Cancer Causes in Dogs and Cats

There are many documented causes of cancer in dogs and cats, and Dr. Jones highlights some of the surprisingly preventable causes.

Cancer can be more prevalent in some breeds than others, this includes Golden Retrievers and Lab Retrievers. Some studies say 60% of Goldens will pass from cancer. 

Carcinogens in Food:

  • BPA levels found in some pet food was %1000 higher than in a can of chicken soup.
  • Lead levels in some pet food was shown to be %500 higher than cigarettes
  • Arsenic was found to be %2000 higher in some pet food than cigarettes

In a type of bladder cancer that Scottie dogs are prone to, dogs who were fed green, leafy vegetables as a supplemental part of their diet, had a far lower level of instances. 

Exposure to toxic cleaners can also be a factor. This can happen from instances from your pets licking the floor after you’ve cleaned the floor with these cleaners. 

Flea and tick medication? Studies showed an increased risk of a type of mouth cancer linked to taking some topical flea and tick medication. It can concentrate in their mouth when they groom themselves. Using a shampoo reduces the risk. 

Spaying or neutering your pet too early can lead to issues such as lymphoma, bone cancer and more. Waiting until around 1 year of age is recommended. 

There are many factors in abnormal cell growth, but lowering the risk with reducing the above factors can make the difference. Adding an immune-boosting supplement such as my Ultimate Feline and Canine Formulas can help keep your pet healthy. 

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