6 STEPS to curing obesity in dogs and cats

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Is your dog or cat too fat?

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, there are 81 million overweight dogs and cats in the U.S. right now – OVER 1/2 of the pet population is too fat.

BUT is this really a big deal- I mean HOW bad can it be?

As an aside, I am going through this now with my newest cat, Trent. Trent LOVES to eat – and being a doting pet owner, I give him what he loves – BUT I need to remind myself of ALL of the problems he will get IF he is Overweight.

Well, there are REAL and significant health risks, and I am seeing these daily in my Veterinary practice.

Here are the BIGGEST health problems related to weight:

Cancer- several types of cancer- from Lipomas to serious sarcomas
Ligament injury- especially Anterior Cruciate Ligaments
Liver Disease- especially in cats
Heart failure
High Blood pressure
Kidney disease
Diabetes- in dogs and cats

How to know if your pet is overweight

In practice, I use the Body Condition Score – which rates dog and cat weight on a 1-5 scale.

1 – Ribs, spine and bony protrusions are easily seen at a distance. These pets have lost muscle mass and there is no observable body fat. Emaciated, bony, and starved in appearance.

2 – Ribs, spine and other bones are easily felt. These pets have an obvious waist when viewed from above and an abdominal tuck. Thin, lean or skinny in appearance.

3 – Ribs and spine are easily felt but not necessarily seen. There is a waist when viewed from above and the
abdomen is raised and not sagging when viewed from the side. Normal, ideal, and often muscular in appearance.

4 – Ribs and spine are hard to feel or count underneath fat deposits. Waist is distended or often pear-shaped when viewed from above. The abdomen sags when seen from the side. There are typically fat deposits on the hips, base of tail and chest. Overweight, heavy, husky or stout.

5 – Large fat deposits over the chest, back, tail base and hindquarters. The abdomen sags prominently and there is no waist when viewed from above. The chest and abdomen often appear distended or swollen. Obese.

50% in practice are OVERWEIGHT

Most pets that I see are rated between 3-5- in other words over 1/2 of the dogs and cat that I see in practice are OVERWEIGHT.

Now comes the BIG question.

What can YOU do about this?

I have MANY specific steps that you can take in my Inner Circle. And this months Video and Report will cover some of the Herbs that will help with weight loss in dogs and cats. You can get in on the $9.97 trial here:

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Here is some of what I reveal in my Inner Circle:


DIET. This is the most important thing in creating weight loss. Your cat should be on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. There are specific high-protein feline diets available at your veterinarian or you can make your own.

Your dog’s diet should also change. I have had good luck with commercial weight-loss diets higher in fiber, but I have also seen good success with homemade diets higher in protein and fiber, lower in carbohydrates and fat.

EXERCISE. Most dogs that I see don’t get nearly enough exercise. Dogs are built to run all day, not spend their life waiting for us to get home from work. Commit to taking your dog out for at least 30 minutes twice daily; try to make it aerobic with a jog or on a bike. Consider a dog-walking service in your area.

For indoor cats, exercise is a challenge. I trained my cat to fetch a small crinkly ball. Some cats will race madly around when inspired by catnip.

TREATS. Stop any high-calorie treats, such as Pounce or Milk Bones. Try specific low-calorie treats, or even better switch to vegetables.

CONTROLLED FEEDING. Feed your pet controlled amounts twice daily; free-fed pets are often overweight.

CARNITINE. This has been shown to speed up weight loss in cats. The dose is 250 mg daily.

HOMEOPATHIC. Calcarea carbonica 30C can trigger weight loss. Give 3 tablets once daily for 4 weeks. It is worth trying when other strategies are not working.


P.S. This really is a silent killer that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. IF your dog or cat is overweight, then you are just ASKING for a health problem to pop up.

DO something about it now.

1. Exercise- commit to regular exercise with your pet.

2. Diet – ELIMINATE the high fat treats, and go to quality higher protein diet.

3. Get the newest Weight burning Herbs here:

Weight Burning Herbs

P.P.S. I have specifically added a combination of ingredients in my New supplement to speed up weight loss in dogs- IF your dog is overweight, and you are wanting to shed the pounds the ‘easy’ way go here:

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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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  1. In your articles about using herbs as an alternative to conventional medicine, I would have to agree with you that they are effective in treating diseases and eliminating parasites. As far as I am concerned medical practitioners are basically legalized drug peddlers. I have also been told that a vet has more years of study and training than most doctors. For me personally I would rather be operated on or get medical treatment from a vet than I would from a doctor.
    I had mentioned earlier that I feel that many multinational food companies as well as pharmaceutical companies appear to be using are pets as test subjects before human trials. I would like to share a link from a program I watched in December about stem cell research done by a group of Sydney vets and scientists, that are using adult stem cells harvested from the patient’s own fat to treat arthritis and other diseases.
    Apparently the technology is already proving successful for dogs and the scientists say it won’t be long before humans could benefit to.

    Here is the link for the full article.


    This is the video link.


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