7 Cancer Remedies for Dogs and Cats – especially for Lymphoma

Cancer rates appear to be rising in our animals. I personally have had 2 dogs and 1 cat die of cancer… I have diagnosed WAY too many pets with Cancer.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are one of the few supplements documented to help support the immune system, and potentially prevent some of the cancers.

I have many pet parents reporting this is helping their pet, and on a personal side I am now on them daily as well!

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Canine cancer affects one out of every three dogs in the U.S. With approximately 80 million dogs in the country, this means around 27 million dogs could be diagnosed with cancer. Alarmingly, 14 million of these may ultimately succumb to the disease. One particularly devastating type that I often encountered in veterinary practice is Lymphoma, which, to this day, cannot be cured by chemotherapy alone.

7 Alternative Cancer Treatments for Pets

Given the grim statistics, exploring alternative treatments is critical. Here are seven alternative cancer treatments you might not be familiar with:

1. Dandelion Root

Research from the University of Windsor has highlighted the potential of Dandelion Root in fighting cancer, thanks to its anti-carcinogenic properties. For home treatment, grind dried dandelion root and simmer a teaspoon per 20 lbs of body weight in a cup of water for 20-30 minutes. Administered daily, it could show effects within two weeks.

2. Panacur for Cancer

Inspired by Joe Tippens’ miraculous recovery, fenbendazole, a common dewormer, has shown promise in combating cancer. For pets, the regimen involves a dosage of 50mg/kg daily for three days, followed by four days off. Consider trying this for a month to observe any positive response.

3. Medical Marijuana (THC and CBD Oil)

Natural anti-inflammatory properties of THC and CBD oils can aid in cancer treatment. From personal experience, my Black Lab, Lewis, who suffered from mouth cancer, responded well to a 4:1 CBD to THC tincture. The dosage recommendation is 3mg per 10 lbs twice daily.

4. Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Turkey Tail (Coriolus versicolor): Known for its immune-boosting properties, Turkey Tail is used in Japan as a medicinal treatment for colorectal cancer, with doses recommended at 100mg/10 lbs daily.
  • Reishi: Particularly beneficial for Lymphoma, Reishi can be administered at 100mg/10 lbs once to twice daily.

5. Ivermectin for Cancer

Originally noted for its potential during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ivermectin is now being studied for various cancers. The typical dosage for dogs is 1mg (.1cc) per 10 lbs daily for at least 30 days.

6. Melatonin for Cancer

Melatonin, commonly known as the sleep hormone, has shown effectiveness against most types of cancer, especially when used with conventional treatments. Administer 1mg per 10 lbs an hour before bedtime.

7. Diet: High Protein, High Fat, Low Carbohydrate

A diet high in protein and fat, particularly safflower oil, has been beneficial against Lymphoma. Safflower oil, rich in Linoleic Acid, is recommended at a teaspoon per 10 lbs daily as part of a 50% protein/50% vegetable home or raw diet.

P.S. Cancer sucks, and more than anything, do what you can to prevent it. In our animals clearly diet is most important. Avoid known carcinogens/toxins, feed a anti-oxidant filled diet along with supplements.

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8 thoughts on “7 Cancer Remedies for Dogs and Cats – especially for Lymphoma”

  1. I’ confused as to exactly how long to take it/give it. For dogs it sems to be 3 days but is that 3 days in and 4 days off and if so for how long?
    Same for humans. How long and what dose?
    My GSD has a large fatty tumor and I wanted it try it. She’s over 100lbs.
    Also a friend of mine has developed a lump in his chest that I wanted to try it on and he’s about 200lbs…

    1. Here is Dr. Jones’ advice on Panacur (Fenbendazole) for cancer:

      The regimen for cancer is 50 mg/kg of body weight (or 23 mg per lb), once daily for 3 days on / 4 days off.

      If Panacur (Fenbendazole) is in liquid form, it has a concentration of 100 mg/ml. For example, a 50 lb dog would receive 11.5 ml (1150 mg) per day for 3 days on / 4 days off.

      If Panacur is in the form of granules or packets (222 mg/g), a 50 lb dog would get 5 granules, or 5 of the 1 g packets (5 g total).

      If giving Panacur in paste form (100 mg/g), a 50 lb dog would receive 11.5 grams of Panacur.

      Dr Jones suggests trying this for a month to see if your pet will respond.

  2. I am confused as where to purchase the Panacur in liquid form?
    It seems it only comes in “goat” called safeguard, or a blue Panacur for cattle and horses.
    Are they all the same or where are we to purchase from?
    We have so little time to make these decisions combine with the urgency for its delivery.

    1. Generally directly from a Vet, although petsdrugmart does offer liquid panancur. But any liquid form is the same drug – fenbendazole.

  3. Have a 13.5 yr Akita. He’s fine but slowing down and getting g a stiff R hind leg.
    I have had intestinal ca in 2017 in the transverse but they got it all but it’s genetic (R sided Lynch Syndrome).
    We are both fine I suppose. Lol. Park and gym 5 days wk.
    Popeye get ALL of your supplements including 3-5 balanced meals daily. He’s gorgeous. BUT stiff in the back leg.
    I also started him on Vets Best for aches and pain yesterday ????.
    What are your thoughts on the both of us either doing Panacur or Ivermectin as a preventative just for a month?
    I know what both are. I’m a retired nurse 20y.
    I don’t want to get sick again. Plus he’s my last Akita of 6.
    A friend of mine took the Cow Ivermec liquid and used the dosage on the bottle for the cow (via per your or my dog’s lb a lb is a lb) and did it orally. He shot it in his coffee daily.
    The gym owner tells me Laura why would you want to do something if you’re okay? Your kidneys, etc. Could they shut down?

    I’m in Louisiana. I bought your book!


  4. If using REISHI extract (organic dual extract) it’s in powder form…. How much should I be giving my 65 pound dog daily in treating lymphoma?
    Can I also give Turkey tail as well as REISHI?

    1. Yes it is helpful on cancer and Lymphoma:
      Turkey Tail (Coriolus versicolor): studied for colon cancer in people, proven immune boosting. It has extensive research in Japan, and now is classified as a medicinal treatment for colorectal cancer. Few to no side effects, and works well in conjunction with chemotherapy drugs.

      Studies are showing a marked decrease in cancer recurrence for people that take Turkey Tail mushroom long term after cancer treatment.

      Dose of 100mg/10lbs daily.


      Other medicinal mushrooms are also VERY important, and IF your dog is to have Lymphoma, then you should be considering REISHI mushroom. Several studies have shown it to be the most beneficial medicinal mushroom for Lymphoma.

      The Reishi dose is 100mg/10lbs once-twice daily.

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