Dog Lump and Bump Home Remedies

If your dog has a lump or bump you should be considering trying one of these remedies. In this video Dr. Jones gives you three natural remedies you can try at home. Each remedy is simple, with no more than two ingredients each, and should be done for 30 days to see if it’s helping your dog’s lump or bump.

1 thought on “Dog Lump and Bump Home Remedies”

  1. My 15 YO Cockapoo has some strange, sticky bumps growing on the edge of her ears. I tried peeling it off, but it’s painful for her. Never encountered this w/any dog in decades! Im on a very limited budget now & looking to help her w/o the Vet. Seems to be growing fast. She’s now shaking her head more. On both ears. I keep the insides clean of gunk, but this is very different.
    Will warm water compress help? Going to try…& put triple antibiotic ointment on them?

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