DIY Dog Butter For Calluses

Dog elbow calluses are common in middle age to older dogs, they happen when dogs lay on hard surfaces. It is important to take care of the calluses as they can crack, be painful, and become infected. Here is a DIY All Natural dog butter to put on your dog’s calluses to help heal them.


2tbs coconut oil
2tbs castor oil
1tbs shea butter
1tbs beeswax

Mix the ingredients all together in one bowl and then melt the mixture on the stove, ensure each ingredient is fully melted. Pour into a jar or container and leave in the fridge to cool and solidify.

2 thoughts on “DIY Dog Butter For Calluses”

  1. Hi Andrew ,
    My dog Nina has had surgery for elbow discplasia in sept of 22.
    The rehab has been long & I still void dog parks . If she over runs or over plays she starts to limp . This breaks my heart daily .
    Watching her play & run is what fills me with joy…
    Please do you anything I can do to help her heal & do the things dogs should do at the age of 5 ?
    Thanks so much

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