Cysts In Dogs and Cats: 5 Natural Remedies

In this video Dr Jones shows you the top 5 holistic options to treat your dog or cat’s cysts at home.

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Dr Andrew

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5 thoughts on “Cysts In Dogs and Cats: 5 Natural Remedies”

  1. Dr.Jones
    I just discovered two lumps in my cat Nippy Love aprox 4 years,one on each side hanging between his back legs about the size of my first thumb joint.
    I will give him Turmeric and contact my vet.
    Thanks for your dedication in helping us help our babies!!!!!

  2. Dr.Jones I will send your request to my contact list to help you reach your goal of 100,000 membership so your expertise can help all of the Pet Parents in the world save our Precious & Beloved Pets!!!!!!

  3. it is not a pure remedy to use these artificial cleaners on wounds/cysts. You can use something more pure/all natural/organic to clean the skin.

  4. my puppy is just about 9 weeks old and he has these big cyst one on the side of his neck one under his chin and one on his back leg now the one on is leg popped also the one on his neck now my qustion to you what can i give him for discomfort other than asprin and what can i do to help the other one go away and what should i put on it after they are all popped and ready to start healinhg sorry i have so many i just really love my puppy we fell on some hards times a vet will charge to much

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