Dog Ear Infection Treated With Natural Remedies

Dog Ear Infections can be very difficult to treat. Dr Jones shows you 2 new remedies. One new natural option for cleaning an infected dog ear, then a new holistic answer to treating a dog with a recurring ear infection.

Ear infections are very common in dogs, you will notice they will shake their heads, scratch their ears, the inner ear will be red and inflamed, as well as a smell will emanate.

The first remedy is witch hazel with aloe vera. Witch hazel is an astringent and will bind to fat molecules and get the debris within the ear. Aloe Vera is an anti inflammatory and will soothe their ears.

Using a syringe, and tilting their ear flap, squirt roughly 15 mls for a dog Pipi’s size, and rub base of the ear well. You will hear the liquid move around, this is getting the liquid down the canal to clean.

After this, take a cotton ball and wipe any excess. You’ll continue this process until the cotton ball is completely clean, you may have to use multiple syringes of the witch hazel.

To treat the ear infections, Dr. Jones recommends to use remedies that are antibacterial, antifungal and anti inflammatory. He uses 2tbls of coconut oil, melted, and 2tbls of apple cider vinegar, mixed. Add to a small bowl, draw into a 3cc syringe, tilt ear flap back, add 5-10 drops into the ear canal. Add twice per day, for 7-10 days, and then rub the base of the ear like you would with the witch hazel, until healed.

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  1. With this remedy can I use it on a cats ear infection everything that you explaining my cat has it. Thank you

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