Breathing Heavy, Enlarged Lymph Nodes

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Breathing heavy and Enlarged Lymph Nodes


A good morning to you.

I had an extremely busy weekend with emergencies, but one in particular stood out… a dog younger than Lewis was suddenly weak, and short of breath.

On examination he had a fever, and ALL of his lymph nodes were enlarged.

His gums were pale.

He was breathing faster.

I did a needle biopsy of a lymph node…

Diagnosis: Lymphoma or Cancer.

WHY is this happening?

In my 15 years of practice, I’ve noticed 2 new trends that are frankly downright disturbing, and very sad…

1. It seems that every single year I’m asked to treat more and more dogs and cats for cancer.

2. It seems that on average, the pets that are being brought to me for cancer treatment are much, much younger than ever before.

10 years ago it was rare for me to see a dog or cat that was under 10 years old come down with cancer. But now it seems like that is no longer the case.

There have been plenty of recent studies to confirm my findings, and it’s a fact – more and more pets are coming down with cancers … and at much younger ages than ever before.

We are also seeing a lot more allergies, a lot more skin and gum disease, arthritis, kidney problems… and especially auto-immune diseases – diseases in which a dog’s own immune system turns on them and begins attacking their healthy blood and skin.

And here’s something else that’s shocking:

10-20 years ago, many of these deadly and painful diseases were almost non-existent.

When I first began practicing 15 years ago, I never saw this stuff.
So why now?

With the advances in veterinary medicine, shouldn’t cancer and other diseases be occurring LESS?

There are 3 MAJOR CAUSES… and some very important things that you can do to decrease the likelihood of Cancer affecting your dog or cat.

1. OVER-VACCINATION. Vaccinate with as little and as infrequent as possible.

2. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS. Avoid what you can, and Supplement your dog or cat.

3. POOR QUALITY FOOD. ONLY feed quality food… and NOT only Kibble.

SO what should you do now?

I you have yet to get my report on Cancer Prevention I suggest this:


P.S. I will be using a combination of alternative and conventional treatments for my newest cancer patient. You can get a Complete Step by Step guide for EXACTLY what to give by going here:

It’s Your Pet… Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

5 thoughts on “Breathing Heavy, Enlarged Lymph Nodes”

  1. Dear DR.Jones I just lost my dog 3 days ago to lymphoma diagnosed in March–he was breathing heavy and had enlarged lymph nodes and his gums were pale. My vet said he may live a day or 2 but I decided to let him go. He was the best dog in the world with the most gentle heart and manner–never did he complain and I’m sure he was in pain as the tumor grew. If only I had a Vet here that would do traditional and alternative methods together–maybe my boy would still be here. You see Dr. not everyone is dripping in money and when it comes to Vet care it gets very expensive. The one place around here that does cancer cases comes with a huge price tag. For instance my friend just went to this Clinic because her Lab was having stomach problems–they kept him for 5 days and ran every test they could think of and when she went to get him they said they had no idea what was wrong with him. The price tag was $5000.00 and she has no idea what was wrong with him. I had my boy there and in 1 day the bill was $1700.00 for blood work, x-ray, ultrasound, urinalysis, aspirates and they still didn’t know the cause or source just that small cell lymphoma was suspected. I did not have money for conventional chemo which they said would be thousands so I tried non-traditional methods like flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, no grain diet–homecooked sometimes EVO, transfactor plus, fish oil, milk thistle, IP6, spirulina, probiotics, bone meal. All of these things helped him live beyond the 1 month death sentence but if I had a physician like you I could have tried oral neoplasene which I’m sure would have shrunk the tumor. Wednesday night I heard him honking like a duck and when I went downstairs there was blood on the walls–he had blood coming from his nose but then it stopped. I couldn’t bear to take him to the ER were they treat animals like they are cash cows not because they love them. The VET industry is a huge Cash Cow because the patient can’t tell you whats wrong with them so they can run endless tests and some of us love our dogs but cannot afford endless tests. For instance the dog you saw with the pale gums and heavy bleeding you did an aspirate of the lymph node first–where I went they would have done x-ray first with blood work, said that they couldn’t see anything on the x-ray so lets do a ultrasound–can’t see anything on ultrasound–lets do aspirates–1200 later we know he has lymphoma–see what I mean DR. Please Dr. I’m ranting becuase I am grieving–I feel like I let my boy down but I tried with what I had and he had some happy months–who knows if I had a Vet like you he might be here today. Good Luck with your work in educating people–I wish there were more VETS like you. God will bless you and reward you. Kathleen Moloney, Elkton,MD

  2. Hi, it really breaks my heart to hear stories like this! I guess I’m lucky that I have a great vet for my cats (36 at the mo, I foster and rescue unwanted cats)who really cares for them and, even if we differ in opinion a bit re diet and vaccinations, she respects my ideas, and sees the great results I consistently have.
    Also have always had great luck with my dogs vets, both homeopathic, and standard.
    Here in New Zealand the Vet course at uni is THE hardest to get into, and to pass, so we have some of the best vets in the world, unfortunatly we loose alot of them to the rest of the world!!
    I’ve been into pet rescue, rehabilitate, retrain, rehome for a long time and also earn a living training dogs…. hum no, training owners! And have recommended a raw food diet, with some organic supplements, for years, plus have told people to do their own reaserch re vaccinations, procesed food, and any medication their vet suggests their pet may need, basically to always be informed, don’t trust a plaque on a wall blindly,
    I’ve not fed my pets processed food for over 10 years now, and aside from the odd check up, or wound that needed stitches, I haven’t needed the services of a vet for years, smaller wounds (inc deep ones) once washed out with saline (for IV use, so clean) have always healed cleanly and rapidly, rescues that come to me with all sorts of problems are healed much faster (than the vet expected) and with no reoccuring problems, and in more than one occasion when a vet has given up and advised me to euthanise I have proved them wrong!! Lots of love and healthy food/lifestyle can do miracles!!!
    (now if only I could feed myself as well as them, give up ice cream, chips and chocolate……..everything I do eat!!!)
    Thanks for your efforts in tryn to educate people, 1 step at a time, we’ll put those $$ hungry, pet killing,… industries out of business!!
    PS: how do you recognise a dog fed Eukanuba??
    -By the yellow grass in his back yard. (real healthy….NOT)!
    Thanks for all, Tia, Auckland NZ (Aotearoa)

  3. I have 5 dogs and 5 cats. My dogs eat lamb and rice dog food and right now I give them summer sausage, pepperoni, and salami, stuff that they use to make pizza with. I never eat that stuff myself but I found that my dogs love it and don’t like the dog biscuits or rawhide chews very much. None of my dogs have ever been vaccinated. They all had porcupine quills when they were younger. I don’t let them run wild and made a chain link fence for them. They have about 3 or 4 acres of fenced in area to run around in. I find that they spend a lot of time sleeping now and stay in or around the house now. They are now 7 1/2, 8 and 9 years old. The only dogs that I had that died on me, were the mother of these pups who died when they were 8 weeks old. She had gotten with a porcupine when she was pregnant and again after the pups were older. Another dog, Peter, died when he was 1 and a half. I don’t know what from. He was whining a lot and one morning I found him dead. Then I had a pup who was sick right from 5 weeks old when I got him and he died when he was 6 months old.

    My dogs eat raw potato peels, raw carrots, egg shells, etc. Basically, they are ‘garbage cans’. I’ve only ever taken them to a vet to get them spayed and Skippy neutered when they were younger. In 2004 when I took Skippy in to get neutered, he was growling at the receptionist when I brought him in and so she had me help them give him his shot. She said he’d be easier for them to handle him if I was there. She said it would make him easier for them to handle him. After when I came to pick him up, I was outside waiting in my car and she came out to my car and said, “Skippy won’t walk for us but I’m sure if you come, he’ll walk for you.” After I got there, he was howling and he got up and walked out of the clinic.” The veterinary assistant was holding one end of the leash and yanking it, to try and get him to get up and walk. After I came he got up and walked out. She let go of the leash and threw it. Both the vet assistant and vet seemed like they thought it was funny how he walked out for me but they couldn’t get him to walk. They seemed kind of desperate to get him to walk. I still tease Skippy about this saying to him, “Just a little puppy and he was scared. He couldn’t walk…”

  4. Don’t know where to start. Awakened this morning shaking and crying over the loss of my Nell a Sheltie. She, had lymphoma and enlarged spleen and to keep her from suffering had her uthanized. The, love we shared was something special. She, was used for breeding for the first 5 yrs. of her life but her last 7 was spent with someone that loved her deeply.

  5. so am i right in reading that commercialised processed pet foods are in fact, bad for your pet’s health? I’ve always been a tad concerned that if, in fact, my cat was running in the wild, she WOULD NOT be eating horse-meat/horse-bones and all the other crap that goes in to these ‘nutritional’ tinned foods! :s

    Some advice please as what natural, healthy foods i can start feeding my 10-yr-old..please note, i’m in the UK. Thanks

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