not against us in our search for natural, better ways to health. At least we have a choice for ourselves provided by other doctors that paved the way for society’s acceptance of naturopathic healing. I see you Dr. Jones as a pioneer in veterinary medicine paving the way for pet owners to have a choice in the type of medical care they choose for their pets. Its the nay sayers that make the strong get going so we should all thank “Anonymous” for adding fuel to your fire!

  38. I agree with the others – and anybody who can’t sign his name to something is not worth thinking about, and anybody who believes him, are not worth having as clients or friends anyway. From the bio that this SkeptVet has on his website, I didnt see any passion towards his profession, it was all about himself, and he seemed to become a vet as an afterthought rather than any love for the animals.
    Nicki C. (one of Dr. Jones’ big fans!)

  39. Wow, hahaha! I agree with the others – and anybody who can’t sign his name to something is not worth thinking about, and anybody who believes him, are not worth having as clients or friends anyway. From the bio that this SkeptVet has on his website, I didnt see any passion towards his profession, it was all about himself, and he seemed to become a vet as an afterthought rather than any love for the animals.
    Nicki C. (one of Dr. Jones’ big fans!)

  40. I have have had the good fortune and enough sense to look for alternative ways to help my animals try to live longer and healthier lives. The one thing that I have been doing for them is give them the best vitamins available and that my dear readers is Dr. Andre Jones vitamins. My dogs have been taking them since they were puppies and I am pleased to announce that neither one has had any physical problems in the last five and six years. I have also used suggestions by Dr Jones to help keep my pets comfortable as one has a hip problem and it is working very well. I for one am tired of vets who tell you to feed your dogs Science Diet as a cure all (which is terrible food and also the vets that sell it in their office get a kick back)

    Any way if you are having problems with your animals or if you just want to prevent problems in the future listen to what Dr Andrew Jones has to say and at least try some of the information. I am sure that you will be pleased with the results.

  41. Not long ago I had to put down my 8 year of lab who had bladder cancer. My vet suggested chemo with a general warning that it might not help so we proceeded with caution, After the initial dosage there seem to be some improvement. I ask for additional dosage, but I was not alerted, to a fact that the medication could cause ulceration and internal bleeding. As is obvious I watched my dog almost bleed to death. When I realized what was happening she was to far gone and we had to end her suffering.
    I can not blame it all on the vet because I did not get enough information to make rational decisions myself. As Dr. Andrew has seen much of the same things I learn what I can from all sources, alternate medicine is just part of what we need to learn to keep our pets healthy. Knowledge from all sources is needed.

  42. Hi Dr. Andrew- I’m so thankful to have found your website several years ago I just can’t tell you! Your supplement has made a huge difference with my little Lhasapoo. I totally trust you. Hang in there.

  43. Dr. Jones: First off – by remaining Anomyous – this person is a COWARD. Keep up the good work – I (We) believe in you and the work you do! Your Ultimate Canine Formula has worked wonders on my ShihTzu, Bree. She loves it and has become a happy, healthy companion – looks forward to it in her food. My Vet recently became perterbed with me when he told me Bree should be vacinated EVERY YEAR for rabbies and I disagreed with him. I told him I was not going to do this to Bree (as per your advice) and I intend to only have her done every three years. Many thanks for all you do for our loving 4-legged babies. You certainly are not like the other Vets – only in it for the money. You are in it for the love of our pets. Thanks a million!!!!!

  44. Don’t worry Dr Jones, it takes all kinds. This guy is just trying to line his own pockets on the backs of our pets. You have helped my animals many times and should be very proud of your work on line. Keep up the good work

  45. I want to thank Tao Jones for posting that information. And I want to second what everyone else has already said. I am an informed consumer. I KNOW what conventional so called therapies do, and I’m not interested in what THEY are selling. I am grateful that there are people like you out there who genuinely care about the health of animals and want to do the least invasive treatments that still get results. Offering pet owners a choice that would not be toxic and harmful to their pet while still being effective. I know from personal experience with my own health and that of my sweet dog that alternative therapies DO work…and I don’t have to fret that it is causing some other problem while supposedly healing the issue I’m supposed to be taking it for. PLEASE!! I know people, literally (!!!!) who have chosen to have to take other drugs to deal with the effects of the drugs they are taking for the condition they have. That is insane!!! How is this not blantantly obvious? Anyway, Dr. Jones I thank you for your courage to stand for the truth and you know what that so called anonymous person has done…well, these things have a way of coming back to bite one in the hind parts. You just keep doing what is right.

  46. Dear Dr. Jones,
    I’m so sorry you continue to be attacked. Throughout history, people who are progressive, have been villified. You know who you are, don’t let other people’s fears & ignorance distract you. Keep your focus & energy on what you know is true. Don’t let people like this drain your energy. Like an above comment said, take a lesson from the ducks & let it roll off. You have better things to do with your precious time & energy, than dealing with other people’s fears & anger.

    As you can tell from all the comments, you are well loved & appreciated. Let that love & support sustain you, & ignore the attackers. Send their negative energy right back to them, it’s their responsibility to deal with their negative energy, not yours. I envision a mirror all around me that reflects negative energy back to the sender. The mirror lets positive energy through. When I’m under any kind of attack, even a small one, like a loved taking their irritability out on me, this method is quite effective. Thank you for all your great work, Naja

  47. Hi DR. Andrew Jones.reading everybody comments speaks for its self.im one more Person that believes in you,i know that you have our pets, in the best of interest,and at Heart. thank you,by the way, my dogs love your supplement.. Thank you Dr.Jones. Sincerely pia

  48. Hi Andrew, This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! This skeptvet has no balls. This is my first post here. But I must say I love your advice and guidance. I myself went to vet collage in Illinois. I did not finish, due to finances. However I did get my degree in animal conservation. I am vary knowledgeable about alternative meds for both humans and animals as well as nutrition. I think what you do and that you take the time to do it is wonderful! You go Andrew I personally love it, and will support you. THANK YOU Rose from Hawaii

  49. I can’t believe this so-called vet (if that is who wrote this) has the nerve to bash alternative medicine. Western Medicine is the new kid on the block and is evidently feeling vulnerable and so is trying to keep its stronghold. Alternative medicine (for humans) has become so prevalent that insurance companies are starting to pay for it (starting with chiropractic and acupuncture). Alternative medicine is used by most humans on this planet and is very effective in certain circumstances. Of course, we are fortunate to have access to both types of treatment since they each have their place. I am sorry that you have to suffer such slings and arrows. Just let them bounce off, they are sent by the narrow-minded. You do have our support!

  50. I have followed you for a long time and I believe in everything you do. It all makes sense!! Your are a wonderful vet, and help us soo much who read and follow you, Keep up the great work!! We support you, always have, always will!!

  51. Thank you for being up-front about this anonymous basher, Dr. Andrew. Western technology has long tried to call alternative medicine (meaning, anything that didn’t go through western medical school training) as quackery & hoaxes. Witch-craft was the old term used for anything they couldn’t explain but wouldn’t bother to study for themselves. But those who did eventually found the western science underlying the alternative “mysticism”. Alternative treatments are now being offered as options in some hospitals (at least, here in Manila). Why not for animals? Besides, we subscribers found your page because we wanted to see if there were any alternatives for our pets, because we have found that there are alternatives (which we prefer) for us humans. Thank you for providing us with alternative solutions to at least consider, and we know it has always been our choice if we want to follow or not. But at least, because of you, we are more informed. So thank you for being willing to share what you’ve learned. You rock!! ^_^

  52. It was a happy day that I discovered your web site. I purchased your course and have used the information so many times. I feel fortunate to have you offer us alternative choices in treating our dogs. I have had too many bad outcomes from vaccines and traditional medicines. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a vet like you that offers a means of treating our dogs naturally in most circumstances. Sure wish you would consider coming to the U.S – not too far away – like maybe Spokane, WA.

  53. I must first say that I am a customer of your supplement for Dogs. You and I rescued a sad little cocker spaniel named Scooby. He could barely even support his own weight on his back legs… with your supplement and aqua-therapy (another alternative treatment), he is now a happy, average weight, average activity spaniel. By the way, he also has a home with two other happy well adjusted rescue spaniel girls, all on supplements!
    As to this article… Dr. Jones keep shining the light on these people who hide behind the Internet for anonymity!
    You don’t need a licence to make sense!
    Thanks Janet

  54. You must be rattling someone’s cage. Normally no one says anything unless they feel threatened. Keep up the excellent work. I have 13 cats and need all the help I can get to keep them out of the vets office. Prevention is my goal. The more I go to Dr’s human or animal, I am convinced they really don’t know the answer to many issues. I don’t depend on them anymore like I used to. Just Keep the information coming. You are a great person as well as a great vet. Thanks!!!!!

  55. Dr Jones, As I live in Australia I am unable to buy your products, however, I regularly read all that you write and have taken advantage of the excellent advice you have so freely given for all of us to keep our pets as healthy as possible without having to resort to medication if a good natural alternative is possible, in the same way as I seek such advice for my own body from alternative practitioners. I am appalled at the cowardly way this anonymous person has maligned you touting the “official” line no doubt and caring very little, ultimately, for the health and well-being of our four legged friends. He should be utterly ashamed of himself (assuming it is a male).

  56. Oh yes, another coward hiding behind a keyboard. Dr. Jones, this anonymous “vet” if he can really be called one, obviously fears truth. I feel sad for his patients and I hope their guardians wise up and turn to holistic health.

  57. Dr Jones, I’m sorry that a former colleague would write such malicious & unfair comments about you & alternative medicine. I would like your readers, particularly in Canada, to know that there is a PDR (PHYSICIANS desk reference) on herbal remedies where the active ingredient, molecule, is identified & described in detail. This reference guide is in every medical doctors office. Additionally, in the US, more insurance companies are covering alternative medicine – this would not be done unless there was a substantial amount of research done to validate its effectiveness.

    I’m actually a neuroscientist who was initially sceptic about acupuncture. About 10 yrs ago, I had a pinched nerve & could not find any relief w/”traditional medication” for a couple of months. Finally my husband, also a researcher, suggested I see an acupuncturist because his brother’s pain from shingles was relieved when he saw an acupuncture (which happened over 20 yrs ago!) The first person I saw, didn’t help at all – but her motivation was not to help but make money on multiple visits. However, the second acupuncturist who treated me alleviated my pain completely in 2 visits. What a relief! Oh, & by the way, he was a medical doctor, an internist. He received his training in acupuncture at UCLA in California! 🙂

    Thank you for providing valuable information that most people do not have &/or cannot gain access to otherwise.

  58. Dr. Jones, don’t worry about what this guy says about you. When a person bashes somebody else, it always speaks more of what kind of person they are than about the bashee… 😉
    Keep up the good work.

  59. Vinegar really did / does cure my dog of ringworm, when he gets it. Learned that one either from your book or your mailing list. Also my dog occasionally has allergic food reactions that cause his penis to extend and swell. I make the swelling go down with a thick slurry of sugar. Think I probably learned that one here too. Recently I ran into someone who says that’s the same way some people treat cow’s udders for swelling.

    The point is, some of these things work extremely well, cost next to nothing, and are safe. One can certainly afford to try things that are safe; worst case, it just doesn’t work. As opposed to all the horrible side effects of all the expensive pharmaceutical treatments, i.e. prednisone.

    The internet is so large that some people invariably have psychological issues. That’s just the law of the bell curve. The internet provides a disproportionately good forum for them to act out their weirdness, as they can get well-meaning people with reasonable expectations to take them seriously. Whereas if they were seen on a street corner ranting and raving, most people would walk away.

    When being persecuted by someone, it’s a mistake to assume you’re dealing with a rational human being. Look up the material on “workplace bullying” and “cyberbullying.” Typically, what such a person accuses you of, is stuff they’re afraid of about themselves. Every time they accuse you of something, they’re giving you information about themselves… substitute “me” for “you” in all the sentences and see how it reads. These people *hate* it when someone figures out their game and then tells the public about it. Good chance that if you do that, the attacks will cease, because it isn’t fun for them to have the lights shining on them.

  60. Andrew, you may remember I wrote some time ago about my 4 year old Standard Poodle who had to be put to sleep within 2 weeks of having “routine” booster vaccinations, including rabies. Zoe was given 7 shots all in one go, including the rabies. She was vaccinated by a vet at Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos California. The same place this not so “annonymous” vet works. Would you believe it. I am shocked! It is sad to remember. Boy have I learned a lot in 2 years.

  61. Whoever wrote “Selling secrets and lies finally has a price.” is sick. Conventional medicine is sick. The puppets to the pharmaceutical industry are sick. They are all sick with jelousy and greed. People with higher IQ do appreciate the benefits of Holistic Medicine: natural foods, natural herbs and other natural modalities of treatment, which work wonders. Dr. Jones you are a hero and your research as a veterinarian is excellent. Dr. Jones, please BE CAREFUL. In the USA, several medical doctors who practiced holistic medicine and wrote books and lectured about natural, inexpensive medicine, expossing the negatives of conventional medicine and its toxic pharmaceuticals DIED OF UNEXPECTED HEART ATTACKS, according to their families. Dr. jones keep up your wonderful veterinary work ‘really’ helping animals.

  62. Dr Andrew Jones, I have been a big fan of yours for years now (have most of your cd’s about health)All I can say is someone who hides behind critisizing another is all coward !
    Thank you Dr Jones for all your wonderful remedies (which have helped my dogs in countless ways) to help our pets at home….I believe in you ! Keep up the great work !

  63. I totally agree with your alternative means of treatment! I am grateful that I do have a natural vet who not only practices holistically but also, if need be will do “western” medicine if needed. I had an aust. shepherd whom we did treatment for both. She developed an autoimmune disorder about 1 year of age, and through her life of 9 years, was always being treated as naturally as possible. Keep up the forefront in natural remedies and natural treatment. If more vets did this, there wont be so many sick pets out there due to a reaction from regular rx meds which have so many adverse reactions. Keep up the great work!

  64. I had a brief look at the profile of this vet and his site. Not very impressive, it seems veterinary practice came as a second or third choice. Alternative medicine is not mainstream medicine because there is very little profit to be made from it. Keep up the work you are doing, you are offering the alternative to all concerned pet owners.

  65. Keep up the good work Doc. you ARE making a great difference and I believe it is finally touching a nerve they do not like being touched! Thanks for all of your efforts, it is sad they took such harsh measures against you, you do not deserve what they did.Thank you for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.

  66. Dear Dr. Jones, I know it can be hard to not let bad words hurt but please know that those kind of people have to say those things to make themselves look good. When they cant explain away the things you have to say they have to make *&#$ up. What this Jack ass doesn’t get is alot of us have had our concerns and guestions about these things for a long time you just showed us the science to prove what we thought all along. Thank you for not killing our beloved family members and helping enpower us to keep them healthy. God Bless and understand as Rebecca said You are making a difference.

  67. Dr. Jones I really Like your blog as I’m into the natural healing not only for my pets but for me also

    I don’t agree with the way doctors, vets push their drugs on us. They don’t want to here about the natural way of healing. I do think that drugs are necessary in some respects but if I can heal an animal naturally I will before I give them drugs.
    I have treated my goats with homeopathy when I had a goat dairy and they were the healthiest goats in the Okanagan Valley, even the auctioneer thank me for bringing in healthy animals. People who came to the auction couldn’t wait to see if I had brought in any kid goats.

    The health department wants to run our lives and our animals lives to.

    Thanks Andrew for your advise on natural healing of animals.


  68. Ah! So you have to approve comments before they appear which means you approve of the comment above attacking someone totally unconnected, but you censor comments that you don’t like.

    Shame on you, Dr Andrew Jones. You’re just like all the other quacks.

    1. This is Michael, and I am the moderator of Dr. Jones’ blog.

      On the contrary – the only posts I disapprove are those that contain unnecessary links (from those only looking to gain a link to their own website, that do not contribute anything to the blog), and spam. I don’t know of anyone who allows all comments to their blogs, because of the spam issue (Akismet isn’t perfect).

      Thank you for your contribution,


  69. I live in Mexico where anyone can open their doors and say the are a vet! I have just recently started receiving your e mailed information and I cannot thank you enough. I have always been a believer of alternative medicine and I look forward to each e mail I receive from you as I have dedicated my property to healing animals who struggle to survive on the streets of Mexico and once healthy I then find them loving homes, both here in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada In not having enough knowledge of alternative options, I have spent thousands of dollars with so called Vets and in the process have lost a few very much loved family members. So Thank You again and keep the information coming so that I can continue my education on behalf of all the animals who deserve all that we can give them. With gratitude….

  70. This so called Vet who bashes alternative meds for our pets is ridiculous. I guess he would also bash Dr Oz for advocating alternative med and holistic meds too on National TV. We all love and appreciate him, and as well, we have the same feeling for you and your courage.

  71. @Michael

    In that case, could you please tell me why my first comment has not appeared? It contained no links whatsoever. It simply enquired of the writer of this blog whether he was happy that his website should be used to launch a nasty attack on another blogger altogether as in comment no. 14 above by Centella.

    As comment no. 14 is still there and yet my comment challenging it was censored, I conclude that the answer is ‘yes’.

    1. Eilish,

      I’ve gone through our enormous spam folder, and found 2 comments from you that were somehow automatically labelled as spam. I rarely check the Akismet spam folder because of the volume of garbage we receive. I’ve placed them back in the comments and approved them.

      Again, thank you for your helpful contribution.


  72. I am so glad I found this today.I have had a multipule dog household for about 50 yrs. I have experienced many different ailments along the way. I also must add these were all the same breed of dogs. Dr. Jones is what the world of animals needs. One of my oldest friends has also been a dog person for as many years. HOWEVER !! SHE ADDS THE EXPERIENCE OF 18 YEARS AS A VET TECH.!! SHE USES NOTHING BUT ALTERNATIVE VETERINARIAN MEDICINE NOW. NEED I SAY MORE ??. So I guess your jealous trouble making basher better go have a good colonic and flush himself away……..

  73. Dear Dr Jones,
    As an (alternative, specialized in veterinary acupuncture) vet myself I congratulate you to your work and – not least – to your strong “backbone” standing up for what you believe inspite of how fellow veterinaians and vet organization treated/treat you.
    It takes a lot to be as strong as you are! I truly appreciate your valuable advice and knowledge. Thank you for sharing it with all of us – pet owners and vets. May you and your 2-and 4-pawed family be happy, healthy and successful always! Susanna

  74. I wish someone would find the identity of SkeptVet.
    If I had to guess, I would say: he is not really a veterinarian, and he gets paid by various industry groups to bash all types of alternative methods for raising animals.
    Just a guess.

  75. Regina,that’s quite an assertion, without you even bothering to check. Sometimes google can be your friend.

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