1 thought on “Cat reacts to Flea Medication: Try these Natural Remedies”

  1. My name is Brenda, I lived in Albany GA. For the past 11 years, and in April of this year I moved to Columbus GA. I have 4 indoor cat’s and 2 small dogs, while I was living in Albany I also took care of a outside cat, She was just a stray, I got her spade, and kept her fed, she had a cat house outside to keep her warm in the winter and a place to get out of the rain, she would barely let me pet her even after 5 years in Albany, so anyway when I moved to Columbus, which is a big city, I brought her in the house because I didn’t want her to get hurt, she’s kinda mean so I made her a Cage out of PVC pipes and netting, it’s big , 5 by 3 by 3 1/2 ft tall, anyway when I brought her in the house I put flea drops on her, and she has not been the same, her whole attitude change, she doesn’t have good balance,she eats good,uses her cat box,she lets me pet her now, I can’t let her out of her cage because all she wants to do is get in a corner and just stay there, took her to the vet they couldn’t find anything wrong,I told the vet about how she changed after the flea drops, he refused to believe that was to cause.so I was looking on the internet and found out just how poison these drops are. It’s been a couple of months, and she’s a little better, Do you think that the flea drops cause her neurological damage, and if so will she always be like that, or will she get better, by the way I feed all my cat’s your recipe, my dogs too. Is there anything you can suggest that I can do. I love your YouTube channel, there’s not to many vet’s that would do what you do. Thanks ??

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