300 Million Pounds of Recalled Pet Food

Susan Thixton of ‘The Truth About Pet Food‘ published a very informative piece… What does 10 years of recalls tell us?

Over a 10 year period, over 300 million pounds of pet food has been recalled – that’s equivalent to recalling over 1000,000 full sized SUV’s.

Over 2/3’s of the recalled pet food is kibble, 1/3rd is canned food, and only 0.5% is raw pet food.

So, what are the causes of these recalls?

  1. Salmonella, a pathogenic bacteria
  2. Sodium Pentobarbital Euthanyl, the drug that’s used to euthanize dogs, cats and other animals
  3. Aflatoxins, fungal toxins that commonly contaminate pet food

Nearly 50% of all recalled pet food happened because pet owners investigated the cause of their pet’s death, had the pet food tested, and then reported it to authorities.

So, what should you do?

If your cat or dog becomes ill or dies from pet food, report it to the FDA. Take some of these matters into your own hands. If you suspect your pet has died as a result of eating pet food, I have added a link below for a veterinarian to help you get your dog or cat food tested from Dr. Laurie Coger.

We should expect more from pet food companies, and here’s what you can do:

  • Less commercial food
  • Less kibble
  • and when possible, feed a homemade diet

Susan Thixton’s post: https://truthaboutpetfood.com/what-do-10-years-of-recalls-tell-us/

Dr. Laurie Coger to get Pet Food Checked for toxins: https://www.checkyourpetfood.com/

1 thought on “300 Million Pounds of Recalled Pet Food”

  1. Please NEVER feed your dog “4 Health” brand dog food. It’s a grain free food. My dog Bailey is a Beagle, she always had allergies. I went to Tractor Supply to find something for itching. The gentleman working there suggested the “4 Health” grain free dog food. After about a year of her eating this food she/Bailey developed an enlarged heart. Didn’t find out until to late after the damage was done that a study was actually done on Beagle’s and it causes an enlarged heart. Bailey has now been on heart and fluid medication for 2 years.
    She’s doing okay, just wished I had known what it caused. So Please Do Not Feed Your Precious Dogs Any Grain Free Diet.
    You can also get online and search what kinds of dog or cat foods cause an enlarged heart. There’s a whole list of them!

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