Benefits of MCT Oil for Dogs

Today, we will cover some of the many benefits of including MCT oil as a supplement in your dog’s diet. MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides, or fatty acids) is a liquid derivative of coconut oil with a variety of health benefits for dogs – and humans!

Increased metabolism, energy and weight loss:

MCT oil can increase feelings of satiety, without the use of carbohydrates. It can easily enter cells without being broken down, leading to more energy and increased metabolism, and feelings of fullness that can help with weight loss. 

Skin and coat health:

The chemical makeup of MCT oil means that the oil penetrates dog’s fur shafts easier, and improves appearance for a shinier coat. Studies show that MCT oil is antibacterial and gives relief to dogs with eczema and itchy skin, with topical application. 

Improved brain function:

Studies have shown that MCT Oil can improve brain function, and help with Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. It has also assisted in reducing seizure frequency by up to 50%! One of our family dogs with epilepsy has shown great improvement with daily MCT and CBD oil supplementation. 

Dosage: Start with ½ tsp/10lbs per day, then slowly work your way up to 1 tsp/10lbs 2 times daily. 

*And as a bonus point, MCT oil can also be used to deal with ear mites – it can suffocate them if applied in the ear. 

Application: 2-3 drops of MCT oil into both ear canals. Gently rub/massage the base of the ear and then clean with a Q-Tip. Avoid pushing too hard and hitting the eardrum. Repeat procedure 2 times/day for 7 days. Stop for a week and then follow up with same procedure for another 7 days.

6 thoughts on “Benefits of MCT Oil for Dogs”

  1. Hi Dr Jones, my dog has epilepsy, he’s been on MCT oil for a year and it helped us greatly, but he has soft stool when I give him mct oil. So I am wondering if the powder MCT would be a better choice? If so, what is the serving size for a 3 kg dog?

    Thank you for your wonderful YouTube channel!

    1. This is my fear with putting my dog on it. As she is epileptic, her having lose stools could throw out her drug stabilization. Perhaps reduce the amount given? I hope you found an alternative. If you did, please let me know.

  2. I was playing with my Yorkie puppy when he yelped, I think he might have hurt his patella. I straighten the leg and the knee seems to be intact. I’m hoping it heals in a couple of days. I don’t feel the knee moving side to side. Could something else be wrong. I have CBD with MCT oil. Will this help with inflammation? He is 5lbs. How much should I give him. Thank you.

  3. My dog hurt her foot out in the woods it’s been a couple months and she started chewing on it it has healed solely there was two places at first and now there’s only one but she is really limping. Can you help please

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