Could This Dog Dewormer Cure CANCER? | Dr. Jones Explains

Introduction to Cancer Treatments in Pets

I’ve always been deeply invested in the health and wellness of pets, and today, I’m tackling a critical topic—cancer treatments for our dogs and cats. The big questions are: Are these treatments safe? Are they effective? Is there solid research backing them? Specifically, I’m exploring the use of dewormers like Fenbendazole for treating cancer in pets, a subject that’s gained quite some attention lately.

Understanding Dewormers as Cancer Treatments

Fenbendazole, a drug from the benzimidazoles class, is primarily known as a dewormer but is now being repurposed as a potential cancer treatment. This shift is intriguing because it’s not just about treating pets; it’s also about its implications for human cancer treatments. Fenbendazole has a similar counterpart, Mebendazole, which is approved for use in humans. The idea of repurposing these well-established drugs for cancer treatment comes from their apparent cytotoxic effects on malignant cells observed during other studies.

Safety and Effectiveness of Fenbendazole

In my veterinary practice, I’ve used Fenbendazole extensively. It’s a broad-spectrum dewormer that’s effective against challenging parasites like Giardia. What’s comforting about Fenbendazole is its safety profile; it tends to be safer than other treatments like metronidazole, which can have severe side effects. Through my experience and extensive literature reviews, Fenbendazole is generally considered very safe for both deworming and, potentially, for treating cancer.

Research and Studies on Dewormers for Cancer

There’s a growing body of research exploring the anticancer properties of dewormers. Studies in dogs, cats, and even humans show varying results. For example, a significant study by Johns Hopkins University found that an antiparasitic drug slowed pancreatic cancer in mice. Another study highlighted Fenbendazole’s effectiveness against chemotherapy-resistant colorectal cancer cells. These studies suggest that, while not universally successful, dewormers like Fenbendazole have potential as cancer treatments.

Personal Experiences and Testimonials

The real impact, however, often comes from personal stories. Many of our subscribers have shared their positive experiences using Fenbendazole for their pets’ cancer. For instance, one dog with a stage three mast cell tumor avoided chemotherapy and radiation and instead adopted a holistic treatment approach, showing remarkable improvement. Another cat with a significant abdominal mass saw it disappear after treatment with Fenbendazole. These stories provide hope and underscore the potential benefits of these treatments.

My Take on Using Dewormers for Cancer in Pets

If my own pets were diagnosed with cancer, I wouldn’t hesitate to consider Fenbendazole as part of their treatment regimen. Given the complexity of cancer and the mixed results from various studies, there’s no guarantee of a cure. However, the potential benefits, coupled with a low risk of side effects and cost-effectiveness, make it a compelling option to explore.

Conclusion and Invitation to Learn More

I’m passionate about advancing natural pet health and sharing knowledge that can make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners. If you’re interested in learning more about natural treatments and holistic approaches to pet health, I invite you to join my upcoming webinar. We’ll discuss cancer causes, effective diets, supplements, and more to help you take proactive steps in managing your pet’s health.

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14 thoughts on “Could This Dog Dewormer Cure CANCER? | Dr. Jones Explains”

  1. I can’t find the liquid version for f fenbendazole any where. Can you suggest where I purchase that? Thanks!

    1. A source we’ve used for Panacur here in Canada is “Pets Drug Mart”. You can order various amounts, it arrives in a bottle that’s filled when you order, it’s not a printed label -it’s looks like something you’d get from your Vet or a pharmacy – but it is legitimate. Here’s the direct link:

      Panacur (Fenbendazole) is in liquid form, it has a concentration of 100 mg/ml. For example, a 50 lb dog would receive 11.5 ml (1150 mg) per day for 3 days on / 4 days off.

      Or try Amazon.

      1. Here is Dr. Jones’ advice on Panacur (Fenbendazole) for cancer:

        The regimen for cancer is 50 mg/kg of body weight (or 23 mg per lb), once daily for 3 days on / 4 days off.

        If Panacur (Fenbendazole) is in liquid form, it has a concentration of 100 mg/ml. For example, a 50 lb dog would receive 11.5 ml (1150 mg) per day for 3 days on / 4 days off.

        If Panacur is in the form of granules or packets (222 mg/g), a 50 lb dog would get 5 granules, or 5 of the 1 g packets (5 g total).

        If giving Panacur in paste form (100 mg/g), a 50 lb dog would receive 11.5 grams of Panacur.

        Dr Jones suggests trying this for a month to see if your pet will respond.

  2. I am looking to use Fenbendazole as well for my cat. My cat is 7.2 pounds. 2years old, with a tumor in his small intestine. I’m in the United States. Any recommendations of where I can find it here as well as is it flavored? And he had advice on the dosing
    Also, has anyone had experience with this in cats. Any anti-nausea or pain meds that might go with it?

    1. I ordered fenbendazole from chewy. It comes in the liquid form and its chicken flavored. You do need a script from your vet. My cat has been on it for 3 weeks. I’ve noticed an improvement. I just add it to his food, he loves it.

    2. I got my DOG some but not sure about cats. As far as pain, I ordered some DOG CBD for pain. Have yet to use it, but bought it because my dog had a bad seizure while I was walking him, and it really shook me up. Now his tumors have spread. I am just starting to use this for my dog this evening. My dog is about 145 lbs too! Hope you can find some CBD for kitties to help ease the pain.


    1. Hi Debbie,
      That is outstanding that you healed from your late-stage cancer with Panacur//Fenben. Did you take it daily or 3 days on/4 days off? Which form did you use? Liquid, paste or powder? I’ve been using the human tablets daily but they are becoming harder & harder for me to swallow. Thank you. Carol

  4. My Dog weighs 83lbs what is the dose in both paste and granules. I have granules. He has osteosarcoma.

  5. Actually yes it can. We know a woman personally that had stage 4 cancer and was told there was nothing else that can help her. After a lot of research and nothing else to loose she tried it. After her new found treatment she ended up in complete remission with no sign of the cancer left in her body. She couldn’t tell her doctor or her insurance would drop her.
    In the early 1900sthe created a microscope capable of FORTEEN THOUSAND magnification and they researched cancer and compared it to parasites and found they were in fact identical.
    This technology of the microscope was swept under the rug to keep normal people from having the capability to do their own research without buying expensive electron microscopes that most can’t afford.
    When ever there is a cure it’s always stopped.
    Same way they stoped the real safe cure for Covid Ivermectin and others.
    If you have exausted all other options I will not hesitate to do the same

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