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  1. If they’re making people leave if they lose their jobs, why can’t they make it easier to take their pets with them?

    This is so sad and ridiculous. It’s always the pets that suffer.

  2. Rich people of Dubai, get involved and take care of your abandoned pets. There are so many needy animals in the U.S. I can’t keep giving to other countries. The people of Dubai are very intelligent and could come up with a plan to address this problem. People of Dubai, show the world what you are made of and SAVE YOUR ABANDONED ANIMALS.

  3. I lived in dubai in the 90’s and saw this happen then too with an economic downturn. Alot of british workers abandon their pets when they leave the country because they do not want to pay to put them into quarantine upon return to the UK. Perhaps it is the countries that these expats are returning to that is the real problem.

  4. I have shared this on FaceBook and Twitter – is there anything else we can do? This is just such a tragic situation for the animals and for the volunteers who are working so hard to save them. Is anyone trying to request expedited processing from the government so that the people that do want their pets can take them with them? There has got to be a way to work together to save at least some of these poor abandoned pets.

  5. Almost makes me want to get a job over there just to help all those poor animals.

    But then I have 5 cats here, and to bring them would be prohibitively expensive … and if my job didn’t last … I’d be in the same boat as so many of the ex-pats.

    What the above commenter said about Britain’s quarantine laws is right on target. Kenneling a pet for 6 months must cost a fortune, and if you had just lost your job, I doubt you’d have the money!

  6. Again, the bottom line seems to be the same as for the post about “unethical relations” below.
    True there are many aspects that could be the route cause, but again every individual is responsible for their own acts and the concequences.
    This applies when we move, become an expat or do anything else that might envolve problems for our pets.
    As pointed out in the video,learn what you have to do before it happens and put aside financial resources to cover an eventual crises even for your pets.
    Do as Corinne, spread this educational video!

  7. Hi,
    I am a Dubai resident for more than a decade now and am glad that the sorry state of affairs of the abandoned pets is being brought out to the world slowly but gradually. I have 3 abandoned , gorgeous dogs who are now my pets coz they never got re-homed. One was from K9 shelter here, one was rescued from a locked room in a villa-left to starve, another was found on a highway. I jst rst all pet owners to budget for repatriation for their pets or there shud be strict penalties for them….

  8. Unfortuenately, this is also happening here in the U.S. I live in the woods, in Florida, and people seem to think it is “fine” to just drop off their animals and they will be able to fend for themselves. I have recently taken in one cat I was feeding outside for over a year. After having to pay to have him rescued from a tree, twice, I decided it was time he became an inside pet. Obviously, he had a home at one time. He was already neutered and took to the bed like it was second nature. Luckily, he gets along fine with the rest of my animals and we a big happy family now. I wish people would think of how they would like to be abandoned themselves, before doing this. Our animals are part of our families, and do not deserve this treatment. There are always alternatives to this. I feel sorry for the people who find themselves in financial trouble, but that is no reason to take it out on the animals.

  9. Abandoned pets are an issue everywhere! It’s a rampant issue in many European countries as well, and yes it unfortunately does happen here in the US. It feels like once a year we find a litter of kittens behind the office building here in the woods and are always looking for someone to take them in. People need to really think, before they act, it is cruel to just abandon your pet in the woods, these poor animals have right to a normal life too.

  10. i have dogs my self and i dont mind taking in a dog or two if k9 friends cant help then i might be able to take the dog in

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