Dogs attacking cats..

A big hello to you and your pets this

Dogs attacking cats..

I had 2 emergencies this weekend that resulted
from dogs attacking cats.

In both cases these pretty easy going cats were
left with serious abdominal hernias- the dogs
bit them so hard that their abdominal muscles were
torn ( through 3 layers) and the intestinal contents
were coming out of the abdominal wall.

The first cat has had surgery, and is stable- the
second cat is scheduled for surgery today.

It’s hard NOT to have a reaction to this- Can
you imagine having your own cat attacked?

And one of the owners told me that the neighbor’s
dog that attacked their cat has also tried to
attack their horses, and goes after other animals..

But they live out of town with little regulation-
and IRRESPONSIBLE pet owners are allowed to get
away with too much- like letting their ‘attack dog’
roam free.

I am contacting the SPCA today- hopefully there
will be some type of investigation. These pet owners
had contacted their regional govt representative who
told them to: ” Just shoot the dog”

This once again highlights the pathetic LACK of
companion animal protection laws- in virtually ALL

So IF you have an opinion on animal protection and
cruelty, ensure that you make your voice heard by
your local representative- and support organizations
that are trying to bring about more supportive animal
cruelty and protection laws.


P.S. IF your pet is *ever* attacked you need to have
some basic First Aid skills.

Such as treating for shock, and stopping bleeding.

You can get this with my First Aid Book:

Dr Jones’ Essential Guide to Dog and Cat First Aid

P.P.S. Feel free to comment here..


Dr Andrew J

20 thoughts on “Dogs attacking cats..”

  1. I do agree something has to be done about irresponsible ownership. Sadly again it will be most likely the dogs that have to pay, not the owners.

    I also hope the cat owners show their responsibility. I know of a case where time after time a cat got into a perfectly fine fenced in yard with a dog, even after warning the owners of the cat several times. One day it costed him his life. While in this case it was clear the cat owners were the irresponsible ones they still tried to sue the dog owner. Cat owners very often believe their pet has the right to roam freely, and refuse to take responsibility when their cat gets hurt out there.

  2. I can understand the point of people needing to control their animals, but I don’t think adding more laws is the answer. We have so many laws already that we no longer have the “Freedom of Rights” we are promised in the consitution. What needs to happen is people need to get their head out of their a** and wake up.

  3. Aggressive behaviour is very often caused by over-vaccinating – in particular the Rabies vaccine. Solution – stop the vaccinating. They are not necessary and cause more harm than good … health issues ranging from compromised immune systems, to seizures, to food allergies, to aggression – and more. Only the pharmaceuticals benefit in terms of profit.
    … DeeJay

  4. i think that dog that did that to those cats is horrible ,can you imagine if that was a child. That dog should be put down. The dog could have be a great dog but unfortunately some people do not understand when you acquire a dog it needs alot of attention not just put in the back yard and left alone. C. Lamb

  5. My cats would not be attacked since I do NOT let them out. People who do are just as irresponsible. There are many dangers. We have a fox that lurks about..even a racoon could do serious damage -or a groundhog, not to mention cars,etc. I used to let them out 20+yrs ago until one came home bleeding severely. The vet
    said it’s a good thing I was home (not at work that day) since he’d severed an artery and would have bled to death within an hour or so. The vet said by the wounds he could tell it was most likely a squirrel that clawed him. That was the LAST of letting them or any that followed out.

    That aside, this dog is a menace. If he’d attack a HORSE, you can bet he’d attack a toddler.
    I’d shoot the dog if given permission to.
    (Actually I wouldn’t ‘cos I don’t have experience with a guy), but I’d at least shoot it with a medicated dart to immobilize it and take it to the pound. (Shooting it directly if you don’t just wound it, but actually kill it.) I certainly hope those bills are paid by the neighbor, but if they are that irresponsible with the dog, they will be equally so in any damage he does.
    Sad for those cats. Very very sad. Poor babies.
    Still doesn’t excuse their owners for letting them out however. Cats do NOT need to go out.
    All of mine are perfectly happy with a scratching post, cuddle bed and/or kitty tower in nearly every single room in the house. They chase each other and have tons of fun.

  6. It is awful to have animals roaming free & attacking other animals. It is not the dogs fault the blame lies entirely with the owner. They should have their dog under their control at all times. I feel the authorities should have something in place where the owner & dog should have to undergo training in good behaviour.

  7. My Min Pinn years ago was attacked by my neighbors dog, an Akita, who came into my yard. My dog almost died from his internal injuries. I called the police and filed vicious dog charges on my neighbor. They were not home at the time and denied that their dog ever left their yard to the cops. This was a home owners claim and he would not give me his home owners info to pay the 1600.00 in vet bills I had. The police said they could not make him tell me. Needless to say I did get the info eventually, no thanks to them, and was reimbursed for my vet bills.

    They now have two new dogs, a Rottweiler and a Dingo Pitt Bull Mix who get out of their fenced yard from time to time. Can you believe how irresponsible they are after everything that happened. They are not responsible pet owners and they don’t care. People like this should not own dogs.

  8. This is an ongoing challenge for us with our German Shepherd in urban areas. We have to be very careful where we let him off leash as cats are the one thing he is crazy about chasing. Right now we are in a city in Florida where dog-friendly parks are difficult to get to.

    We bought a dog bicycle trailer so we could get to at least one of them some of the time since we don’t believe in firing up the car just to give our dog exercise… It is really difficult to restrict a big dog all the time and tough to keep one exercised properly on the end of a leash, even next to a bicycle. We don’t feel only road exercise is that good for a dog’s joints.

    That said, there are tons of cats roaming free around here. From my understanding, domestic cats have killed and continue to kill a huge number of songbirds and other birds, and there is not enough outcry about that…It is a tough dilemma as I hate to restrict any animal on an ongoing basis and when we had cats they always had a choice of going outdoors, even if it meant their demise.

  9. This is a really big issue for me, we live in a country setting just outside of a large city. We might as well be living in the middle of nowhere when it comes to animal control. Simply the laws are crap out here..if there is any! Everyone knows dogs and cats are supposed to be kept in the owners yard but try telling that to one particluar household in my area. They own 2 large breed dogs, mind you these dogs are harmless but that does not mean they couldn’t bite, any dog can bite if provoked in certain circumstances. What they are mostly is a nuisance, they are constantly free, roaming the neigborhood like each yard is their own. Sometimes they are out all setting means no street lights and speeding traffic, these two have been lucky.

    Several of the neighbors have spoken to the owners directly and I can’t repeat what has been said by these dog owners. They don’t feel that they are doing anything wrong, in their mind and I quote “Dogs should be able to run free and get along with everybody” Well I have a dog and I wouldn’t dream of letting her loose that’s why we have a fenced in yard.These people just don’t seem to have any concern about their dogs, people like this as far as I’m concerned should be allowed to have dogs, but who is going to police them to make sure they don’t. The SPCA has been called but they only deal with dogs that are tied without food shelter and water. As for the dog catcher/animal control person well he just can’t come when you call because he has a day job and can’t leave.

    Why does he have a day job because he isn’t paid by the hour only per job and no one can live on that. If the province would pay to have a full time animal control officer then maybe we might get a little more done, as it stands right now the only people that really seem to be interested are the forest Rangers. If the dogs are chasing wildlife and someone happens to see it and takes pictures, the owners will be dealt with and fined but if the dogs are in your yard digging up flowers and such, then I guess you just have to live with it. Or call a lawyer and pay up the ying yang just to get dogs out of your yard. Really its not the dog’s fault its the irresponsible owners!!

  10. Why not make a regulation/law to punish the owner by making him work a certain amount of hours (without pay)at the SPCA or the humane society then force him to do a test made by the dogwhisperer f.i. !!!!! Maybe that way they will learn their lesson AND…….the owner gets punished and the dog will be properly trained!!!!
    just a suggestion, they do this with teenagers why not with irresponsible dogowners!!
    Happy to respond, hugs and kisses for all the animals and thanks Andrew for being there for us! antoinette

  11. First to the cat owners I’m so sorry. I’m a very responible pet owner, who has owned all kinds of animals and presently own 2 cats and a 5 mouth old puppy German Shed.Mix. I have been on both sides, I had a dog that would go after my neighbors chickens, I felt I owed them money to replace the chickens and need to find a way to keep Bud home in his own yard but found out when my neighbor went after my dog with a bat that the law in that city was that the chickens were suppose to be kept in a confined caged area and that they were at fault. I still felt bad and I trusted Bud around all other animals but always kept an eye on him. I had to put him down when he went after the mailman. I had another dog that some guy who was trying to pick-up on me tried to say my dog bite him, which of coarse was not true.My dog was almost taken from me, told he would be put down and I was going to be arrested, thanks to some witnesses I was able to prove we were not guilty. And I’ve heard of other stories like this too.
    I had 3 dogs that were being tessed(tormented)by these 2 cats that would walk a foot away from the chain link fence so when this poor helpless cat(not related to above cats)jump in my back yard in the middle of the night at the same time I let the dogs out there was nothing I could do & believe me I tried to, but was to Ask god to hurry up and take this cat to heaven because my dogs weren’t going to let it go.
    Even tho I’m more a dog person my daughter wanted a cat so badly that I gave in, I tried to learn as much as I could about cats and asked everyone how to do train a cat to come home. No one had a good answer for me so I decided then her kitten was going to be a inside cat because I didn’t want to come home to find it dead.I have many friend that have outside cats with no problems and have done cat sitting for cats during the fires, and realize some cats need to beable to roam about. which sets up a “Catch 22” because I believe all pet owners should be responsible for their pets. So where do we draw the line? I have a neighbor right now that is breaking the law and I hinted around that in Calif. it was against the law to chain a dog up to a tree,pole, fence, truck, etc. for more then a hour but they keep doing it and for the whole day.What should I do?
    Making more laws would be ok as long as you gave warnings 1st, education to pet owners, fines that start small but go up, low income training for pets/owners and I agree with punishing owners with pet related comminity serves. May Mother-in-law use to always make excusses for her little dog when she would bite, “like leave her alone she’s PMSing” or “she just a little dog” I totally dont agree and when my daughters mini Jack Russell started to bite children I had to find him a new home or put him down, luckly My parents took him in. I believe some people are just clueless and need to be educated and others just shouldn’t be aloud to ever own a pet.

    protect those that can’t protect themself…

    Peggy Sue/Wolfpup

  12. To be honest I would not let that type of owners close to animals in the shelter or humane society. Cleaning sewers is more what I would choose for them.

    I just hate it when I see “the dog has to be put down”. Some dogs will kill cats, cats will kill birds, some birds kill other birds.

    It is up to the owner to keep that from happening and the owner is the one that should be punished, not the animal.

  13. I’ve been using BodyTalk on a little dog and its lady who were attacked by a pitbull (which was subsequently killed) last October. BodyTalk allowed their bodies to release the emotional fears and trauma imbedded in their bodies’ tissues as cellular memories so they are now able to resume normal activities and be around other dogs and people. In addition, I’ve communicated with the little dog to let it know it was NOT to blame for the attack and ALSO with the pit-bull to discover it was only doing what it was trained to do (ATTACK)by an irresponsible owner. Part of the healing process involved having the little dog forgive the pit-bull and the pit-bull apologizing to the little dog for nearly killing it. I highly recommend BodyTalk in traumatic cases such as this. It was the missing link that helped these two resume a normal life during and after their surgeries and recuperation so the little dog no longer lashes out and the lady is no longer afraid to go out in public.

    In my experience, there is no such thing as a “BAD DOG” – only irresponsible, uncaring people who teach their dogs bad things with their own bad behavior/attitudes/training (or lack of training).

  14. Yes, some birds will kill other birds. I live in the country. I have wild bird feeders. This spring and last spring, I had lots of little gray and white wild birds in my yard. A few times, I’ve heard a loud “Whoosh” sound and the little birds all scattered and a hawk flew through the yard. I’ve also seen a wild bird up in the sky chasing another bird, which was flying for its life.

    I have 5 dogs and I have two fences between me and my neighbor and 2 fences between me and the road. My dogs can’t get out.

    My neighbor has a dog who he lets roam and doesn’t watch or pay much attention to and his dog is getting aggressive. He seems to be good with cats but threatens people.

    Anyway, I keep my cats in a room by themselves for their own safety.

    Out here, cats are needed to get the mice.
    The other day I noticed a cat hanging around here. It was on the other side of my fence. My dogs were barking at it but she is perfectly safe as long as she stays out there. I don’t mind her because she is mousing.

    Some dogs don’t get along with cats and other dogs like cats.

    My dad used to have a dog that liked cats but hated other dogs. The reason was that when he was a nursing pup, my dad was given a young kitten and the kitten was nursing on the mother dog along with the pup and so the dog grew up with a cat instead of other puppies. The cat, as well, wasn’t afraid of dogs. One time I saw a dog try to chase her and, instead of running, she stood her ground and arched her back and was purring loudly. The dog got scared and turned around and was howling like he was in pain and ran away.

    I’ve heard of a few people who had dogs that bit people pretty badly and the dogs in question ended up being put down. I think people who don’t understand dogs blame the dog. I have 5 dogs and so I was forced to learn more about dogs. You can’t leave 5 dogs out in the yard like you can with one dog. They go wild on you. So I learned more about dogs. They have a pecking order among themselves: an alpha male and an alpha female and lower ranking dogs in the pack. Everything I’ve read about training dogs says that the human is supposed to be “alpha”. Everything I read is about when there is only one dog and more people in the household. With me it’s the opposite. There are 5 dogs and one human. I have NEVER had any of my dogs try to bite me or threaten me and I’ve broken all of the rules for being “alpha” such as making the dog eat last after you eat and not giving them tidbits from your plate when you’re eating. When I’m eating, I’ll give them bits from my plate. I bring tubs of scraps of bones and meat from the meat packers for them and at first Happy eats and she won’t let the other dogs eat. After she’s satisfied, she’ll let the other dogs have some. Elsie, who is the bottom of the pack rank, hides and comes out to eat after the others have eaten. If I give her some, she won’t touch it. If she did, she might get attacked by Happy or else Happy would just take it away from her.

    I break the rule about not letting them sleep on your bed. They sleep with me on my bed. None of them ever try to “outrank” me but I’ve noticed that when Elisabeth is on my bed and Happy comes, Elisabeth will get off. The rules for being “human alpha” says to push your dog off the couch if he’s on and you want to sit on the couch and to make your dog get up if you’re walking by. Sometimes if they’re in my way, I’ll say “Excuse me” and they’ll move out of the way. Other times, I’ll say “That’s okay. Stay there.” and I’ll step over them. I’ve also heard that stepping over a dog who is laying down is threatening to the dog, but I regularly do it to Charlie, for example, and he loves it and presses against my foot affectionately.

    Dogs also have a hard time telling the difference between a cat and a rabbit, crazy as it sounds. I tried to explain to my dogs the difference between a cat and a rabbit, with no success.

  15. If people let there cats out, and they dont go out with the cat to watch the cats well being or anything of the kind. Then if the cat gets killed then so be it, its the owners fault. A dog not getting the right attention and love should not be put to blame cause it found a friend to play with, and it gets out of hand. I seen it happen before, dog plays with cat, the fun and play turns into something out of hand. I blame the cats/owners of the cat.

    I know an old lady she goes out with her cats and she watches over them and makes sure there inside when she is. How hard is that? Should keep cats in I say or dont own them if you cant keep cats inside, another person I pet/house sit, they had two cats but one was already missing they think a fox got it.

  16. Theres no such thing as bad dogs!

    If you teach a dog to be good it will be good.
    If you teach a dog to be bad it will be bad.

    But why you ask? Dogs want to make you happy!

    If you being bad makes you happy they will learn and do bad things for your attention n love, etc.

    If you teach them to be good then its the same.

  17. I have a good dog (10 month old Chessie female) and a good cat (2 year old spayed shorthair female). They play and nap together, but the dog is getting big and rough, patting the kitty with those large Chessie paws, and sometimes even using her teeth on kitty’s neck or leg. She doesn’t intend to hurt. In fact she uses her open mouth on us too. I’m trying to train her not to do so but she has oral fixations typical of retrievers. At least she doesn’t smoke.

    Can you help me with this? This dog is responding quite well to obedience training but manners are another story. Problems are needless barking, counter cruising, jumping onto the bed (I confess I don’t mind this because at least I know where she is!) She loves water of course, so says “Bring it on” to the squirt gun in her face. The can full of pennies trick was figured out in moments. One can reason with a Chessie up to a point, but…..
    She gets plenty of exercise (running and swimming daily), eats half Newman’s Own and half home cooking. Shots have been below the minimum. She’s healthy except for an occasional UTI (Ph of 8) and was treated for Lyme’s a few weeks ago (It was discovered very early – barely detectable on the office test)

  18. It is very unfortunate when a cat gets attacked by a dog. There little bodies are usually no chance for a dogs jaws.

  19. A house cat was not being watched by there owner and got out went into the niebors yard and my wife and my dog Savana a pitbull? jumped the fence to play with her and the dog neber had played witha cat before or seen one and thecat got wounded being small and frafile compaired to any dog she bit a little hard on its back leg and needed stitches my wife immediatly hoped the fence ang took her back in our yard as the neighbors father said that dam cat should not have been in the nieghbors yard anyway so the owner of the cat wants me to pay 300.00 for the vet bill even both animals were not in either of there yards how do you come to an agrrement the lady said you can help me pay the bill or maybe raise my fence i dont know what to do because even though i have a pit? she is not vicous the most lovable dog i ever had (by the way this happened 5 and a half months ago and now she came over for money i think she is responsible for her cat i make sure my dog is always in our fenced yard and we watch her when we take her out.all i can say is be responsible for your pet i guess i do and i cant afford 300.00 right now i dont know what i should do…………..

  20. I just saw a guy telling his unleashed boxer/pittbull to attack stray cats near the dumpster where I’m staying. There’s a lot of cat haters out there. Next time I’m going to video tape him teaching his dog aggressive behavior towards other animals.

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