Cat Hairballs and Vomiting: New Diets & Step by Step Remedies

Does your cat vomit a lot? Dr. Jones tells you about three common reasons why this may happen and how to solve them naturally. In addition, there’s a great new remedy at the end of the video so make sure to watch this video!

2 thoughts on “Cat Hairballs and Vomiting: New Diets & Step by Step Remedies”

  1. Thank you soooo much Dr. Jones. You have helped us so much. I wish our cat would eat everything like Murray does! He is picky picky picky. I have your ultimate food supplement and can’t get him to eat it ( don’t feel bad…:) we have come to liquifying it and squirting in his mouth. 🙂 I love your channel and you, Dr. Jones.

  2. also! slippery elm has fixed both my cat’s loose stool and constipation! hreat stuff!
    i also use psyllium husk for these issues too!

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