Dog Allergies – watch this video

Here’s another video from my Help The Animal Shelter Special – this one on how to treat a dog with allergies.

The special is over as of tonight! Thanks to all who participated in helping me raise money for my no-kill animal shelter, the Second Chance Animal Shelter.

I’ll have more videos to come – so stay tuned…

Best wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

5 thoughts on “Dog Allergies – watch this video”

  1. Hey Dr. Jones
    Greetings from Eugene OR. USA, I have a puppy English Bulldog with chin acne. I have had other dogs with skin allergies and used Cephalexin how safe is this medication? I have switched his food to Orijen that is made in Canada and not well known here,Have you heard of this food? I want to keep my dog as healthy as possible and would like to know more about Herbs & natural cures.
    Thanks, Dorothy

  2. I was excited to see you video on allergies, but am unable to locate the Nutri-C. Please provide information on how/where this can be purchased. Thank you.

    Maribeth Malton

  3. Regarding the leader “Mackie is allowed to….” I felt such hope and gladness in my heart. Only to log on to find MIL is still interested in only herself. Poor Mackie.. Poor FIL..
    Poorest of all is Dr Jones.. a true animal lover trapped with a family of expletive deleteds.

  4. Hi Dr.Jones!
    So grateful to see your site and that you are a “Natural” Vet!(We’re not too far away from you here in Alberta!). We just adopted/rescued our Beagle (female,9mos) one week ago. She is experiencing allergies,(excessive scratching)and so I started adding ground flax to her food as soon as she arrived.We changed her food twice now,(at first because she didn’t want what the foster home was giving her, to the same brand but just one step up from puppy food and then just two days ago to a “holistic” brand which does not contain wheat or oatmeal, as we feel these are her allergins). Being that you stated fish oil and Quercitin might help, I will try those as well. Our youngest daughter has been exhibiting allergy symptoms since our puppy arrived,(so we bumped up her Vitamin C which is a natural anti-histamine) and even though there is the possiblity we may have to surrender our puppy back to the rescue organization, we are trying everything NATURAL possible, in order not to have to do so. For both our daughter as well as our puppy.



  5. thank you for the great advice on allergins. i will be trying what you suggested. and i am very thankful.i hae learned alot. have a great day

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