Animals injured, killed near Altona

This is a most disturbing story, that gets me to question humanity.

How could this happen?

Here’s the story:

Warning: This story contains graphic images

CBC News

A dog that suffered a large burn that went through its fur and muscle had to be euthanized.A dog that suffered a large burn that went through its fur and muscle had to be euthanized. (RCMP)The RCMP are investigating a gruesome case involving several animals in southwest Manitoba that have been injured, mutilated and in some cases, killed.


The case is so disturbing and strange, the RCMP have turned to the public to ask for help in solving the mystery.

On March 5, RCMP were called to a veterinary clinic in the Rural Municipality of Rhineland, near Altona, where two dogs had been brought in for treatment.

One of the dogs had suffered a burn, roughly the size of a fist, through its fur and muscle. The sides of the burn were seared and caused so much damage the dog had to be euthanized.

The second dog, belonging to the same person, had been brought to the vet a few days earlier after suffering two deep cuts to its underside. That dog survived.

The owner told police that both dogs had been getting out of her yard in the days leading up to their injuries.

The underside of this dog was severely wounded with deep cuts but the animal survived.The underside of this dog was severely wounded with deep cuts but the animal survived. (RCMP)On the same day the officers were called to the vet clinic, the RCMP were also called by another resident who made a grisly discovery while out for a walk.

The person had found two animals that were skinned. They had no tail and no fur, save for “socks” on the bottom of each leg, RCMP said.

The socks on one animal were white and orange in color and black-brown on the other animal.

It appeared the animals, later confirmed by Manitoba Conservation officers to be a fox and a coyote, were tossed over the bridge where they were lying on top of the snow.

Then on March 25, an animal control officer contacted RCMP on behalf of the Pembina Valley Humane Society.

A dog had been brought to the shelter with bailer twine wrapped around its body. A jug filled with rocks was attached to the twine.


The dog wandered into a yard and the homeowners took it to the shelter. The dog was a pet that had gone missing about two days earlier from a yard on the boundary of Rhineland, RCMP said.

Anyone with information on those cases or any similar occurrences are asked to contact the Altona RCMP detachment at 204-324-6970.

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34 thoughts on “Animals injured, killed near Altona”

  1. OMG, it certainly does make you question humanity. How awful for these animals to have to go through this and then to live with that pain on top of it. I sure hope they catch the B*%@#$*!!! Anyone who could do this is not safe to be in society! It sure takes a sick mind! God bless those poor furry souls.

  2. OMG, I can not believe that someone could do such horrific things to those poor animals…if they find them they should return the favor and do it to them and see how they like it. It’s just deplorable what people are capable of…those poor dogs did not deserve to be treated like that nor did that poor fox and coyote…I hope they find the persons responsible for this abomination quickly.

  3. I question humanity everyday now. I see and hear about things like this and it just makes me sick. The people in our society are cruel, no caring people and do not care about the suffering of these poor animals. I am to the point that I like animals much more than I like people. We live in a sick society.

  4. All I can say is give me 5 minutes with the people responsible and my baseball bat.Sadly there are some sick,sick people on this earth.But,their time will come when they have to stand before GOD.Let’s see how big and bad they are then!!They are cowards plain and simple.Evil cowards!!!!!!!

  5. I hope the time comes soon when people treat such crimes the same as if they were committed against humans. Studies have shown that many who abuse people started out as animal abusers. Why would we not want to stop this in its tracks? Why do we need to wait for a human to be abused, tortured or murdered before we take this seriously. I hope whoever is responsible is caught and punished to the full extent.

  6. Joyce,I am with you.I would rather be around animals than people!They love you no matter what and all they want is to be loved in return.And they deserve it!!

  7. If anyone finds this gutless a’hole, send him over to me in Australia & I guarantee he will never be capable of hurting some poor defenceless animal again.
    People(if one can call him one)like this anger me to such a point I consider they should forfeit their right to be on the outside or to even exist at all.

  8. This sort of thing tells us that the laws are not strong enough. Some people think that animals have no feelings, they are nothing. It is barbaric just as any type of cruelty against animals. The baby seals that the government will do nothing about. The slaughter houses that continue their inhumane killing of horses, calves, cows, pigs, whatever.
    I may sound like a nut to some. I pass by a butcher shop everyday and look into the holding cells to see what is going to be killed today. Is there no value in life at all? It breaks my heart.
    What makes us humans think that we are so special that we have the right to take life so freely, without thought. I don’t know how these people sleep at night. We are the only animal that does this sort of thing, and we all know that it is wrong, mainly because we think we are so “superior” to every other living thing.
    The photos of the injured dogs is upsetting enough,though I don’t think things will ever change until there is real punishment for this sort of behavior. I mean years in prison. Whoever did this is a very sick individual that not only needs serious prison time, but needs some serious mental help.

  9. This was difficult to read. There are so many animal abusers. There is a nation-wide site that is sickening, but necessary, The stories are horrible. I blame our judicial system for not treating animal abuse harshly. It’s just a cat, dog, etc. But all too often, these killers graduate to children and women, serial killers. It is a pattern.

    Wish there was some answer to what what happens to turn some people into such monsters? I worry about the future of such a world.

    The more I know animals, the less I like people. My life is pretty much devoted to helping animals, doing rescue work, volunteering at a spay/neuter clinic, helping find homes for abandoned and surrendered animals.

  10. This story truly breaks my heart, while making me seethe with anger all at the same time. I am sickened by what some members of my own species are capable of; all the while realizing cruelty such as this goes on seemingly without punishment all too often. I sincerely hope that those in the know about who is responsible for these crimes comes forward as without that sadly the animals cannot tell us and their hurts will go unavenged. Its up to us to stand up for them.

  11. This disturbs me indeed. What can we do? How can we help promote much stronger legislation in Canada/U.S. or any other country to stop the barbarious treatment of animals and wildlife? They were not created to needlessly suffer at the hands of mankind.

  12. I have never seen anything so dreadful and horrible in my whole entire life! Just when one thinks that the world couldn’t get any darker, it DOES! I can’t even imagine the pain that these poor animals had to endure! As I was reading, it appeared to me like it was some sort of some sort of satanic ritual that was probably done on these dogs.
    I hope the person responsible is caught. When they are, I think THEY should be skinned alive to be shown just what the torture must have felt like to these animals! I can’t even begin to express my outrage after reading this!!!
    Just yesterday, I watched a surveillance video on the Internet news. In New York, a Good Samaritan was trying to help a woman who was being accosted. The woman managed to escape with his help, but he was stabbed several times. The saddest part was that many people walked past this man on the street as he was bleeding to death and didn’t even call 911. Someone eventually did call 911 but the man was already deceased.
    God help us ALL !

  13. As horrific as this type if abuse is, at least it gets reported. Not so with animals killed for food. Since animals are considered property under the law, there is not much that can be done. So remember everytime you say “owner” instead of guardian, caretaker, etc. This is reinforced.

    I no longer question humanity. I know that humans are basically evil. No where else is this apparent than at a stockyard/slaughterhouse.

  14. As a dog rescuer, this is so upsetting, to say the least. It doesn’t matter what kind of punishment the perpetrators get, it won’t compensate for the horrific suffering of these poor animals! If they are caught, they will only get a slap on the wrist. It makes me sick that this kind of stuff can go on. Some people are not fit to live!

  15. Having spent almost 25 years working in the law-enforcement industry, sadly I have seen more than anyone’s fair share of this side of humanity. From this exposure I came to realize that too much of the human race is like this and the legal repercussions are nowhere near (and likely never will be with our government) severe enough. When our failing legal system only sees our beloved furry family members as “property” instead of the wonderful, priceless creatures that they are, there is no hope for harsh enough penalties for the useless pieces of humanity that did this. Torturing them in return is still not even severe enough. We have to remain hopeful that these walking examples of true evil will one day be found guilty in God’s court. I am so grateful that I am retired now and get to spend every day at home with my 3 wonderful dogs, who remain much better companions than most people I have ever met.

  16. I am so furious and terribly upset when I read such things. I am missing the right words in moments like these …
    Monsters – that’s what these people are. Cowards who dare slashing only at the weaker ones, the helpless.
    They are a danger to society because they are completely missing empathy, let alone responsibility.
    One should imprison them and outlaw them for the rest of their lives.

  17. This is horrible and I also long for the day when the punishment is SEVERE. We live in a very sick world and the scariest part is that anyone who would do this to an animal, wouldn’t hesitate to inflict injury on humans as well if they thought they’d get away without punishment (like they generally do with animals).

    That being said, I agree with DALE (above) that people often think animals do not feel pain.

    MANY vets, however help to perpetrate these beliefs. I had my cat to a veterinary INTERNAL MEDICINE Specialist for a pancreatitis attack 2 months ago. She was a kind, caring individual, yet when I asked her about PAIN medication, she looked at me point blank and said, “That isn’t necessary. Cats don’t FEEL PAIN the way we do.”
    At the time I was inundated with information as he was DX w/cancer & CRF at the same time. Thankfully the pancreas issue healed quickly and he seemed to feel relief almost right after they aspirated the cyst he had on his pancreas, but later when thinking of this, it makes my blood run cold. This person is one of the BEST in the state and KIND. IF she is saying this to people, OF COURSE people will believe it.

    I don’t believe any living breathing creature does not feel pain as we do. The amount they show it and how they comprehend it may be different, but I have zero doubt they FEEL it.
    I’d love to go back to my old country vet, but he’s only working 2days a week now and in emergencies or anything more than a routine check up that you can schedule 2-3 weeks or more in advance, you get one of the other vets anyway.

    Of course many “holistic” vets are equally uninformed it seems in recommending “natural” remedies that are dangerous to animals, esp. cats.
    Many things are toxic to cats, esp. very ill ones who don’t have kidney/liver function working well.

    I just wish there was some form of superior education being taught that combined both medical and holistic views for animals AND was up to date
    with the fact that animals do indeed feel pain. Cat’s don’t show it as they must hide it to survive in the wild, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. The public and the lawmakers NEED to acknowledge it before it will be changed.

  18. When they catch the person or persons responsible, it’s too bad that they can’t do the same to them. Dogs and cats are the most wonderful, understanding and loving creatures and it is just unbelievable that cruel humans can do this to them. It will all come back to these people, just not soon enough.

  19. It never ceases to amaze me that there are such sick, disgusting, vermit that walk this earth. I live in Florida and in the past 6 -8 months have read and heard the news of people slaughtering horses for their meat while the colt sees his mama die. Also, there was a serial cat killer that skinned cats. There have been arrests in both cases, but there is no punishment in my mind severe enough.

  20. cont’d
    Then I look at the recent ruling in the supreme court (USA) that it’s OK to sell videos of animals being tortured. Just FURTHER proof that we are a F*King SICK society when the top judges in the land,believe this should be LEGAL including our president (who believes in no medical treatment for babies “accidently born” who were meant to be aborted). This world is more twisted with each day that passes, not more compassionate.

    You know when I hear things like this, I have zero doubt WHY I *prefer* animals to humans.
    They are honest, kind and hold no agendas.
    When they are sick, they may attack if they feel threatend, but they don’t go out and torture.
    (Not even cats with mice, which is a common misconception. Cats play with their prey to frighten them into shock, then KILL them. It’s NOT a cruel act at all)-no more than giving our pets anesthesia before the final shot that puts them down when their time comes.

    Animals are so much better than people…
    I’ve felt that way my whole life and if anything
    time has strengthened my observation.

  21. I dearly wish that when it comes to animals and children we would go by the biblical writing of “an eye for an eye”. Maybe if the law were much stricter we could treat these people in the exact same manner they treated these defenseless animals!!! I know it sounds cruel, but we need to do something about them. It’s just way out of hand!!!

  22. It depress me so much to see things like that i’m looking at my tootsie she my angel and she has a sweet face to see people hurting destroying those babies that’s what i call them babies when i see animals i really wonder how is that dog treated when they’re inside with they’re owner i would love to save ALL ALL ANIMALS FROM HARM ALL I WISH SOMETHING COULD BE DONE THE GOVERNMENT HUMAN SOCIETY RICH PEOPLE THEY SHOULD ALL GET TOGETHER AND FIND A WAY TO DO SOMETHING if it too much for some owners bring it to someone who will love them i really wish they’re was no law i’d like to make those cruel people SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER AND NO BREAKS TORMENTING THEM THE WAY THEY HAVE TO THOSE PRECIOUS BABIES I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE MY FUN WITH THOSE CRUEL BASTER UNTIL THEY DIE

  23. This makes me sick and it breaks my heart for those poor animals. It seems the only consolation these animals have is that the one/ones that did this will have to stand before God for their judgement. I pray the animals know that all humans are not like that,there are those of us that love,care, and hurt for them.

  24. This type of cruelty is not excepted it is something that has to be dealt with by firmer laws.
    Oh my gut hurts now this is sick and let the public find punishment.I am burning inside this needs to be investigated til solved. amygower

  25. There seems to be a sort of sickness going around that utilizes torturing animals. The RCMP and ALL law enforcement should be investigating the underlying cause of all this animal mutilations happening. Since Daisey Duke’s atrocity here in Alberta, the number of cases happening similarly are beyond disturbing. Not to mention what seems to be a ‘war on wildlife’ spreading across our North America. Begs to ask ‘what is going on?’
    I am beyond anger and disgust, now I’m simply focused and hope the law enforcement agencies across Canada at least get ‘on board’ initiating a ‘task force’ to crack down on the ingrates and this disturbing ‘trend’. Praying for all those poor fursouls tortured for no good reason.

  26. Humanity is in the head. Many have responded angrily to these cruel acts. Many commented about retaliatory acts they would do to the people who did this.
    A person may have responded angrily to a pet on the loose, pooping in their yard,or the result of a mental problem. We do forget, however, that dogs in the wild kill members of their pack for various reasons. They also kill animals for food too, and nobody says anything about that.
    As a society we tend to love non-persons such as animals more than we love non-persons such as humans. We tend to prioritize what and who we love most. Maybe we can take a closer look at ourselves and ask ourselves, is it really going to be better if we jailed, or tortured people that hurt animals, or are we just reacting angerily? Maybe, all this world needs is a little more love.

  27. This is the worst i’ve seen and it just makes me sick that people are so cruel and cold hearted to animals. To see this it truely hurts me. Anyone that is found, caught, or seen doing anything like this to an animal needs the same treatment done to them so they see how it feels. My dogs go out only to do their business and on a leash and watched at all times. God will deal with people on judgement day or before. Animals are to love and care for, not to abuse. They have true love. What has happened to these animals breaks my heart. Please take care of all animals.

  28. Poor animals(((…. How can people be so cruel? I hope that they will be found and severely punished for what they did to these dogs.

  29. This sickens me terribly…….Am i surprised?Why would I be…These are the same a**holes and monsters that prey on the innocent,unsuspecting animal then move onto the child,elderly or just some innocent unsuspecting human being!!!We should be really concerned because these acts of cruelty are far too disturbing and if these idiots are not caught it will continue to get worse as they have media attention to add fuel to their demented acts!!!And in response to “Peter” buddy no offense but I think you’re barking up the wrong tree!!!There is one thing if a pet is pooping in your yard you don’t torture it..and another you give me one documented print that says “pack dogs”can skin you down to your socks and “burn”you right through your muscle and able to impale you with sticks?!!!! We’re talkin about inhumane acts Peter not what happens naturally in the wild!!!

  30. It’s horrible to think of such dreadful things being done to innocent animals.

    Wish I could spend an hour with the people responsible; they’ll feel very, very sorry for themselves then.

    Here’s my own story:

    My friend’s mixed breed dog wandered into my garden several months ago. The poor thing’s back was severely burnt; I suspect hot water had been thrown on it.

    I gave it a square meal and then returned it to my friend, who brought it to the vet immediately.

    Fortunately, it wasn’t badly hurt, but I still question why people would want to do such a thing.

    Apparently, that dog of my friend’s escaped from her home, and we expect wandered into someone else’s yard, and consequently, it was poured with hot water.

    Oh, how could people be so cruel?

  31. Its the ones that don’t question humanity that are the ones who can do things like this. They have no conscious, no feelings of remorse, and they enjoy doing things like this. These are the Jeffery Dahmer’s of the world, and there is no (Zero) chance of rehabilitation for these monsters. My point is.. whoever can do these things to animals, will surely do these things to humans, and the only way to stop them is to euthanize them when they are found.. (and yes i know.. we can’t forget Mrs Blind Lady Justice) tried & convicted. I just pray these poor animals can rest in peace because in life humanity failed them. The person that did that to those animals is known to someone (maybe the sickos parents for one) & they did nothing to stop him (usually us males are the sick ones that do this). They’re just as guilty as the perpetrator is..

  32. omg,these helpless babies put their trust in us humans and this is their just reward, right. i will not say what i would do if i saw this happening, the same thing goes on here in aaron ashley owned a pet shop and was putting dogs,cats and kittens in a freezer in his store and freezing them to death, he is going to trial soon i hope, they should do the same thing to him, only lock the freezer where he cant get out,like the animals couldnt get out. it really makes me sick to see people doing this and most of them get away with it. thank you lee brewer

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