Dog Choking on Ball: Emergency Extraction Technique

  If you’re dog is choking on a ball, I have the technique to help you remove it.

This technique is called the External Extraction Technique. 

Some smaller balls and toys, while uncommon, can get lodged into your dog’s airway. They can become completely unconscious, which can be extremely dangerous. 

So, when do you use this technique? 

  • Full airway obstruction
  • Obstruction caused by ball/round toy
  • Or when your dog becomes unconscious

How do you apply the External Extraction Technique?


Step 1

  • Place your unconscious dog on their back
  • Straddle your dog
  • Position them so that their neck is extended, and trachea is parallel to the floor

Step 2

  • Identify landmarks
  • Thumbs in front of trachea, behind ball
  • Fingers spread in a ‘V’ shape and anchored to lower jaw

Identify the trachea as the main airway, where the ball is lodged.

After this, you’ll want to identify the mandible, or the lower jaw. Make a diamond shaped pattern where your thumbs are behind the ball, with your index and middle finger are anchored on the lower jaw.

Step 3

Using a ‘J’ stroke, pushing the thumbs down and out, ejecting the ball from their mouth.

Step 4

Once the ball is out, use two rescue breaths, ensuring the airways are open.

Then, you’ll notice the chest rise, meaning the airway is open, and air is moving through the trachea.

Step 5

At this point, if your dog does not respond, you’ll want to complete the steps of CPR.

Thank you for reading, please let me know in the comments if you found this helpful!

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