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  1. I’m so sorry you had to say goodbye to your kitty. I bet he had a great life with you.

    I’ve lost two very young cats in the last three years. Mao was so tiny and within a week of having him he stopped eating- PanLeuk. Esme was a barn kitten and my cat Tofus’ bestie. He was a year old and suffered trauma or heat stroke… I’m not sure. It’s terrible to find silence where there was once a happy mew or loving purr…

    Ive been looking for a way to tell you about my sweet Tofu and ask your advice. It didnt take long to realize you’re regularly inundated with pet owners needing advice. Like all the others, my case is complicated… and as of yet I am not able to find any veterinarian who is willing to work with us. Ive been trying to figure it all out on my own. It gets exhausting at times and terrifying too, his life is in my hands and im making guesses…

    I’ll give you a brief run-down of what im dealing with…

    Tofu- DSH, M(intact) 22months indoor/outdoor (farm)

    Five months ago distended belly, assumed FIP. Second opinion- same.

    One month GS-4####, whatever its called… the illegal “cure” for FIP.
    Tofu hated the shots. It was almost impossible. We had to start the treatment over more than once.
    Was giving him manuka honey and turmeric aswell.
    Gave up on the GS-4### and started using colloidal silver. Grain free diet(mostly). Ashwaganda, b-12, regular raw beef, plain probiotic dairy, regular fish…
    He seems to be feeling good, he is getting to be a big boy… but i can usually hear him breathing. He will not tolerate the honey anymore. Acv is a big no.

    Now he has a fat cheek from being a tom. I dont know what to do with that… Id love to get him fixed but i dont know how to navigate his condition in the veterinary world. It doesnt help that by the time i get to the ashwaganda, whoever im talking to decides im a nutcase. (Good thing i never mention the healing through sound/frequency lol)

    Anyway. Thats what fits in the shortened version. I would love to hear your thoughts but if it’s more than you have time for i understand. Youve helped a lot already, honestly.

    Thanks for your time and all you do. You’re a beacon of light.


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