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Re: This really happened…


Some stories are hard to believe.

With the advent of the internet, it’s hard to know what is real.

Veterinarians are a pretty caring lot, BUT there are some bad apples.

And in choosing a veterinarian its hard too fact the bad ones look just like the good ones on the outside.

Let me tell you about Dr Y..

He owns a busy practice in a small community in the East.

One day while he was on call, an member of the SPCA,lets call him Bob,?? brought in an older sick cat that needed to be euthanized ( put to sleep)

Dr Y showed concern and told Bob to leave the cat and he would take care of it.

Bob left the clinic, but then decided to peak through the window at the back of the clinic where he could see Dr Y.

Dr Y tried to restrain the cat himself and give an injection.

The Cat reacted, biting and scratching Dr Y.

Dr Y “lost it” – he picked up the cat, throwing it straight down onto the cement floor, killing it.

Bob reported Dr Y to the Newspaper and Veterinary Association.

There was news coverage and general public outrage.

But..the veterinary association only gave him a small fine and ordered him to get some anger management counselling.

Dr Y is still practicing.


It’s hard to believe that this could happen.

In fact I once worked for Dr Y..I thought that he was a caring veterinarian.

You just don’t know..

Things happen..

THe ONLY way to ensure that your pet is taken care of is by being an active pet advocate.

Learn how to diagnose, examine and treat your pet at home with by book at

And if your pet needs to see a veterinarian ASK a lot of questions and ASK why?

There are other Dr Y’s out there..

It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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  1. I am really shocked to see how a responsible surgical manuover had been managed in a irresponsible manner. I can feel the sufferrings of that little paw kitty!!!

  2. If this actually happened, I am not only HORRIFIED, but am DISGUSTED, and ANGRY that this can happen, with little consequences! If it were me witnessing this “crime” I would be the one in jail! That vet would have been on the cover of time magazine, and would be sentenced by the public!

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