Why Give Your Dog Supplements

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Firstly, it’s helpful to understand that not all dog food is made equally.

You’ve probably heard me say this before.

A lot of it is full of corn, by-products, dyes, unhealthy preservatives, filler grains and all sorts of nasty stuff.

A lot of pet food companies are perfectly happy to the dump cheap leftovers and things that aren’t safe for human consumption (from human food processing plants) into their foods.

Will it kill your dog? No, usually not. It of course has to meet some basic nutrition standards.

But is it healthy? In many cases, NOT by a long shot and can cause illness.

Of course there are also some very good dog foods on the market.

Just like humans, dogs can benefit from supplements for many of the very same reasons we do.

Dogs need a proper diet combined with the right amount of vitamin and minerals in order to prevent sickness, disease, and promote longevity.

Deficiencies in the right vitamin and mineral balance usually shows up in poor health, illness and/or behavioral problems.


* A good daily multi-vitamin and mineral complex will ensure that your dog receives the additional supplementation the current diet may lack, as well as best prepare the immune system for dealing with common ailments.

Not to mention many other additional additives included in a supplement such as OMEGA 3 oil, Probiotics, Key Amino Acids, Joint Support additives (including Glucosamine), and other Key Immune support ingredients.

All of which work to help maintain the health & comfort of your dog.

* Vitamins are rich in antioxidants which fight free radicals. As you may know, free radicals can cause cancer.
Giving your pet nutrients when sick helps the body to fight the disease and heal much more quickly.

* Vitamins are essential to your pet’s sense of vitality.

Without the micronutrients needed to build the body, fight infection and relieve stress, pets are more susceptible to disease.

Many dog owners, in general, only supplement their dogs when an illness (caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency) arises.

Though this is better than not supplementing at all, bit bear in mind that you may not see any immediate results if you leave it until an illness occurs (even the manufacturers claim otherwise).

It requires time for the supplements to take effect and some owners do not have the patience to see it through.

My advice to any dog owners is to consider a dog supplement for their dogs before an illness strikes.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Not only this will save you money and headaches in the long run, but your dog will enjoy many more healthy and happy days.

Remember since your dog cannot make their own health decisions, they rely on us to do what is best for them.

One of the best dog supplements I advise is one I have created:

“Dr Jones Ultimate Canine Health Formula”

It contains a range of Minerals, Vitamins, OMEGA 3 oil, Probiotics And Prebiotics Blend, Key Amino Acids Blend, Joint Support Blend (including Glucosamine), and Key Immune Protective Blend.

This Complete, All-Natural Nutritional Health Supplement for dogs is available as a 30 day trial for only $18.97 (plus postage under $5) so it definitely worth trying.

That’s 50% off the usual price so a smart time to take the trial.

You are protected with a 60 day refund guarantee as well.

You can grab it here:

Dr Jones’ Ultimate Canine Health Formula


P.P.S. Why you are not as AWESOME as your dog…


2 thoughts on “Why Give Your Dog Supplements”

  1. Could you please tell me if the calcium in your ultimate canine supplement is sufficient or do I need to supplement further.thank you so much and God bless you always.

    1. Hi, if giving a home diet, Dr. Jones recommends adding extra calcium on top of what’s in Ultimate Canine. Although it’s best to calculate the amount of calcium based on your dog’s caloric requirement, as a basic measurement you can provide 25mg per lb of body weight daily. Ultimate Canine contains 240mg per serving, so you would calculate the additional amount from that. For example, if your dog is 40lbs then you would provide 1000mg total, so (approximately) an extra 760mg per day.

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