Dr. Andrew Jones Resigns from College of Veterinarians of BC

Hi, I’m Dr. Andrew Jones. Many people often ask me why I chose to step away from practicing as a veterinarian. I officially resigned from the College of Veterinarians of BC on November 30th, 2010. This decision was made public during an interview I did with Global TV. I left because I felt that the veterinary profession was not fully embracing the benefits of alternative and natural treatments for animals, something that human medicine has started to appreciate and integrate.

The Battle with Conventional Practices

During my 12 years at Nelson Animal Hospital, I found myself increasingly at odds with conventional veterinary practices. My concerns ranged from the types of food we recommend, to the use and side effects of vaccines and conventional medications. I believe these issues were not being adequately discussed or addressed with pet owners. This disagreement wasn’t just with other practitioners but extended to my own regulatory body, the College of Veterinarians.

Advocating for Alternative Treatments

My advocacy for homeopathic and alternative animal care was strong; I even created and marketed my own food supplements. However, the contention arose not just from my practices but how I chose to promote them. The BC Veterinary Medical Association took issue with my advertising methods, which they claimed were self-laudatory and derogatory toward other professionals. This led to a hefty fine and legal fees totaling about $30,000.

Choosing to Resign and Speak Freely

Resigning was a tough decision, but it was necessary to avoid further penalties and to gain the freedom to express my opinions on animal care openly. I wanted to champion pet owners’ rights and offer alternative health information, which I felt was not adequately supported by the existing veterinary governance.

The Cost of Speaking Out

Throughout my five-year struggle, I faced significant pushback. I was fined $220,000 for violating marketing guidelines, another $10,000 for not adhering to personal commitments to tone down my language, and additional costs for the inquiry. These fines were deemed unreasonably restrictive by me, aimed to muzzle veterinarians with critical views on current practices.

Contextualizing the Fines

To put the fines into perspective, I compared them with other cases published by the College of Veterinarians. Other veterinarians faced much lower fines for what I considered more severe professional failures. This disparity highlighted what I felt was an unfair targeting of my practices, which ultimately led to the largest fines ever imposed by a Veterinary College.

Continuing the Fight for Animal Wellness

Despite the challenges and being branded by some as “Dr. Evil," my commitment to improving pet health through alternative methods remains unshaken. I continue to publish and share my knowledge on natural remedies and speak out for the well-being of our animals. Your support over the years has been invaluable, and I thank you for standing by me as I navigate this journey.

Thank you for tuning into this week’s edition of Veterinary Secrets. If you’re interested in learning more about how to care for your pets at home using natural remedies, please click the link below to receive my free book and videos.

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109 thoughts on “Dr. Andrew Jones Resigns from College of Veterinarians of BC”

  1. Dr. Jones, I’m shocked! I wish you the absolute best of luck. Our animals’ health is too important to be beholden to groups that have anything first and foremost in mind besides the health of our animals.

  2. Hi Dr Jones, sorry to hear you’re resigning, your work was a really big inspiration to me. I’ve been waiting to get a job as an animal care specialist and you were one of the people that inspired me to get into the field, apart from my love for animals that is. I hope you’ll still be selling all your products still and advising pet owners on the proper care of their pets. Wish you all the best, thanks for really caring and digging deeper. Good luck to you and God bless.

  3. Dr Jones,
    I can hardly believe that they are pushing you out! I worked for 16 years as an Aminal Health
    Tech and I would have jumped at the idea of working for you. You are a great vet, they are the ones who are in the wrong! You have helped so many animals and their owners. I wish you all the luck on your new journey. I for one will be at your site to learn as much as I can for my pets.
    Even though I know alot about pets, I only know
    thier side of it. I have learned so much from you
    that a thank you does not seem enough.

    1. I totally agree with Jill Hunt you are great Vet I believe in holistic health for are dogs and cats wish you around N. Calif. You could practice the way you believe.
      I need to find a vet for my Schnauzer. ? Barbara Hess

  4. Dear Dr Andrew Jones,

    Once again this proves that a lot of people are ignorant; unfortunately the people with the power and the money, at the wrong places.

    I fully understand and support your decision to resign. I also hope you’ll keep up with your good work in informing people all over the world with adequate information and the TRUTH !

    These are hard times for you; you’re in my thoughts.

    Kind regards,

  5. Dr. Jones,

    This is indeed very disconcerting news. I can only imagine these nemesis’ of yours puffing pipes and looking down their arrogant, threatened noses at the whippersnapper that dares take on their thrown of the powers-that-be.
    I understand you have deep ties to your home, but I cannot believe you would not prosper quite handsomely down here in the Lower-48.
    In the meantime, I personally will up my efforts to promote your good works and hopefully do some small part to make this less painful for you personally and professionally.
    Know my admiration for your integrity and courage to stand so firmly on your principles.
    For that, I sincerely believe that since this door is closed to you, one is opening that will prove to be a genuine blessing to you.

  6. Oh, Dr. Andrew, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ve bought your online books and videos, read and watched them, and I think they’re excellent. Those people who hant you to quit the field are just envious of the number of cliants worshipping you, as I do.

    I understand that you’re tired of fighting back, and perhaps it is just as well for you to stop the feud altogether, though I fear that many pets will suffer as a result.

    Again, I’m really sorry to hear such bad news, and I hope that more veterinarians will follow in your footsteps to practice alternative medical treatments, so that your great work wouldn’t be forgotten entirely in future.

    I sincerely give you my best regards, and I hope you will be happy in whatever the Lord takes you through.

    Take care of yourself, and God bless you for all the kind help and excellent work you’ve achieved to give throughout your practice.

  7. Dr. Jones,

    I am so sorry to hear that you have been bullied into resigning. I am ASHAMED that I live in a province (BC) where you can’t have freedom of speech. Where a small group who call themselves Veterinarians are jealous individuals who I’m sure wishes to have come up with the idea of Natural Alternative Medicines to treat our pets, themselves….OR….is it because they don’t get part of the proceeds from your successful online business??? I hope you’ll continue to publish your newsletters. I am sure you have a loyal online customer base. I for one look forward to receiving your newsletters. The information is very educational with a touch of humor…it’s perfect. When I got my very first dog, Chico, last year…I’ve felt I’ve had my personal vet online from reading your newsletters. Chico’s health has also benefited from your Ultimate Canine Supplement, THANK YOU. In a decade or two, you’ll be known as the PIONEER OF NATURAL ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES FOR PETS. Dr. Jones, remember when one door closes another one opens. Good luck in all your future endeavors. Thank you and God bless, Maria.

  8. What the hell does it mean ‘Dr Jones resigns …’? One of the few vets who is not only personable and caring but has also wide knowledge of alternative AND traditional pet health remedies.
    His only offense in the eyes of the College of Veterinarians of BC is for sure: he is not profit-oriented! And the pet health product he offers via Internet are excellent! And, besides: one is completely free to buy them or not!

  9. What devastating news.Dr. Jones spoke the TRUTH thats what the vet colledge are afraid of .Their grubby little secrets are out.It is a cartel run by vets to protect vets and keep the public in the dark. I live in England and am presently writing a book telling owners what is really going on, However, i am having to tone it down or i may be in the same boat.To me it just smacks of greed and no concern for the animals these vets are sworn to care for.It is time Governments looked into this Closed Shop. GOD BLESS YOU ANDREW and may HE GUIDE and STRENGHTHEN YOU AS YOU FIGHT TO SAVE HIS AND OUR BELOVED ANIMALS.

  10. I am truly sorry to hear about your resignation. Usually the people at the forefront of social change get the brunt of the abuse. Perhaps you can get a lawyer to help you deal with these veterinary bullies. You are a brave man,Dr. Jones and hope that you keep fighting for your practice and for the animals who cannot speak for themselves. thank you

  11. Hi Dr. Jones,

    What a loss for Nelson.. they (college of Veterinarians)do not seem to be able to dispute any of the information or treatments you provide, but instead seem determined to prevent you from presenting any view that may be outside their myopic (pet food and drug company)practices.

    I know from having met you at one of Frank Kern’s seminars it would be hard to find a person who cares more about animals than you!

    The ones that will truly suffer are the animals that will no longer have access to your wonderful care.

    I’m sure the College of Veterinarians of BC will come to regret their decision and yours 😉

    we should always have the right to be informed and make our own choices.

    Best regards,


  12. Dear Dr. Jones,
    I understand your reasons for resigning and wish you all success in yuor future endevours, but this does not stop me from lamenting the loss of you valuable services as a vet in B.C. You have many satisfied clients and they as well as the animals you have and would have treated are losing a compassionate and above all, competent doctor. You have my gratitude.

  13. As a Registered Nurse, who has changed my focus, from Conventional Medicine, to Alternative/Holistic, I am 100% behind Dr. Jones.

    I found Dr. Jones, on the internet, in 2007, after looking for a more natural way to treat my cats, at home.

    I live in the United States, and if I lived anywhere near Nelson, BC, I would have gladly taken my three cats to Dr. Jones. I believe his internet based, alternative information saved at least one of my cat’s life, after he developed FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder). I had been feeding my cats a high quality holistic dry food, with canned food every other day, when Keagan developed FLUTD. My local Vet wanted me to put him on a costly dry food, which is sold by the Vet, for this specific problem. I refused the prescription food, saying I was going to check with Dr. Jones’ information, for the best natural alternatives.

    What I learned from Dr. Jones, is that cats are “obligate carnivores”, and a totally canned/raw diet is more appropriate for Keagan, who at the time weighed 26 pounds. In the first month on canned food, Keagan (who is a big cat) lost 5 pounds, and has since lost two more pounds. I am now transitioning my cats to totally raw. My cat’s coats are healthier , they have more energy and seem happier. My two long haired cats no longer get mats, in their fur. I believe Dr. Jones’ advice ultimately saved Keagan’s life.

    The local Vet’s assistant basically told me I was not being a good pet owner, by refusing to feed my cat the prescription dry food. Obviously, the opposite was true. Dr. Jones’ advise was right on track. Conventional Veterinary Medical advice is not necessarily what is best for our animals. The natural approach, taught by Dr. Jones IS the best approach.

    I am so sorry to hear, that the College of Veterinary Medicine of BC has gone to such great lengths, to persecute Dr. Jones, who is teaching time honored methods, of caring for pets at home. I support you Dr. Jones, and will continue to follow your advice, on caring for my pets at home, the natural way.

  14. Dear Dr.Jones,

    This is truely UNACCEPTABLE. Your products and teaching are “excellent and brilliant”. Please let us know how we can help in supporting you.

  15. Dear Dr.Jones,

    I am saddened to hear that you have to resign.
    Shame on those who are against “freedom of speech” and let us remind them that this a democratic country not a communist country!

    It is sad that uncaring greed is foremost a code of ethic in making a profit more than sincerity! Well, drug companies have to make a living by pushing(dealing).

    A great loss to Nelson, BC


  16. I am so sorry to hear this. You have always seemed to put the animals’ health first. You never came across to me in self-laudatory ways or denigrating other vets. The town of Nelson is going to lose a true pet champion. Of course, we all know what is behind it all…

  17. This is outrageous I can’t believe Dr.Jones would be forced to resign for telling the truth and educating people about their pets.I think a petition should be e-mailed out against the college .

  18. Wow! Finally there is a veterinarian who cares about preventing cancer and other unnecessary evils caused by or at least not addressed by traditional veterinary medicine and the veterinary college can’t take the pressure. They say you are self-lauding, but by them admitting you have made derogatory remarks against conventional veterinarians, they are saying they only care about themselves and their reputation, not the animals and their care issues. This is a sad day, indeed, for our pets and I am not even a client of yours. I wish you could come down to Oregon and practice. Thank you for caring about the animals and believing in alternative pet care.

  19. Dr. Jones, I think this is just another example of the greed in this world and the control of the big drug companies. Alternative medicine is definitely the way to go today. I live in the U.S. My female scotty had cancer and was operated on to remove her spleen. My vet who is taditional but has studied chinese herbs has teated my little girl with herbs the last two years. She is doing fantastic. No chemo just herbs and she is cancer free. Please keep advising on alternatives because I can fully attest it does, indeed, work. I also use alternative meds for myself. It should be recognized worldwide. We have to stand tall against these greedy and narrow-minded people who are causing premature deaths in people as well as animals. Good luck to you on your new path and please keep us informed. God Bless.

  20. As soon as I finish watching the Global report, I am going to write the Canadian Veterinary Association (email: admin@cvma-acmv.org ) and tell them how stupid they are to not support a vet or the veterinary practice of holistic care, using herbal and preventive practices. They are under the thumb of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Just as with people, we need to find doctors who look at everything to help the patient, and you don’t need pills for everything when yogourt, honey and cranberry works for a lot of things.

    1. What happened with your letter to the cvma? I bet I can guess…: denial of responsibility, refusal to get involved, etc.? I also contacted them with a serious problem of bullying by ‘licensed’ vets. They ignored me and refused to get involved. Ultimately, this kid of treatment makes a person feel like they do not care.

  21. Dr. Jones, I’m so sorry to read this-I think you have a true out look on how to treat animals. I think it is a true greed for the drug companies not just for animals but for humans too. I enjoy your news letters. I have a 3yr. old kitty who doesn’t get all those shots!!

  22. Dr Jones, I am devasted to hear of your long battle. You are right Dr Jones, and have helped and inspired so very many of us to give improved and natural health care to our pets. Last year, and new to the area, my youngest dog suddenly lost the use of his back legs and was in great pain. First vet I found, before he even examined my dog, said “have you got pet insurance?” Then said we`ll have to send him in the pet ambulance to hospital for tests for 2 days.” Gave me a list to sign of potential tests, and their costs, and said “sign here so we can do any of these tests necessary.” I said NO. Nothing to do with the total cost of tests being up to £600. (UK). I was in distress for my dog`s condition, and I know my dog would have been even more distraught to be taken away for days. Real caring vet, eh? I went home and found another vet in yellow pages, got appointment 2 hours later, and within 15 minutes, I`d got a diagnosis, information on how he`d reached it, full implications of the condition, loving and helpful advice, and pain relief, and went home to give the best care for my dog. (Who fully recovered, I`m glad to say). So I know what charlatons are out there Dr Jones, who care for profits, not our pets. And you are one of our great champions. The Vetinary council are protective of the type of money grubbing vet I first went to in this area, because they keep their heads down, but you are truly caring – of our pets and of us, their loving owners. Please keep up your fantastic website. You tell the truth, and inform us, help us keep our pets safe, well and happy. Please don`t stop. Love to you and your family at this time of change. I wish you all great strength to emerge into the next phase of your life.

    1. Hi Ginger,

      Yes, Dr. Jones is still a Veterinarian, it’s just that he will no longer be practicing in the province of BC. We will still have the supplements and Dr. Jones will continue to send out his newsletters, with enthusiasm! Now that he is no longer under the intense, negative scrutiny of the Veterinary College, he’ll have more freedom to write as he feels. Expect great things to come!

      1. Thanks for standing up. It would be nice if more did but sometimes warriors like you are the reason we have more knowledge on more natural remedies. Just like functional medicine doctors standing up to the medical industry. Alot changed with the re-write of medical books in 1972. Big companies were more interested in $$$ than treatment.
        Its crazy to see people on drugs for over 20 years. When do they think its going to start working?

  23. I am very sorry to hear that you were forced into resigning. Are you still going to be putting out your newsletter and/or the supplements?

  24. Good Afternoon Dr. Jones

    Am deeply saddened by the close mindedness of Veterinary Colleges in general. It took a tragedy for you to realize there has to be a better way to treat our furry companions. You are kind enough to share with us so we can make informed decisions for the ones who can’t speak for themselves.

    Not so long ago, before the invention of processed dog/cat foods, people feed their furry friends whatever leftovers there were as well as bones, and whatever the animal would eat. Then as society became more progressive most of us were lulled into the convenience of canned and kibble food for easy feeding because our lives seemed more chaotic. Perhaps it is now because some of us have come to realize that “easy” isn’t so healthy. I stumbled upon your site while researching healthy alternatives for my new companion. Am very glad I did. Gave me insight to what has been happening and the ability to make better decisions for my furry ones.

    Am sure you will be at a loss for awhile once you are no longer able to go to work but I hope, along with many others that you will continue to assist us in making informed decisions for the furry friends we have for such a short time.

    Koodos to you and your stand. Hope one day others in your profession realize there is more to treating an animal than drugs.

    Good Luck to you in your future endeavours.

    Cora and furry ones

  25. Dear Dr. Jones;

    After reading your email about your resignation and listening to the video, I was in tears! You’ve helped so many people; you’ve given strength and health to our pets. Just because “they” don’t like what you say or how you practice, doesn’t mean you have to give up your Veterinary License!! Why can’t you go off on your own, open up your own clinic, build your website, and continue helping so many people and pets? THEY can’t harm you if you’re doing this on your own. There is no law that says you can’t offer your services outside of the college. Or maybe you could collaborate with another vet that practices vet medicine the same as you do. We the people, speaking for our pets, can’t afford to loose your special help in saving our pets from so many unnecessary practices that our vets do to our best friends.

    PLEASE reconsider staying in the practice and continue to give our pets the help they really need!

    Also, what is going to happen with the supplements that we buy from you every month? I have to auto-ship for your Cat Supplement, and if my cats stop taking it, they will revert back to where they started from before taking the supplement. I looked all over for supplements to give my cats, and I would have had to buy several different bottles every month in order for my cats to get even part of what I give them now. Your cat supplement has everything they need in one bottle. What will I (and everyone else) do if you give up your license? Is my auto-ship just going to stop coming? Please let us all know the answers are. And PLEASE don’t give it all up. You’ve fought too hard and long to get your message out. We need you.
    But if your mind is really made up, all I can do is pray for you and your family, that HE will watch over you and help you in your future quests. God Bless you, and thank you for all the help you have given me and my 11 cats.

  26. Wow, I couldn’t believe what I was reading this morning when I opened my email and read that you were resigning. I am so sorry and saddened by that news.
    I just don’t get it..why is there not room for multiple ways of thinking? Wouldn’t it be better if a respected vet created a supplement vs a big drug company?
    Having options and choices are what most people want. Can you imagine if we all thought that only one way is the right way. We would miss huge opportunites to make advancements and move forward. It’s disappointing that conventional vets are so threatened to go to this extreme.
    Thank you for pushing the status quo..for providing to us with information to make informed choices and providing us with such great products. It just makes me sad that you cannot continue to do what you love most and also and for your loyal clients.
    I think that your father would be so proud that you are standing up for what you believe in.

  27. I honestly cannot believe this is happening! Instead of getting the BAD vets out, they are causing the only good ones we have to leavee.. Unbelievable! I know its not just me feeling this way, there must something we can do. They cant just simply make him quit, that bullying!For God’s sake what are they teaching kids, its ok to bully?
    There has to be a way we can stop this from happening. Dr. Jones has been there for us, helping out with our most loved ones: our dogs, we cant just sit and wait for this to happen.

    Dr. Jones,
    We’re not leaving you behind. You’re an amazing vet and we’re not planning on going down without a fight. I personally live in BC, and wish there was more vets like you. There are so little that Im willing to travel 5 hours just to get you to see my dogs. I want you to know that you’re not alone in this, we’re all right behind you (at least with writting letters to the board or something). We are TRULY thankful for everything you have helped us with.

  28. Thank you, Gale, for providing the email for the Canadian Veterinary Association. We all need to write to them to complain. Dr. Jones has put our interests and our animals’ interests first – the Canadian Veterinary Association has not.

  29. So sorry to hear this……….I am glad your website will be staying. I could tell you the story about how you have helped my guys but instead I want to commend you on your strength and abilities. I have experienced such resistance as a pet owner …..I can only imagine what it is like to be a vet!!!

    God bless you – you have had so much to deal with this year.

  30. I’m very happy to have gotten to know you and your website over the last year. My husband and I have changed to a homeopathic vet ever since we lost our first dog over two years ago, putting our trust into a vet that would not even consider alternative options or care.

    Kudos to you for taking a stand for what you believe in and caring enough about the animals and their owners to supply the huge amount of quality information in your newsletters and products.

    Thank you for doing what you do. We all appreciate your hard work, tenacity and genuine care for our beloved pets.

  31. i am so sorry for you and your patients. i hope you follow the lead of natural health care practitioners in the states and go underground and over their heads. there is a future for you and many grateful pets and pet parents. the truth is always the truth, and so many of us are not threatened by it. you can always volunteer your services, if you aren’t paid you are not practicing, you are doing favors. this will put you in a position to go 100% holistic. you no longer have to straddle the fence between 2 philosophies. good luck to you.

  32. I am saddened, because your tale of woe tells us what the veterinary establishment really is. Oh well, it sounds as though you will keep fighting, just not as a vet. History will eventually vindicate you. I think Maxwell Planck said that new scientific paradigms don’t advance so much by convincing the scientists who disagree, as new generations of scientists growing up who are familiar with the ideas. The most subversive thing you could do would be to expose young vets to your dissent about treatments.

  33. I was just wondering if there is a holistic vet certification? If not, why not start one and get a different accreditation? If you set up a program, then other vets could follow and you could be the first resource for pet owners, or a second opinion for open minded vets.

  34. I am sorry to hear about your resignation. If I lived in Nelson, I would have gone to your practice. You provide more health information than any vet I know. All I can say is this: Your hands are now untied. Even though the people of Nelson will not have a veterinarian, you will help more people around the world with your knowledge and information. You provide a better choice for pet owners. I think great things are in store for you. I thank you for your informative newsletters and will continue to purchase your great products. I look forward to whatever you do and possibly working with you. Thank You!

  35. When I received your resignation email, I thought it was a cruel joke. I’m shocked that it is not!
    I am so very sorry that you have to go through what you are going through. It is – and has ALWAYS been about “Big Brother!” I am sure there are even cures for cancer but it is being kept under wraps ( – Chapperone being one of them)because Cancer is a great money- making business.
    I remember years ago, when the powers that be were trying (and succeeding) on putting a muzzle on those who had proven medical breakthroughs from their research using homeopathic remedies. The next thing I knew, the Pharmaceutical companies were buying up the patents on most of the homeopathic supplements so they could market them themselves! The whole thing is so ridiculous!
    Even though you have made this decision to resign your license, I know you will always be a Veterinarian at heart. I hope you will continue to share your knowledge so that the people who really want to do the best for themselves and their pets can share knowledge with you.
    This is a BIG step in your life and I know it had to take a lot of courage in the decision that you made. Just stay strong and know that when one door closes, another one opens. What is meant for evil ( the harassment from your college and others) will always turn out for good. It is just a stepping stone in our growth process called life. Hang in there and keep the faith!
    Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do for the betterment of our beloved pets!

  36. I wanted to make a correction to the above post. I had mentioned a homeopathic remedy that I understood had helped to cure certain forms of cancer. I misspelled it. It was Chaparral, NOT Chapperone! I apologize for this error!

  37. I am so sorry for this unfortunate turn of events in your vocation. Vets like you are far and few between. This seems like a shake down. If you stayed in the organization, you would have to pay huge, punitive fines AND stop practicing veterinary medicine in the manner you prefer. OR be forced to quit and lose your income from your life’s work. From their perspective they have you coming and going, you lose either way…but, in reality YOU are the winner! When a man stands on truth and principle, there is no loss.
    Thank you for all you do. I wish you the best and look forward to your newsletter and your continued fight for our companion animals and for us. Blessings to you and your family, I’m sure your Dad is proud.

  38. This is very sad news. You have been my veterinarian since I have been in Nelson and taken great care of my little furry family and I truly thank you for that. You have been so kind to me as well when times were tough and the news wasn’t the best. I am sad to know that you will no longer be able to help me and my animals and that I no longer have the alternative option for them from a vet. I wish you all the best and I will still be an avid follower of your website. I wish you all the best

  39. Do Andy,
    Is there any way we can help by emailing someone in protest?

    I’m convinced that the new style of vet colleges has been “bought out” by pet food companies and those focusing solely on profit. Animal CARE doesn’t seem to matter so much in that field any longer.

    I *finally* found a country vet who believes simple is better. He even told us that other than rabies, and then only because it is state mandated, cats are done with their vaccines
    after 1 yr (and neutering), unless they’ll be boarded or there’s a change in their lifestyle.
    (Adding more animals, exposing them to more dangers,etc)

    Personally, I never EVER heard you put down veterinarians, just certain types of practices
    and then it was in opinion format which surely freedom of speech should cover. I’m wondering if you might get a good attorney to take your case
    and fight for your rights as a citizen (regardless of the college itself). Anyone out there who is not afraid of a challenge??

    What a horrible world when “anything goes” except
    good, honest, trustworthy, verifiable information that exposes or presents a view other than with what we are “spoon fed” by media and big businesses/gov’t alike.
    Thinking for yourself has become the equivalent of being anti-social.

    Yup…I’m pretty ticked off…..
    their accusations were very very vague, no specifics given at ALL…

  40. I am extremely shocked and saddened by this organization ganging up on you!!!! What happened to free speech? I wish with all my heart that you did NOT have to pay that exorbitant amount of money!!!!!!!!!! It is NOT FAIR!!!! Words cannot express how much I admire you as a vet and how you have stood up to this vet organization ALL THESE YEARS!!!! You are the kind of person I am honored to be able to receive your e-books, CDs, dog and cat supplements, videos both funny and serious, etc.!!!!!!!!! I wholeheartedly agree with your advice on vaccinations, natural and holistic care, and everything else!!!!!!!!!! I know in my heart that all this information your have given us is true!!!! I consider you a friend!!!! PLEASE CONTINUE WITH YOUR E-MAILS. I HOPE AND PRAY YOU STILL CAN DO THAT!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW TO EARN A LIVING!!!! The innocent always pay!!!! This is their holding their power and greed over you!!!!

    I pray you will be able to do something that is meaningful in your life to earn a living!! May God bless and keep you and your family at this most difficult time in your life!!

  41. I am so sorry that it has come to this, so unfair and unjust. You speak truth which is so obvious. I hope you can in some manner continue helping animals without this trouble, even when you are no longer a legal vet. I read all your emails and I know I can’t find any better supplement than what you have worked so hard to make.
    Holistic medicine is far better to use when we can.
    You are very smart and sincere, may you find a new place in life which brings you fulfilment and happiness.

  42. Thanks to Gale for providing address of the regulators! I wrote to them, and will try to send copy to you. Basically I asked how they can, in good conscience, deny your important information to animal custodians who need it to supplement discussions with their vets and breeders, or (if the owners are in unfortunate financial circumstances) to be the sole resource for the health of their animals. I mentioned your disclaimers, which I feel should have eased their unreasonable fears of you. This whole kerfuffle smells like non-professionalism on the part of the regulating agency, but not of our Doctor Jones!

  43. My vet asked to borrow Dr. Jones book- Veterinary Secrets Revealed and kept it for 2 months and when she returned it to me. She said there was a lot of wonderful information in it and wished other pet owners were as well informed & took as active a role in their pets well being as I did. it makes her job a lot easier. I had to give Dr. Jones full credit for everything Your the best. Very often people that are visionaries in the forefront of progressive thinking are vilified till everyone gets up to speed. Don’t give up the good fight.
    Thank you!

  44. I’m so sorry to hear that you are resigning. Such a huge lost for our pets. I hope you will continue advocating for holistic/alternative treatments for our beloved pets. I will continue looking forward to reading your website. Thank you for your kind heart and don’t give up!

    ps…San Francisco would welcome you with open arms if would ever consider moving out here. We have a great number of vets practicing holistic care for pets.

  45. This is truly a travesty – when an ‘OLD’ governing body of Veterinarians cannot (or will not) come into the future of care for our beloved pets. Would they NOT want the NEWEST and BEST techniques and medicines for THEIR loved ones????
    Or would they shun these techniques and let their loved one suffer or die.!!!! What the hell is wrong with these people. My take is – Jealousy,
    Power (nobody is going to tell US what to allow)
    or just plain stupidity and non-emotional caring.
    So what if somebody speaks out…..it certainly doesn’t dimish the respect thie young man has garnishes during the past 12 or so years of hard work and dedication. Why not write books, give holistic medicine – I do it all the time and it’s working……. Such SMALL MINDED
    people with a TITLE and a little bit of power –
    are ignorant and insecure. Grow up – get into
    the present – move on – announce to the world that you don’t want the BEST for your beloved pet, and see where that gets you…..Leave Dr. Jones alone – he truly cares and all Vets through this country should have the right to speak their mind and NOT be muzzled…..This makes me so-o-o
    mad and you can bet there are millions out there with the same feelings………Stop money-grabbing (like our government) and let this man get on with the wonderful work he is doing – without your mouths flapping in jealousy….
    GROW UP – You’re supposed to be intelligent????
    I don’t think so…….

  46. The resolution of this incident is very unfortunate for the pet owners of British Columbia. It is so typical of conventional anything to be critical of the alternatives. In my lifetime, chiropractors went to jail for their right to keep people’s nervous systems healthy. I applaud Dr. Jones’ willingness to take a stand.

    Perhaps, he ought to come to the Pacific Northwest (US). We are fortunate in that many veterinarians here understand the value of alternative veterinary care. In fact, one veterinarian mentioned that Dr. Jones’ canine supplement is “good stuff”.

    If he were to do that, I would gladly take my dog to his clinic, even if it meant I had to drive quite a distance to do so. Please don’t give up fight.

  47. I wish you all the best Andrew. We see this sort of dictatorial ruling in Australia too. This is one of the ‘many’ reasons I studied Zoology, Health Science and Naturopathic Medicine at university, instead of Veterinary medicine. You can always join ‘my team’ and become a great animal naturopath rather than be a vet – I feel it’s a lot more satisfying to be able to prevent most disease in animals and/or be able to treat disease safely, naturally and usually just as effectively.

    Warm regards
    Sara Rooney BHSc., ND., DC., DASc., GSC. (Hons) Zoology

  48. I can’t believe this! As a kennel operator I am so greatful I had the opportunity to buy Dr Jones’s book. The way I see it is humans gave our animals our dieases so it is up to us to provide them with the best treatments available be it Traditional or Natural!
    Good luck Dr Jones
    Linda from Ontario

  49. Once again, natural medicine and homeopathy takes a hit. I am so sorry to hear of your resignation because the information you were providing was so important to the health of our pets.

    For years, I have fed raw and natural foods to my pets and they have lived long and happy lives. I was happy to see that you were advocating natural foods and treatments as well. It’s too bad that the College of Veterinarians of BC chose to stifle your freedom of speech. We in the U.S. welcome and support you in your endeavors.

    Very sincerely,
    Tomi Edmiston
    Former Publisher/The Rottweiler Quarterly

  50. I truly sorry to hear about your resigning. I hope you still keep doing what you are doing. I have learned alot from you. I think what they are doing is wrong!!I feel alot of the vet all they think about is the money and pill si going to do the job but it will not because I don’t feel it works. what you are doing is for the animal is WOW is the great thing that anyone has done giving your life for the animal is soo great If live there I would have come to you with my cat and dog that i had. not too many vet around my area can do what you are doing. I have read all the comment I feel for all the people and animal are going to be missing out on. is you are a great person and vet. god will be shining on you and your family and your dad will be looking out for you. keep up what you are doing don’t let stop you from what you doing. hope you will still be able to do e-mail newletter and dog and supplement I have getting it for my two cat.

  51. Dr. Jones,

    As a Canadian who lives in the US, let me encourage you to move south of the border. The Canadian Vet Association has stupidity written all over it and I am sorry for Canadians with pets who must endure with those who think the association is the best governing body. In the US, a range of opinions are better accepted than at home. You have been a breath of fresh air to the animal world. Please use your wonderful talent to pick up and start again in a better atmosphere. I am sorry that you have been forced to endure this. I wish it had not happened but small-minded people sometimes prevail. It means that there is something better out there for you. Go for it. You will be a success where ever you travel because your heart is full of love and kindness and in the end, that will be what will prevail.

    This is opportunity knocking. Open the door.

    Keep us posted. All the Best.

    Judy from Arizona/Alberta

  52. Hooray for Dr Jones…
    You have now shown more blantant than ever how the Money Men like to control us..our minds and wallets…and our lives, decisions & destiny …
    Close your Door and open an alternative real pet care facility…forget about the Veterinary title,
    it is not whom you are..you are too caring and kind hearted for that 🙂
    You have opened many peoples minds to REAL approaches to better health ..not just for the pets but for humans too…
    why take all those meds with side effects that are killing the planet in more than one way… when you can use natural products in our everyday lives..
    We need more Health Care Providers for our pets and ourselves like you…knowledgeable …
    Wishing you Good Luck and Health…
    I will continue to follow you and your advise…reguardless of your title…and also recommend you to others ..
    One thing they cannot take your knowledge or experience away 🙂 that will forever be with you
    LUV U for taking a stand …

  53. Dear Dr. Jones,
    you managed to establish your self and your progressive ideas on the Internet and we, your clients, will pass your amazing website among our friends enlarging your clientele keeping you busy.
    There are American websites with informations on proper animal care and now we have Canadian one.
    We need good homeopathic remedies for our pets, good supplements and good food. With healthy animals we need vets only in emergencies like broken bones, poison or real life threatening injuries the way we used to before processed food and vaccination came into our lives.
    Keep the website open.
    Thank you

  54. Oh I hope your College of Veterinarians are reading all this now. All these messages of love, support and gratitude for you and your work are so well deserved Dr Jones. Keep the information coming. We and our pets are so grateful.

  55. I was shocked to hear of your resignation, but proud of your integrity and standing up for what you believe in. This way, maybe you will be able to better help more humans that love their animals. I personally have a few problems with veterinarians. They don’t tell you the things you want to know or give their true feelings about whether or not your animal should be put to sleep or not. They leave that up to you hoping that you will spend more money to keep the little dog alive when there is no real hope for a quality of life. The more xrays, blood tests, etc… that are not needed just line the pockets of the type of veterinarian that I am talking about. Compassion is what you have and we need more veterinarians like that. They are so hard to find these days. That is the sad part of you leaving the field. I am truely hoping that you will continue with your books, CD’s, and supplements though, there are lots of people out here that need you. Lots of people that feel the same way that I do. We all need you. All the best with what ever you decide to do. Thank you for being you.

  56. Well, Dr. Andrew, this event was probably inevitable. The fact that the B.C. Veterinary Medical Establishment has assessed such enormous penalties for your actions indicates that is has been poised to force you to shut up or go away. In fact, this casts a dark shadow on the organization’s integrity.
    As Annette, an earlier poster, has stated so clearly: “Personally, I never EVER heard you put down veterinarians, just certain types of practices, and then it was in opinion format which surely freedom of speech should cover.” This is certainly true in the U.S. and I assume in Canada as well.
    Most of us whose pets are patients of yours through your internet practice extend a welcome to those who were fortunate enough to enjoy your care in person, and extend our regrets at their loss.
    You have taught and will hopefully continue to teach us to care for our animals at home, and make thoughtful decisions regarding conventional medicine when needed. We consider ourselves very fortunate, indeed.

  57. Hello again Doctor Jones

    Just listened to the tele-conference. It was great, but so fast moving! I took many notes but am grateful to have information in your CDs for further reference.

    Is everyone out there thinking what I’m thinking? Namely that our Doctor Jones can devote more energy to spreading his teachings throughout the entire US and Canada, now that he is free of BC censorship constraints. (In years of association with academia I’ve seen wonderful scientific developments blossom after people have spoken out in defiance of mainstream prejudices.) Presumably there will be universities interested in hosting his lecture series and exchanging more, newly developing ideas.

    What is it the Irish say: “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good.”

  58. Come to the USA, Dr. Jones. I admire your courage but I think you should come to the US and practice here instead. Holistic vets are welcome here! I’m a US citizen that graduated from a Canadian university (McGill) and I’m extremely disgusted with the Canadian veterinary college’s censorship of your views (they feel very threatened by you obviously) and the continuing horrific Canadian seal hunt!

  59. As an attorney and research scientist in the U.S., one has to wonder at the legality of the entire process in Canada. Granted, Canada probably does not have a ‘Constitution’ like that of the U.S.; but surely it does have its own Federal means of questioning a body that would restrict “free speech” or take what amounts to “property” ‘without due process of law. In those regards, I thought Canada had a similar legislative history. At any rate, Dr. Jones, you would be well advised to seek competent legal counsel, and to carefully review, and to challenge if supported under Canadian Law, a number of the administrative rulings of this cavelier body of Veterinarians. No one should be ‘so muzzled’ in a free democratic society. I know that action would lie under similar facts in the U.S. Tie them up for 5 years, or 10 years, in every forum that is available to you in Canada.
    Best wishes for success in the future; and do keep ‘preaching’ the ‘message’ and the ’cause’!

  60. Dear Dr. Jones,

    I hope the College of Veterinary ‘bullies’ read all these statements and feel some shame. SHAME ON YOU COLLEGE OF VETERINARY’S OF B.C.! We the public can see right through you for what you really are! In no manner have I ever even felt Dr. Jones was speaking in a hurtful manner to anyone! He always puts the welfare of animals first!!! Do you? I think you put your wallets first and then your false pride. I will continue to support Dr. Jones in any manner I can. And I might add, someone needs to discipline you, the college!!! This is an utter disgrace and outrage to your college.

  61. Dear Andrew
    I live in Australia. The competency and behaviour of vets where I live is appalling to say the very least and many innocent animals are dying or are being maimed because of this. The vets don’t care. They are only interested in what they can get for themselves. I have been feeding my dogs primarily a natural diet for 20 years and have been researching natural healing etc. for animals and humans most of my life. I recently found a good vet who actually cares and he is an holistic vet. My local State Member of Parliament is helping me try to change legislation to make vets accountable in the State where I live. The Veterinary Surgeons Board is not happy with me but I keep trying. I understand your need to not want to pay the $30,000 but when you have a little break, please do not give up. There are too few good vets like you and you have to continue to take these scumbags on. I’ll keep checking your website.
    Best wishes from Susan and all her furry kids

  62. Finally!!!!!! A vet that stands up to the canadian veterinary mafia!!!!
    The canadian veterinary profession should be ashamed. They are guilty of price fixing, scamming, misdiagnosing….etc.
    I refuse to give canadian vets my business anymore!!!!

  63. Dr. Jones,
    I am really shoked with this information.
    All the things you do to help pets and their owners to live a better life !!!
    I really like what you say about the conventional remedies and some that can harm our pets.
    My dogs are having the Health Formula and are doing very good.
    My 10 years old Billy, a small black poodle, runs and plays like a puppy.
    I wush you all the best and hope that you can surpass all these troubles.
    Time goes on and heals everything!!!

  64. As a Canadian living in The Southern U.S. I find this not surprising for Canada where freedom of speech is controlled by politically connected interest groups and not by the Constitution. Let me be blunt. The Veterinary profession and the Medical profession are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. In addition the Veterinary profession is controlled by the five junk food and cleaning products multinationals who sell pet food (P&G, Nestle, Colgate, etc.). Have you never wondered why most Vet’s offices sell pet junk food and 90% of their pet clients are overweight. We run in retriever Field trials and Tests and took one of the dogs to a holistic Vet much like Dr. Jones last week with suspected hearing problems problems. The dog appeared to be unable to rapidly zero in of the location of gunshots in competition. He ignored my diagnosis and through questioning rapidly diagnosed nagging pain distraction as the problem and the source, a tightness in a rear quarter undetectable in walking and running but detectable through gentle spinal manipulation. An acupuncture treatment resolved the issue on the spot and the dog’s marking became accurate again at first test. This must boggle the minds of the College pretenders but then some minds boggle easier then others. Leaving the surgery I met a K9 team, man and dog. Turns out the Jacksonville FL K9 force go to the this Vet for acupuncture and so do the racing Greyhounds. With valuable dogs worth in the tens of thousands we don’t trust them to simple book-learners. My dogs are worth perhaps $20,000 but as pets are worth much more and like anyones pet they deserve better than the standard fare of drugs and unnecessary vaccines and an early death from cancer.

  65. My old vet in Ontario, killed our dog after a simple neuter surgery, falsified surgery and health records and clearly tried to hide this when we took her to court. Due to the statute of Limitations we lost our battle, her husband acting on her behalf with no qualifications, and her staff lied to us. Her new building more important than the recovery of a dog. The court commended us on our findings, denied her any lawyer’s fees and was devestated to have to deny the charges based on a time limit only. The College of Veterinarians of Ontario, found her to have “failed to meet the standards of the College” and to be substandard in numerous other ways. She still practices, and got a slap on the wrist. Keep standing up for what you believe and don’t let these College’s muzzle you, we as Canadian Pet owners, are tried of having the wool pulled over our eyes, and our pets looked upon as dollar signs and not an extended member of our family, and the sole reason they have a job!

    Good luck to you.

  66. Dear Dr. Jones,
    Maybe we should all start complaining to the Veterinary Association about all the upsell, unnecessary procedures and cavalier attitudes that we experience on a daily basis, from our practising vets. Numerous times we have been pressured into running a gammit of expensive tests on our pets, which needless to say, have always come back negative – yet the problem persists. I have found more useful, natural suggestions from your newsletter. That the BCVA can force you to resign by threatening you with exhorbitant fines and charges for expressing your opinions and offering an alternate way is disgusting.
    Obviously, you have to earn a living so cannot ‘volunteer’ your services (as some well-meaning supporter suggested). With kids in school and other ties it is not that easy to just pack up and move somewhere that would be more appreciative of your knowledge and ideas. I often talk to friends in Ontario who would love to have an holistic vet for their pets. Trouble with traling great distances to see one, is that should one have a medical emergency in an area where there is no Emerg. Vet Clinic, we are once again thrown at the mercy of local vets whom, on several occasions, I have heard will refuse to treat pets, who are not their regular patients.

    Stay strong and I wish you the very best in your future endevours. This could be a new beginning and the start of something big.

  67. Dr. Jones,
    I am so saddened by the news and so angry that animals are losing your hospital and your care. I live in the U.S. and send your newsletter out all the time to spread the word on the wonderful teachings and treatments you give on alternative care for the animals, and often wished you were accessible for me to bring my own animals to. You are wonderful. Altho’ many have written and suggested you coming to the U.S. to practice, I have to say here that several years ago there was a veterinarian here in the states who also had a practice AND and on-line website educating people on alternative care. He was also forming a resource list of other veterinarians across the country for people to go to who want something other than traditional care for their animals. He became so hastled and threatened by the AVMA that I received an e-mail much like the one you sent, informing us that he was having to “shut down” his site. So, the “powers that be” are strong everywhere and can target whomever they choose if they feel threatened. I’m sure it was a huge and heartwrenching decision for you to leave your practice. It is your life and passion. I am so sorry. But I also agree with others that there will be something bigger and greater brought to you to help you further your cause for the animals. Thank you for all you do and I truly hope that we will continue to receive your newsletter. Your humor, your personalization and the sincere caring expressed in those letters are so refreshing and wonderful to read.

  68. I’m sorry to hear of your leaving your clinic in Nelson. I’m located in Massachusetts and it’s not easy to find holistic vets. My 11-year-old female beagle has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and kidney disease and would like to find a vet who uses both holistic and traditional medicine to get the best result for her. I work in human medicine, and it has taken that profession a long time to recognize alternative medicine. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  69. IT IS THEIR LOSS! Good for you, Andrew! You are a much better person and professional and they can take their old ideas and shove it! I will always look to you for advice (along with my vet here in Michigan) – I will never stop buying your supplement for my dog. It made such a difference in her that I would be wrong to discontinue the use. You should be proud – you have made a difference in thousands of per owners! Thank you and God Bless!

  70. I am glad to hear that you will be continuing your online information for pet owners. I am sad that you are being forced out of the licensed veterinary field. I am in the US and I have chosen a vet who tries the natural, alternative methods first, and wish more vets would do what’s best for the pets, rather than what the industry says should be done. You are an inspiration to many, and your information is very very helpful! Thank you!

  71. Dear Dr. Jones,
    Thank you for sharing your warm spirit, courage, and wisdom. Please know that you are greatly appreciated and admired for who you are and what you do…you are an inspiration to everyone whose life you touch.

  72. Dear Dr Andrew,

    You filled an enormous void as is clear of all the reaction now and in the past.
    I have often said that, in the US, the vets are part of the pet problem, and that often got me in trouble. You tried to do something about that problem and how successful you are is clear from the reaction of the establisment. Please keep guiding us. Please keep us looking at pets, illness, treatments, from the other side.
    And please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.
    I am not a big writer, english not being my first language, but I am working a letter to the college, I’ll keep it polite I promise 😉

    Again thank you for all you are done and I hope we can enjoy your work and writings many years to come.

  73. Dear Dr. Jones, Well I guess I’m not surprised!! Angery but not surprised. Being a nurse here in Colo I have seen the medical world from the inside. Iam relieved that you will still continue doing what you do so well and thats educating the general popoulus on how to take “Great” care of their pets. My husband and I have rescued Labs for years and do alot of our own care. Leaving the Emergent things to the “professionals” People dont realize how easy it is, how much better for the Loved one, And how much money you can save. You have been god sent for us. When our lab was dieing of cancer I started to look into “alternatives” and I found you. Iam sickened and heart broken for the people that had the PLEASURE to have you as their Vet and no longer have that privilage.Iam relieved that we still get to have you in our lives via the internet.Maybe not haveing “Big Brother” breathing down your neck will lighten your life, less stress and tension!! If there is anything we can do for you PLEASE let us know. Your friends from Colo. Jeff and Cindi Pitcher

  74. We need MORE vets to speak up and advocate on behalf of our animals. There are many things that have a negative effect on our pets, especially cats. Treatments that are traditional in other cultures or otherwise unknown to western veterinary medicine are being discovered and proven effective all the time. Pet owners & veterinarians should be encouraged to research lab results, diseases, treatments, procedures, nutrition, drugs etc from more than one source so they can try & prevent as many illnesses as possible, especially with many pet owners living on tight budgets. A lot of pet owners ARE doing their own research & agreeing with much of what Dr. Jones says. We don’t believe in protecting arbitrary bureaucracy to maintain the status quo at the expense of our pets’ health.

  75. i am totally gutted 🙁
    i have your books and cd’s and have helped my dogs no end. what a bloody shame.

    so sorry

  76. What an outrage and I thought we enjoyed freedom of speech. Obviously they who have the gold “rule” is the version of the golden rule being followed and sadly its like that all over the world. I must say I am so relieved we down in trhe lower 48 will still have access to your well documented proven success in treating sick pets. A couple of thoughts, would it be possible for you to offer private consultations for a fee of course? Is that a possible way to earn a living? At least your customers would know they are dealing with a smart ethical and kind caring doctor with only the pets best interest at heart. Another thought, maybe you would be able to put together your own version of a homeopathic pet care kit for petowners to purchase that would already contain the most commonly recommended medications as from your publications. It would be much better to already have the basics on hand rather than try and find them at the moment one needs them! Perhaps one of the homeopathic supply houses would work with you? I know this is your opportunity for even greater success and may the kindness and goodness you give come back to you and yours ten fold. Maybe even a survey to get a guess on how many of us would be interested can help you but I have no doubt you will find success and many grateful customers wherever or however you proceed. Wishing you all the best always.

  77. Congratulations on your excellent decision!
    This will open up for a proper debate on what is going on within the veterinary and pharmaceutical industry. It is an unethical money making industry and those suffering most are the one´s that cannot speak for themselves.Our animals!

    Although we are talking about pets here this even concerns farm factory animals fed biotics to grow bigger and faster,enduring terrible conditions.

    We must continue to stand-up for what is right and not be discouraged by threats.

    Dr Jones you are a courageous man and I am certain you and everyone else that stands-up and craves changes will win this battle against financial greed and suffering.

    I wish you great success and will help in any way I can to support you.

  78. Know Dr.Jones there are many of us who will continue to support the work you do, myself included! I am so thankful for having found you online (I live in the US) and it’s unreal, yet not surprising, some governing constitution is going after the little guy to keep them in power. Goes to show you are making a difference. Much love and good vibes are sent to you from the US!

  79. Dr. Jones
    I am sorry to hear that you feel you have to resign from your practice. You have taken care of three of my dogs and I can not thank you enough. You have always been professional and I would never think a word like safe would cause us in this area to lose such a fine Vet. If there was any thing I could do to change what is happening I would. I wish you the best in what ever path you take and we will miss you.
    Thank you
    Trieva, Lady, JC and Tree

  80. Doc – once again, free speech is NOT enjoyed by our neighbors to the North. If you can’t state your views, then censorship is alive and well in BC.

    If they feel you are attacking their/your industry, ask them to prove you wrong!

    Once again, it’s the animals that suffer first and in this case, politics rule…

    Shame on them!!!

    Thanks for all you have done…

    Thought about moving to a free country yet?


    Mike Nudell

  81. Hello Dr Jones
    Yes what has happened to free speech here??
    They know you are right , that’s why they worry , I Thank you for all the information I received from your site. Thank you for being honest with us, helping us and our beloveit pets have a long and happy life.
    My Jack Russel Timmy had stones in his bladder, they prescribed Hills Science Diet U-D I think it was food, it had no meat at all in it and the dangerous Hut additives in it plus corn meal that vets and dog food Co,’s must know is not easily digestible for dogs. They charge 20£ for it and it’s been given a 1 star out of 6 mark, it’s no good for dogs at all yet Hills, pro plan and other foods are told by our Vets are good foods , I can’t believe they do that to our Pets , they are supposed to care about animals.
    Tnk you for all your Help and I am a fan of yours , You shouldn’t have to leave your practice , we need Vets like you , Please don’t let them win. Good Luck and Blessed Be xx

  82. Hi again
    I am so mad that you have to give up your life’s work working in your comunaty helping people treat they pets right I think it should be the other way around THEy should be banned, Fined and struck off for, telling us to feed, bad, food, give meds that harm, etc: just so they can make more money and they do make lots on us .
    We do need more honest Vets like you and i’m sure all the people around the world who read your web site will agree with me
    Don’t let them WIN Dr Jones , our Pets need you x

  83. I think it is awful that they are revoking Dr. Jones’ veterinarian license and fining him for caring about animals and trying to offer alternative methods for curing ailments instead of using man-made drugs that usually only temporarily “fix” ailments and always have negative side effects, only to have the ailment reoccur not long after being prescribed prescription medicine. Anyone can see/know that he cares about all animals 100%. He should not be punished because he is seeking more natural alternative methods to help animals in need and he should not be punished and fined for questioning outdated methods and trying holistic methods. Holistic medicine has been used successfully for 1,000 of years without side effects. It will be a HUGE loss to the pet-owner society and to the future path of the veterinarian profession as a whole. I think it stinks and is wrong. I admire Dr. Jones and I hope he can work this out somehow. We need people like him in this world.

  84. I admire people who seek and truth and speak it out. The world need such people and I am so happy there someone who REALLY cares about the animals and their wellfare. Certainly I am looking forward to what the doctor say next.. I already took some of his invaluable advice.

  85. Dr Jones do you have to move, is all of canada cvma this stupid. I signed the petition on line and sent a blunt email to the cvma. I just can not believe how greedy vets are I have met my fair share they want your money if when I say I am on disability can not afford blood tests, xrays, mrds that are costly. The vets often differ on what they thinks is wrong with my leaving me so confused. And as I talk to people on farms they say they never do all this stuff to their cats/dogs maybe shots and get them fixed but then not vets unless emergency. So why are we being taken to the cleaners. I wish you all the success.

  86. Dr. Jones You got railroaded. I think the governing body here is jealous of your unique ways of treatment.I mistrust most vets now. All the one’s that I have been to have sold out to royal canin foods and only promote this brand. One of the crappiest foods on the market. Enjoy your monthly roalty cheques. P.S. Why don’t u all choke on that corn meal and corn gluten while you’re at it. Even the local animal shelter has sold out won’t take any donated food unless it is royal canin YECH!

  87. I am certain that you have, and always will have the courage to fight “the establishment” for animal health care. I live in BC and was elated that another person felt as I do about our vets.
    Your compassion for our pets, our companions in life and the most loyal of friends and family is well noted. Thank you, for all you have accomplished, with your loving care and treatment and your fight against the abuse our pets suffer at the hands of the “establishment”. I have often wondered if any of the vets I have taken my cat to really care?
    You have placed a ‘rip’ in the general facade, I hope you are able to tear it to pieces so that we, the pet owners, become aware of the dangers of the drugs and side effects that, sometimes, can be the cause of our loved and cared for pets demise.
    Your progressive thinking and treatments will, surely, grow, for progress is the law of nature.
    You have the opportunity to start a revolutionary way to treat our dearest pets, KUDOS’ to you and I know you will succeed in your endeavors.
    Blessings on you and yours.
    Jane Davidson

  88. I think the facts speak loud and clear. The establishment businesses profit when you or your pet is sick, so there’s an incentive to promote that environment. Professionals like Dr. Jones, who are fighting that system, are in business to promote an environment of health and wellness. Since the de facto government is in their pocket, the establishment has all the power to behave the way they do when someone comes along and blows the whistle on them. Who needs them?! I’ll let you guess where I go when my pets or I need medical care. Licensure is a farce of false hope.

  89. Really sorry to hear this. Wish you well in your future endeavours, this is a sad day for veterinarians everywhere.Surely the institutes attempts to restrict your speech is a breach of personal freedom? Regardless – they are only bothering because they know you are right. regards, Lyn (NewZealand)

  90. I truley admire you Dr Jones for standing up for your beliefs and I might add ours as well.
    Maybe if a few more join you, things might actually change. Here in Australia my vet is also opened minded which I love. I wish you the best and keep up the great work, love your web site very informative. from your friends in Australia.

  91. Dear Dr. Jones,

    I am so very sorry to hear about the grossly unfair treatment you have received from the College. I know as a parent of cats that died from complications as a result of being over vaccinated, there are true animal lovers like you who want to protect them and drive much needed change.

    As a result of the above, Nicholas Read of the Vancouver Sun and he wrote an article about the dangers of over vaccinating. Although the article was watered down and did not state that many veterinarians have the pharmaceutical companies in their pockets, but he at least wrote the article. I say this without criticism to Mr. Read because he had been fired by the paper before for his outspoken and true comments about the animal care industry. Like you, he is a warrior for our fellow animals. Thank you and I wish you the very best.

    I am glad to have found your website and will be checking back regularly.

  92. Dr. Jones
    I challenge you to find ¼ of your beliefs backed up by competent research. Not only are you showing the world how ignorant you are, but also creating a negative image of the veterinary profession AND causing harm to the patients you say you love so.
    You are causing harm to your patients by using incorrect vaccine recommendations, incorrect medical recommendations, fabricating YOUR research (by the way, you can’t do true research as you have no means to actually preform a true study) for food, vaccines, and general health. I am a believer of natural healing and client education – but what you are doing is giving a false sense of security to misinformed pet owners. Example: you show a video on how to express anal glands, making the point to save money by doing it yourself and how simple it is. As you should remember from school (if you even went) palpation by a trained professional is the best preventative medicine a patient can get. So by having your pet owners do it themselves; don’t you think they might miss something critical? (that was a rhetorical question – they will miss things as they are not trained to know what NORMAL is!). You are supposed to be educated and competent at all facets of medicine – not antagonizing one side against another – but using both in harmony! It astounds me that you have spent the time, money (not even yours), and commitment to becoming a veterinarian to just turn your back on all that have truly supported you and higher education.

    If I continue it will only get worse as your vaccine stance is downright incorrect and is putting public health at risk – I hope you learn to practice actual medicine and educate your clients with actual knowledge without bias.

    1. Such a shill, you sound like your bought by big pharm, Honestly, after reading this post, as a super informed pet owner, and my own experience as a practicing nurse, I wouldn’t bring my pet to obtain care under your “practice of medicine” ever… and I’m certain any loving informed pet owner who reads your comment here would feel the same. It’s unfortunate that your full credentials and practice details aren’t listed, But there now…you wouldn’t dare. That.speaks for itself.

  93. My trust in Western medicine is gone… Veterinarians, and Physicians for humans, are bought and paid for by Pharma and the large corporations that sell pet foods and Rx. I have seen such horrific surgeries by “certified” doctors who butchered – and they were “right”, and it was my “BAD DOG” who was sent home after laser surgery with gaping wounds, and procedures that were never finished or done incorrectly or incompletely, or were given drugs that killed or disabled the innocent animal. AVMA, CVMA, or any other authoritative agency who gives these veterinarians the right to hang a license on their wall should be hung out to dry. They are giving butchers and quacks the right to kill and maim our pets.
    YOU HAVE given me hope that there are doctors out there who do care! Thank you for your very valid and informed ways to Naturally and humanely treat my pets without having to go thru traditional Western medicine that is killing all of us!!

  94. I am appalled at the response from Matthew T. on 5/18/12. (maybe he’s a threatened vet?) He is way behind the times and has no idea what is going on among informed, concerned dog owners. It’s an entire paradigm shift and one I applaud. I have just been introduced to Dr. Jones and am so glad he has joined the other conventionally trained DVMs who have “gone off the reservation” and are using alternative methods of pet care. Matthew obviously is completely oblivious to what homeopathy is and how long it has worked for both man and animal. He is in the brainwashed world of closed minds. I hope he doesn’t have any dogs of his own, although I wish the dogs well.
    My dog is so much better off with my having ignored the vet’s vacc reminders. He already suffers from the too-many he has had and is at near-zero risk, especially of rabies. Check the CDC records, Matthew! Mine now eats raw food, no more pesticides, no more commercial junk food, no more shots. He has been titered and is immune to everything. The other vets I’ve followed and consulted have been on the same path as Dr. Jones for 30-40 years. May their numbers increase!!

  95. GOD bless you! You have an immense amount of integrity to defend your decision to ACTUALLY help animals and their owners no matter the cost or criticism! There are very few doctors out there that are too afraid to speak up! I have now put you in the category of my most favorite BRAVEST, SELFLESS, ACTUALLY MAKING A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER doctor category right next to Dr Andrew Wakefield MD who was stripped of his medical license for suggesting vaccines may cause autism! Dr Joel Wallach DV, ND who was blackballed after discovering and PROVING Cystic Fibrosis in rhesus monkeys was due to the monkey’s mother being deficient in Selenium! Dr Edward Group MD had his clinic raided by the FDA and told he could never treat patients again because he was curing his patient’s cancer at a rate of 70% and was publishing his methods on the internet to help other
    people! There are many more but you get the picture! Thank you Dr Jones for moving on to BIGGER AND BETTER AND APPRECIATED THINGS!

  96. Dr. Jones, I’ve just found out about your site and youtube channel while searching for help with my little dog and his chronic keratitis. I, too, wanted to be just like James Herriot when I was young, and almost went to vet school. Instead, I ultimately became a Registered Nurse. After 11 years, I am constantly disappointed in conventional human medicine much like you were with conventional veterinary.
    There is a lot wrong with the world. A lot of it is caused by big pharma industries and their lobbyists.
    My favorite book right now is The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable by Juliette de Bairacli Levy. I am totally with you. Sorry you were caught up in all that bureaucratic garbage.

  97. What a sad story. My sister is a veterinarian and she practices very conventionally. Medicine, Vaccines, tests, and surgery.

    I had to spay my dog at 3 yrs old. she had got out and my kids where taking care of her. I thought she was pregnant. she was a healthy dog so far. No Vet would spay her without full vaccination and boosters. the first shot of vaccine she bucked and half the contents of the needle got injected and the other half went all on her fur. Then the vet injected her again with another vial of vaccine. a month or so later she got booster and then spay. She soon developed major gastrointestinal issues and would vomit with bloody diarrhea. Months and thousands of dollars worth of tests later she is stable.

    No Vet, even my sister, links my dogs illness to vaccines.

    she is stable now, with “alternative ” therapies.

    How can the veterinary college be so ignorant of the damage they do with these vaccines? I wish that more drs would stand up to the patterns they see in their practice.

    Later on I was watching Dr. Mercola healthy pets and the veterinarian said she saw a link to spays and neuter to Cushings diseases. How tragic that we don’t know of such risks.

    Thank you for standing up to the college. There are many people looking for healthy alternatives to take care of their pets.

    You are so warm and compassionate and caring. It’s so sad that you had to give up your license to practice. It’s outrageous that you promote HEALTH and not their toxic medicine and you lose your practice. At least now you are free to healthy alternatives without being under their control.

  98. Hello Dr.. I greatly appreciate all that you have done to truly care about animals. I thank you for being honorable to your profession and to the truth as to how holistic methods are better in most cases to at least try before we seek alternative ways into the pharmaceutical industry. Thank you for being true to your vocation. May God always bless you and take care of you.

  99. In the UK where I live, we are coming to think of Vets in the same way as we see
    Insurance companies and Bank managers, just in it for the money. When I walk my dog I stop and speak to most other dog owners and we compare notes about the thousands of £ pounds we are forced to spend on quite small procedures. It is difficult, even impossible how they can justify their charges. I am an old age pensioner on very low income. My dog ate some cooked bone somebody gave her, I rang vet, was told take her to their hospital. 1 x ray, a night in a cage £1000 UK £. No action taken. You outlook is so refreshing. So glad Ive found you, caring decently and honestly for animals, thank you so much.

  100. God bless you & thank you for standing up for our pets and their health in such a strong way!!!!!!! I presently follow Dr. Karen Becker & Dr. Peter Dobias who are also holistic veterinarians & will be adding you to my list. It would be wonderful if you & others like you could find a way to band together in order to help permanently impact the medical veterinarian world so that it would legally & logically include holistic practices in the same clinic! We desperately need BOTH modalities & options for the best interest of our pet family!!!!!!! I understand that, at it’s root, it’s ultimately all about money & power but I pray you’ll continue to fight the good fight & keep reaching out to people like me who strongly believes that holistic practices can work hand in hand with traditional veterinarian medicine…there should be a way to combine & support both together!!!!!!!

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