Cat with repeated Urinary Tract Infections? Top 5 Natural Treatments

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2 thoughts on “Cat with repeated Urinary Tract Infections? Top 5 Natural Treatments”

  1. Thank you so much for your lessons and taking care of animals I have a last 40 years I’ve had feral cats in. my neighborhood(30-40 yrs) I live in a dead end by railroad & food for cats?…raw meat.??.no or suitable grain.? greens.?..natural flea?…+ skin itch& raw bloody ears & lip & teeth..lip tongue edge thaNks
    P.S.chiro gave me ozone distilled h20 & it seemed to help…he ran away ..came b a ck later.
    Also botle

  2. I have a kitten who is in heat for the second time and she pees around the condo. What can I use to stop this behavior? I don’t want to spay her however I might have to so I don’t have have a home smell of pee.

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